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Thank you, Internet.

In the wake of Jeff Daniels' shocking Emmy Awards win last night for Best Actor in a Drama - for his role as Will McAvoy on The Newsroom - some genius World Wide Web user has mashed up the star's acceptance speech with the concluding scene of the Breaking Bad Season 4 episode, "Crawl Space."

Because, no offense to Mr. Daniels, but isn't this how we all felt after learning that Bryan Cranston somehow did not come out on top? What else is there to do but collapse in stunned, horrified laughter?

Watch Cranston's iconic character do just that as Daniels says some stuff on stage now:

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Aaron Paul made quite an impression on the Emmy Awards' red carpet, photobombing Bryan Cranston and gushing about his wife Lauren Parsekian.

Check out the 34-year-old creeping behind his Breaking Bad co-star and good friend, making some funny faces and one of the viral highlights of the event:

  • Aaron Paul Photo Bomb
  • Aaron Paul Photobomb

Last night's episode (see TV Fanatic's terrific Breaking Bad review) was the second-to-last for the iconic AMC drama, but for Paul, the best part of life has just begun.

The actor and his wife Lauren Parsekian, who said "I do" in May, also turned heads last night. Namely because, well, Aaron Paul's wife is not unattractive.

"I'm the luckiest guy on the planet," Paul told E! News. "I've been calling her my wife even before we started dating, so now it sounds more appropriate."

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When you gotta go, you gotta go.

Even when your owners are posing for a romantic engagement photo in the woods.

In a hilarious picture posted to Reddit last Thursday night, a German Shepherd simply can't hold it in any longer, squatting to relieve himself and accidentally photobombing his owners' sweet pre-wedding pose.

Unlike the controversial tiger photobomb of a wedding reception, there's little doubt this image is real and this awesome incident actually went down. See for yourself:

Dog Photobombs Couple

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An unnamed woman in Australia has punished her misbehaving daughter in the most unimaginable way possible:

By selling the teenager's One Direction concert tickets on eBay!

One Direction Promo Photo

The prized items are being auctioned off because, in the words of this displeased parent, her child was dishonest about certain activities with her friends and… well, we'll let the lady take it from here.

"See sweety (sic)? And you thought I was bluffing," the mother writes on the eBay page, adding:

"I hope the scowl on your bitchy little friends' faces when you tell them that your dad and I revoked the gift we were giving you all reminds you that your PARENTS are the ones that deserve love and respect more than anyone."

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It’s tough being a Tennessee football fan. Morale has gotten so low that one fan is offering a free ticket on Craigslist to a man who will date his stepdaughter.

The good news? Jessica is a cutie. And it would be a great first-date story.

The bad news? You still have to watch Tennessee get thrashed by Florida.

The Craigslist ad posted Monday has been pulled but Fox Sports managed to find it first. The man behind it is Gary Yates, a Vols fan living in Denver.

Yates said in the ad that he was making the ticket ($150 face value) and his stepdaughter available because another man “backed out” of the date.

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A series of emails from a bride-to-be to her team of bridesmaids are completely insane and pretty much sum up why the term Bridezilla was created.

Attention-hungry, oppressive, ruthless, soulless and egomanaical, "Queen Bee" has put Insane Sorority Girl email writer Rebecca Martinson to shame.

Or at least on notice. Like Martinson's epic rant, Gawker obtained the string of emails from the bride-to-be to her bridal party, and this too is rough f--king ride.

It's one thing to have a big wedding and get a bit stressed or wrapped up in trivial details. It's another to go on an epic, irredeemable power trip.

"Queen Bee" (her name for herself, but not shown above, though that's how we imagine her) dictates everything from bedtimes to bikini selection.

And it doesn't stop there. Not even close. Seriously, you've got to read these emails. Names and identifying traits have been changed, but this is legit:

"Welcome to my bridal party. I thought today would be a great day to start this chain, as it is officially six months until my wedding day.

I just wanted to go over some ground rules:

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International Talk Like a Pirate Day, an excuse for shenanigans for buccaneer enthusiasts across the seven seas, is apparently a thing. And it's today's thing!

Every September 19, businesses use the faux-holiday as an excuse for promotions, i.e. Long John Silver giving away free whitefish if you just say “Arrr!”

Krispy Kreme doles out donuts to anyone doing the same, which was awkward for this guy who just had an eye problem and didn't know, but fun for everyone else!

As for how to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day beyond the usual YARRRRRR-ing, that's really up to you and how devoted you are to this great idea.

We've put together some solid ideas after the jump:

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You've surely seen those stick figure family decals, where the minivan shows one stick figure for every adult, child and/or pet in that particular household.

Who came up with this idea and why is it so popular? We can't say.

While you're basically advertising how many little kids you have to whatever creeps are out there, some people do like to get creative and cute with these.

Still, this was not something we ever saw coming:

Stick Figure Family Decal

That is one very busy, bitter single mom's car.

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Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake, as kids at summer camp, sing the '90s hit "Only Wanna Be With You" by Hootie & The Blowfish in a hilarious new skit.

On the most recent episode of NBC's Late Night, the friends and frequent collaborators took a trip down memory lane to their sleepaway camp days.

Rocking Justin's NSYNC-style frosted hair and braces (both of them did), the BFFs BELT out some Hootie & the Blowfish live from Lake Winnipesaukee.

Someone's GOT to get these two back on SNL ...

Fallon's been on kind of a roll lately. Don't miss his:

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A video of little girl dancing up a storm to "Gangnam Style" at a wedding is going viral and putting all adults at such events to shame. You. Got. Served.

Yes, we realize "Gangnam Style" is so 2012 ... but come on, people.

After stumbling upon this video of an adorable, talented youngster's repertoire of moves, it's impossible not to share and marvel at her future stardom.

We also can't help but smile and rock out to the PSY anthem again. She also gets down to Justin Bieber's "Baby," a mammoth 2010 hit, at the start.

Check out the new queen of the dance floor here:

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