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Alex Rodriguez was hit by a pitch last night in Boston, an event that led to the eruption of the Fenway Park crowd, the ejection of Yankees manager Joe Girardi and general chaos.

Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster, clearly trying to send a message, drew cheers from the fans when his first pitch to the reviled star went behind his knees in the second inning.

With his fourth pitch in the at-bat, he drilled A-Rod in the shoulder. It was awesome.

The crowd went berzerk, as did Girardi, who ran out of the dugout, screaming at the ump and Dempster. Girardi was ejected while both bullpens emptied.

Dempster, incredibly, was not ejected, no doubt fueling Girardi's rage; Rodriguez stared at the pitcher as he started toward first base but did not engage him.

A-Rod, who is playing as he appeals his 211-game suspension for steroid use, got the last laugh, later hitting his second asterisk-laden home run of the season.

The Yankees won 9-6, climbing within 7.5 games of first-place Boston.

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Oh Gilmore Girls, how we miss you. The love and friendship between Lorelai and Rory was so much fun to watch for those six seasons. 

Another thing that was fun to watch? Lorelai Gilmore take down an order of fries like it was her job.

Over at HuffPo Celebrity, they took it upon themselves to see just how many calories the average Gilmore consumed in a day.

Check out the story below!

3,790 calories!!! 

Although when you spend so many years flirting with a diner owner, that number really isn't that surprising. Plus, it's TV where you can eat pizza and cake and onion rings in one sitting and never once reach for the Tums.

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Go, Sam Horowitz. Go, Sam Horowitz. Go, Sam Horowitz. Go!

In a video filmed last year, but first making its way around the Internet this week, 13-year old Sam Horowitz makes what has to be the most grand and impressive Bar Mitzvah entrance in recorded Jewish history.

We somehow doubt this is what Jennifer Lopez had in mind when she recorded "Dance Again," but hey. The guy has some moves!

Watch Horowitz set the bar unfairly high for all future young Jewish men now:

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Devin Langford, a VERY drink Florida man, was arrested for DUI recently ... and tried to urinate out of the police cruiser window en route to the station.

His attempt did not go as planned.

Pulled over for speeding, Langford was promptly given sobriety tests due to his “red, glassy, bloodshot eyes," and the "plethora of empty beer cans” in his truck.

Obviously, he failed the tests, and was put in a squad car to be taken to the county jail. On his way, he felt nature's call and told the officer he had to go.

The arresting officer, Brian Bell, told Langford to wait until they got to jail, but he said he couldn't hold it that long and asked if he could urinate in the car.

You'd think this would - pardon the expression - piss off the cop. But Bell was understanding (or just trying not to get into an argument with a wasted guy).

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Usually when you say "catfight" it's a silly fight between two women, done most often over Facebook or in homeroom. 

Now there is a Catfighting sport that involves hair-pulling, smacking, and professional wrestling moves.

We are not making this up.

Seriously? I'm sure I'm not the only woman that gives this the definite side-eye.

Crawl around in a ring and smack each other if you like, but let's not go so far as to call it a sport.

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Sometimes, a reporter witnesses a magic trick and freaks the eff out.

Other times, a magic trick is deemed so disgusting by a reporter and her colleagues that no one can watch. Enter the following video.

In it, the WGN news team tries to watch a magician hammer a nail through his nose and then remove it with a pair of pliers. But they simply cannot keep their attention on the illusion.

The on-location reporter closes her eyes, a co-anchor actually turns her chair away from the camera. It's all rather hilarious... and totally gross and amazing. How is he doing this?!? Try to watch for yourself now:

And for other astounding magic tricks, consider this dude turning a $1 bill into a $100 bill.

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Three years after he declared that the Internet is over (really), Prince is finally on Twitter. And what a grand entrance he made to social media this week.

Tweeting through the account of his band 3rdeyegirl, his first two Tweets were "PRINCE'S 1ST TWEET... TESTING 1, 2..." and "PRINCE'S 2ND TWEET."

Having apparently grasped the concept, the 55-year-old music legend then did what any good Twitter user does and posted a photo of his dinner. The caption:


Prince Tweet

Not sure about the pepper, but that is a nice-looking salad.

Rather than call it quits while he was ahead, Prince kept on Tweeting, bestowing upon the universe his "1st SELFIE" ... which is just a picture of some smoke.

Dude, Prince. You have to be in the pic.

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When you watch a Woody Allen film, you know you are watching a Woody Allen film. The famed director has a very distinctive style that is easily recognized.

So what if Woody Allen were to take on other popular film franchises?

The guys over at Official Comedy have answered that question, once and for all.

Check out Wolverine: A Film By Woody Allen below!

You can see even more Woody Allen with this Fading Gigolo trailer!

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It's ON now.

Diddy just put Kendrick Lamar on BLAST on Instagram, taking issue with a claim he makes on Big Sean's "Control" where he calls himself the new King of New York.

Diddy disagrees. In hilarious, meme-tastic form:

Diddy Mocks Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar's verse of the Big Sean track - in which he SHREDS Lindsay Lohan, Drake, and everyone else - has been the talk of the web for the last 24 hours.

Diddy wasn't name-checked or threatened with murder (he's one of the few) on "Control," but he took issue with Lamar's lyrics about reigning over NYC.

That's Diddy's role, b!tch.

We'll leave the argument over who the real ruler of the Big Apple rap game is up to you, THGers ... but we have to give Diddy props for his retaliatory style.

Jay-Z had no comment, but based on the photo above, his pal's pretty much implying there's no daylight between their respective positions on Lamar.

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It's the most intense, riveting show on television.

But what if Breaking Bad were instead filmed as a romantic comedy? From the writers of Brokeback Mountain? Which focused on the burgeoning, secret sexual relationship between Walt and Jesse?

Some genius Internet user thought of this idea before we did, compiling a hilarious trailer for Breaking Bad the movie... which may make it difficult to ever view this AMC drama the same way again.

Watch now and take note, Vince Gilligan: It's not too late to get Walt and Jesse together!