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Oh early America, the land of opportunity. The home of thoughts free from religious persecution.

The birthplace of the idea that a baby born out of wedlock would be covered in hair. Wait, what?

Check out the story below!

You have to give  Mr. William Salmon credit. People are much more likely to take sex advice from Greek philosopher Aristotle than a man named Salmon. 

While the manual does suggest that women enjoy sex (scandalous!), it was best for women to wait for marriage because virginity was "the boast and pride of the fair sex". 

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Earlier this year, a photo of PGA Tour player Jason Dufner, slouched and emotionless, on a visit to a youth center gave way to meme known as Dufnering.

It truly was an amazing photo, and with the 36-year-old Dufner's PGA Championship win, the #Dufnering tributes have been pouring in like never before.


The picture went viral due to Dufner's blase look while in a class with students at the Salesmanship Youth and Family Center in Dallas, Texas.

His facial expression - which mimics what he looks like on the golf course, no matter how well or poorly he's doing - and his awkward sit-down stance? Classic.

Dufner wasn't actually uninterested while "Dufnering," though. He was helping demonstrate to area youth a "focus activity to help them get ready to learn."

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If you've seen the classic film Homeward Bound, then you know how fabulous that moment that Shadow comes up over the hill is.

The kid is running, the dog is barking, the audience is bawling... it's a great scene.

As much as we humans like it, we've got nothing on this pug.

Seriously, how cute is that? 

However, I do take umbrage with the reporter's introduction. No one "loves" Old Yeller. You know who loves that movie? Serial killers and psychopaths.

The rest of society all know Old Yeller as "that movie you cry like a baby at unless you have no soul." Homeward Bound, on the other hand? Pure joy.

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Tim Lake had a package from Amazon stolen from his house recently, and decided to seek revenge - and the return of his K-Cups - in hilarious fashion.

A security camera at the 29-year-old's Arizona captured an unidentified woman nonchalantly walking into his yard and making off with the box last Friday.

Lake didn't find out about it until it was too late, but got to work the next dat on a flyer that he hoped would help catch (or at least humiliate) the K-Cup thief:

Best Wanted Poster

The flyer, ID'ing the bandit as "either a woman or Dog The Bounty Hunter has really let himself go," lists the K-Cup snatcher's nationality as "Un-American."

He lists the distinguishing characteristics "shameful and super awkward running style" and her weight as "600 pounds" ... which he felt bad about it.

Not too bad, but bad.

Lake told the Huffington Post that he "felt kind of bad about [that] comment," but, "then I figured if you steal from me, I have the right to make fun of you."

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Earlier this week, a man proposed to his girlfriend via a series of memes.

Some thought it was cool, others thought it was totally and completely a tad nerdy. But, to those in the latter camp, consider: at least the woman said yes.

That hasn't always been the case for over-the-top, atypical proposals.

Such as the guy who got down on one knee during a game show taping. Or the dude who did the same while sitting in the crowd at a basketball game.

Our apologies to these gentlemen for forcing them to relive their rejections again in the following video... but perhaps others can learn from their epic failures:

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Tara Reid was a guest on Discovery Channel's Shark Week talk show this week, and wow, did she enlighten us with her discussion of whale sharks.

"So I look up 'sharks' on the Internet," the Sharknado star said.

"Today I was like, all right, I don't want to, like, really sound stupid when I do this show today, like... so I learned a little education on sharks."

"I see 'whale sharks,' so I'm like, that must mean that a whale and a shark have sex. And then I think, 'Well, how do a whale and a shark have sex?'"

She was asked if there was a video online.

"No, there is a thing called whale sharks, and then I realized whales are mammals and sharks are animals, so they have nothing to do with each other."

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The headline of this article really says all that needs to be said.

In one of the funniest YouTube videos of the summer, a cat dons a shark outfit and calmly rides around on a Roomba... while its own casually goes about her kitchen routine as if this takes place everyday.

It doesn't, of course. The costume is in honor of Shark Week and the ride on the Roomba? Come on. As if you wouldn't do that if were you a cat!

Watch now:

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From the sketch comedy group, The Smart Department, comes what will surely be the newest craze in adventure sports... kayak free kayaking!

I personally love stuff like this. Heartwarming stories of a man out there taking on behemoths previously thought to be insurmountable.

Just a man, a dream, and a paddle. 

The gutwrenching moments when it was thought that Trip Deacon has faltered in his descent down San Francisco's Lombard Street? Those are the things that separate the men from the boys.

I think we can all agree, Trip Deacon is truly a man.

Danger, intrigue, and a human interest angle? Kayak free kayaking is sure to be the "next big thing".

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We have a challenger to that dog who sings along to Adele.

Meet Wagner. He's a White Shepherd with an apparent fondness for Daft Punk, as his owner makes clear in this adorable video.

As soon as "Get Lucky" hits, Wagner awakens from a nap, howls along with the up-tempo track... and then collapses back asleep once it ends.

Is he as talented as Amanda Seyfriend's dog? Maybe not. But that is quite the high bar to set. Watch Wagner do his musical thing now:

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Cookie Monster is branching out.

The dessert-loving puppet is taking a swing at singing in a new music video, covering the Icona Pop classic "I Want It" for a track he has titled "Me Want It (But Me Wait)."

In the song, Cookie Monster goes on about learning to wait until the perfect time to chow down on his desired chocolate treats, as helps viewers learn about portion control.

Watch now and then compare this single to Cookie's other famous cover, "Share It Maybe."

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