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Move over, Allison Leclaire and Craig Jones.

A new couple has gotten engaged via flash mob.

Late last week, Dustin Reeser accompanied his roommate to a Home Depot in Salt Lake City, believing he was simply there to purchase some lighting for a party.

But 25 dancers, the track "Somebody Loves You" and an appearance by his boyfriend later and… well… this happened. Watch one of the sweetest proposals you'll see all year:

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We've all been there:

You just can't hold it in any longer. You simply need to drop a mother load... but you're at work. Or a party. Or your lover's apartment.

And, let's face it, flushing may take care of the skid marks left behind, but not the "subtle scent of a 300-cow dairy farm." Enter Poo-Porrui.

An actual product that has allegedly sold over four million bottles, this genius item can be sprayed into one's toilet bowel prior to evacuation, thereby removing all subsequent odor and leaving your smelly actions a secret from anyone in the vicinity.

Learn more in the following ad and ensure you are never again accused of being a party pooper:

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Jimmy Kimmel Live took its recurring "Lie Witness News" segment to New York Fashion Week, and the results were as hilarious as you might imagine.

Fashion Week, as we know, brings together celebrity gossip bloggers, designers, photographers, stars and fans looking to get a glimpse of the action.

Kimmel decided to interview some of those Fashion Week attendees in hopes of gaining insight into some haute couture designers who really don't exist.

Watch below as the interviewees lie, BS and talk out of their collective a$$es about how much they totes LOVE the fake labels' new collection this fall!

On a side note, we would pay to see what George Costanza designs would actually produce. Ditto Purina Chow. Would they only design for canines?

Not quite up there with his all-time hoax - engineering the epic Twerking fail prank on the entire Internet - but another fine effort from Kimmel, for sure.

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With "Blurred Bynes," a group of drag queens have done the impossible, covering Robin Thicke's summer smash and calling out troubled actress Amanda Bynes.

Okay, maybe not the impossible. But didn't see that one coming, did you?

L.A. drag queens Willam Belli, Detox (both ex-contestants on RuPaul's Drag Race) and Vicky Vox have just released the video lampooning Amanda Bynes' wild antics.

Watch it in its NSFW glory below:

The three queens sing seductively, "OK she smoked some weed, you know you can't malign her. So high she tweets to Drake to murder her vagina."

Hashtag: #VAGACIDE.

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Grumpy Cat has declared Twerking over.

We're not so sure if the surly feline has the authority to make that call, but more than a few people weary of the phenomenon will likely appreciate the sentiment.

Miley Cyrus Twerking at the VMAs took it to a new level. Jimmy Kimmel's epic Twerking fail prank was an all-timer. But all good (?) things must end.

Just ask Grumps.

Grumpy Cat Upset By Twerking

The sheer mention of twerking left the online kitty queen speechless - LITERALLY at a loss for words and unable to even glance at a photo of Miley.

She could've just been asleep, but still.

Asked point blank how she felt about the latest dance craze, Grumpy Cat responded "No." So from one Internet meme to another, the verdict is in.

Or is it? You tell us in the comments:

What do you think of Twerking?


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In honor of Throwback Thursday, it's time to take a look back at the proposal that has put all other proposals to shame.

Yes, even the one that included a fake arrest.

In June 2012, Allison Leclaire believed she was meeting boyfriend Craig Jones for lunch in Bryant Park.

But once she arrived, the shocked young woman was treated to a flash mob dancing around to Michael Jackson's "The Way You Make Me Feel," followed by a marching band led by none other than Craig. He got on to one knee, he asked a certain question...

... and you can watch it all unfold now:

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We have a new contender for Best Jimmy Fallon Video of All-Time.

Yes, puppies predicting the Super Bowl were very cool. And who can forget Selena Gomez teaming with the talk show host on Mario Kart Love Song?

But Justin Timberlake appeared on Fallon's late-night program yesterday and took viewers through the Evolution of the End Zone Dance with the always-game comedian.

From Tebowing to Taking a Selfie, it's fascinating to see how far these moves have come in the past few years along. Does anyone doubt we'll soon see a wide receiver Twerk after crossing the goal line?

Watch the hilarity now:

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Hey men, wanna get on the really good side of your better half? Follow the lead of Jason Mortensen:

Get surgery. Wake up in a hospital with a heavy dose of medication in your system and ogle the woman behind the camera... who happens to be your wife!

In a video that's simultaneously hilarious and romantic, Mortensen spies a female beside his bed and immediately asks if the doctor sent her and whether or not she's a model.

Upon being told she's actually married to Candice, the woman by his bedside, the barely conscious patient responds: "You're my wife?!? Holy s--t! Dang!"

It only gets cuter and sweeter from there, as Jason refers to his wife as "eye candy," says he has "hit the jackpot" and wonders: "Have we kissed?!?"

Following this accidental display of affection, we have a feeling the two will be doing A LOT more than that once they're in a different kind of bed together.

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Sorry, felines. You aren't the only animals who can go viral by taking a ride on a Roomba.

One month after a cat in a shark costume jumped on board this cleaning tool and took the Internet by storm, a dog named Buster Beans has gone ahead and done the same.

Much to the fear of a couple furry friends!

Watch Buster roll up to his puppy pals in the following Vine video, laugh at their reaction and then compare these antics to the aforementioned, shark-loving cat:

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Give credit where credit is due.

After seeing last Friday's viral Twerking fail video, in which a girl was knocked over and set herself on fire, we suspected something might be amiss.

Who was the mystery girl involved? Why does the video stop so abruptly at that moment? How the heck does that possibly happen to someone in general?!

Still, it was convincing enough that we bought it ... even though it was all a prank courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live and a professional stuntwoman. Watch:

Kimmel began a segment Monday night as if it were a real "interview" with Caitlin Heller, the Twerking video star. But then he revealed the truth.

Jimmy and Daphne (Caitlin's not even her name) put this on YouTube and let the Internet work its magic, and did it ever. Job very well done, guys.

Kimmel says he hopes this will put an end to Twerking once and for all, though that still doesn't solve the problem of the Miley Cyrus "Wrecking Ball" video.

Here's the original, viral Twerking fail video we ran like everyone else:

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