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This local news segment offers the bear necessities when it comes to warding off a giant ursine creature in the woods. Or any other living thing for that matter.

Following a story about a man who faced down a bear, reporter Julie Tremmel of Providence, R.I.'s local NBC affiliate WJAR did a segment on bear safety.

Her intentions were no doubt good, but the end result was at least a solid 7 or 8 on the unintentionally comedy meter. Watch below and see for yourself:

So if you meet a bear in the woods, just make like Tremmel. Dart your eyes wildly, side to side, and wave your hands in the air like you just don't care!

Then curl up in the dirt as the confused animal laughs, concludes it probably isn't worth the trouble, shakes his head and ambles back into the forest.

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Let's be honest: THG is a place you go not only to catch up on the latest news, but to fill a bit of downtime.

I'm sure there's been times you've turned to us and there isn't a new story. It's then you think, such a slow news day, what a bummer.

Trust me, if you take the slow news day hard, please know that we're dying over here!

So instead of just sitting and staring off into space, waiting for retirement... we've taken to YouTube. We do it for you, dearest readers.

Today let's do some movie themes. Like this Man of Steel video. The Man of Steel theme is beautiful but I have to say, I might enjoy this dude's take on it even more. Feelings? The corn background? It's a winner.

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The Golden Sisters are at it again.

But this time, instead of viewing the Kim Kardashian sex tape or reading 50 Shades of Grey in shock and horror, they are analyzing the dance world's latest trend:


Indeed, Miley Cyrus herself sent out the above video on Twitter ("Granny with a booty almost got it on da wiggle wiggle wiggle. #doyothangggg," she wrote along with it).

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The moral of this particular story would be that "Kids are always watching."

A well, intentioned seven-year-old boy named Cooper drew a photo of his mom in school ... and when she saw it, she couldn't believe how she was depicted.

Apparently, like all of us from time to time, she experiences a bit of road rage?

Mom explains that when she questioned Cooper about the drawing, "he began to lift his middle finger and an 'uh oh' expression blanketed his face."

He then said, "Mommy, that's what you do to drivers when you are mad."

Cute Kid Note

The best part of this unintentionally hilarious note is that if you look closer, the index finger is raised. Maybe she just wants to give other drivers a stern lecture?

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With all due respect to Miley Cyrus Twerking, classical music has been unjustly overlooked during the ascension of this suggestive new dance craze.

Typically associated with hip hop, Twerking is interpreted through a radically different genre below in an experiment designed to legitimize the art.

"Twerking to Classical," an ongoing Huffington Post series, blends web videos of twerking with the more accepted artistic mores of classical music.

The result? Nothing short of paradigm breaking.

The first installment, "Twerking to Classical," explores the dynamic between Aram Khachaturian’s Suserov Par (Saber Dance) and a series of female twerkers.

The sequel, from "Men at Twerk," combines some of the most acclaimed male Twerkers with Gioachino Rossini’s smash hit William Tell Overture.

When it comes to these guys and girls contorting, gyrating and parting like it's 1699, we can’t stop ... and we're guessing you won't be able to either.

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A guy who changed his relationship status on Facebook - from "Single" to "In a Relationship" - probably wasn't counting on this kind of feedback.

Either his friends are skeptical, have sophomoric senses of humor, or both, because the consensus seems to be that he's really just dating his hand.

Which has been given a number of celebrity names. Check out the pun-filled hilariousness below ... and marvel at just how many they came up with:

FB List 1

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There are pranks, like buttering the floor, saran wrapping the outside of a door, and that invisible driver prank; then there are pranks that scare the living bejesus out of a person.

This particular boyfriend has won the non-existent race to the best/worst one of those pranks.

Where do we even begin with this?

One: This was not a spur of the moment kind of thing. This dude had to plan and make a doll and wait for his girlfriend to fall asleep on that couch watching TV.

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So you saw Gerard Butler and Bradley Cooper snap a selfie at Wimbeldon Sunday, but what you didn't know is that it was actually the premiere of Butler's new film, Man in Blue Jacket Watches a Tennis Match!

Mark Kermode, an English movie critic, has done the honors of reviewing this riveting film:

How spot on is this review? Shouty Scotsman indeed! I particularly enjoyed how Kermode was able to change his own opinion of Gerard Butler. 

I do take a little bit of umbrage with his love of Butler's work while glancing over Bradley Cooper's incredible portrayal of American Man Watches Tennis Match in a Foreign Country, but we'll let this one pass.

Good stuff Mark Kermode!

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President Barack Obama is following Wicked Pictures on Twitter. To be fair, the Prez's Twitter account isn’t run by Barack himself, but it's still hilarious.

Obama Follows Wicked

“This account is run by Organizing for Action staff,” says the official @barackobama handle, which follows more than 660,000 accounts on the network.

One can see how there could be oversights ... but still, someone had to actually follow Wicked Pictures, creators of the Octomom porn and other fine works.

Comedian Pat House first made the find and shared the Twitter screenshot. It has since been confirmed that this is in fact a legitimate follow.

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The 2013 summer jam "Blurred Lines" mashed up with The Cosby Show's opening credits?

You might not connect them at first, but watch the video below and have your mind blown!

The infectious track by Robin Thicke, Pharrell and T.I. has become a smash hit with its retro R&B sound, so it's not too hard to envision Bill & Co. gettin' down.

If "Blurred Lines" doesn't look like a natural fit with the Huxtables' dance moves, what does?

The rapey lyrics, on the other hand, may not be the best fit for the wholesome sitcom.

Oh well. Win some, lose some. And in conclusion: #COSBY.