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It's the most intense, riveting show on television.

But what if Breaking Bad were instead filmed as a romantic comedy? From the writers of Brokeback Mountain? Which focused on the burgeoning, secret sexual relationship between Walt and Jesse?

Some genius Internet user thought of this idea before we did, compiling a hilarious trailer for Breaking Bad the movie... which may make it difficult to ever view this AMC drama the same way again.

Watch now and take note, Vince Gilligan: It's not too late to get Walt and Jesse together!

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Jimmy Kimmel isn't the only one having fun at the expense of those Justin Bieber naked pics that hit the Internet this week.

A day after that late-night talk show host poked fun at Bieber's junk-based scandal and referred to him as "douche pouch," the men of Emblem3 have done their best Justin Bieber impressions over Twitter.

Yes, X Factor alums Keaton Stromberg, Wesley Stromberg and Drew Chadwick are nude in the following picture. Thank goodness for those guitars and that keyboard, huh?

Emblem3 Nude

"Hey @justinbieber, we're in Canada ready for the jam sesh!" the group captioned the image, which even the most ardent Beliebers must admit is pretty darn funny.

Emblem3 was eliminated from The X Factor in December and will release its debut album (titled "Nothing to Lose") on July 30. We may now need to pick up a copy.

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The amazing folks behind Barack's Dubs are at it again.

And this one may be our favorite one yet.

In a new YouTube video, the President of the United States is seen singing along to Demi Lovato's "Made in the USA," as excerpts from a wide range of speeches make it sound like his hair really is blowing in the wind... and his summer crush really is causing him to lose track of time.

Watch/listen now:

Other incredible lip dubs include:

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Because regular web searches aren't sexy enough, a new extension of Google's web browser Chrome turns every single image on the web into a Ryan Gosling photo.

The plugin's name? Hey Girl.

The tool changes LITERALLY every image on any page to Ryan Gosling photos.

Your mom's weird ass Facebook pics?

Depressing CNN news dispatches?

Miley Cyrus Twerking?


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It's not often that the world of politics, movies and comedy melds together so perfectly as they do in the following picture, Tweeted out by the White House earlier today.

It would make Regina George proud:

Bo Tries to Make Fetch Happen

With the caption "Bo, stop trying to make fetch happen," millions of Mean Girls fans have just Liked the White House on Facebook.

It's actually a little surprising it took this long. Surely someone there at one time thought of "Oh my god, Karen, you just can't ask people why they're white."

Or at the very least: "Oh hell no. I did NOT leave the South Side for this!"

No word yet on when Lindsay Lohan will be meeting up with President Obama and Bo in the cafeteria.

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Some ideas are great (e.g. Justin Bieber naked).

Some ideas are terrible (e.g. Orlando Bloom as Batman).

And some ideas are just baffling to begin with, such as this Holland, Michigan reporter deciding to eat a Jalapeno during a live news report.

Granted, it was in support of an upcoming pepper-eating competition. And, yes, she had many salty chips on hand to balance out the spice.

But we'd still ask for a major raise before attempting this brave move ... or just find a way to sit it out somehow. Watch the results now:

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Take a long look at the following wedding cakes. See if you notice a difference. 

You might need to give it a minute to really see it.

Cakes eBay

Or not. Obviously those two cakes aren't even close. Amazingly enough, the one on the right was supposed to be modeled after the one on the left.

A bride in the U.K. sent the picture of the black cake to a baker in the hopes of arriving at her reception and seeing a confection similar waiting for her and her groom to cut into. 

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Take note, One Direction fans.

And remember to buy your dad something extra special next Father's Day.

Jamie Lee Curtis Taete, West Coast Editor of VICE, has posted a handful of hilarious images to Instagram, each depicting a father who has taken his little girl (or boy, no judgment here!) to a One Direction concert... only to end up with his eyes closed or his head down.

And with ear plugs firmly in place either way.

Not even Harry Styles Twerking will turn this event into a pleasant one for dear old dad. Check out the following pics and video and, come on, young girls: You can do bette than a tie next June!

  • Miserable One Direction Dad
  • Dad at One Direction Concert

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Oh early America, the land of opportunity. The home of thoughts free from religious persecution.

The birthplace of the idea that a baby born out of wedlock would be covered in hair. Wait, what?

Check out the story below!

You have to give  Mr. William Salmon credit. People are much more likely to take sex advice from Greek philosopher Aristotle than a man named Salmon. 

While the manual does suggest that women enjoy sex (scandalous!), it was best for women to wait for marriage because virginity was "the boast and pride of the fair sex". 

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Earlier this year, a photo of PGA Tour player Jason Dufner, slouched and emotionless, on a visit to a youth center gave way to meme known as Dufnering.

It truly was an amazing photo, and with the 36-year-old Dufner's PGA Championship win, the #Dufnering tributes have been pouring in like never before.


The picture went viral due to Dufner's blase look while in a class with students at the Salesmanship Youth and Family Center in Dallas, Texas.

His facial expression - which mimics what he looks like on the golf course, no matter how well or poorly he's doing - and his awkward sit-down stance? Classic.

Dufner wasn't actually uninterested while "Dufnering," though. He was helping demonstrate to area youth a "focus activity to help them get ready to learn."

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