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Farrah Abraham can cry on cue. It's uncanny. Girl bawls like it's her job. Which is basically is, or one of them anyway. Balling James Deen on video is also her job.

Crying is sort of related to that occupation, though. The tall tales she pathologically spins about how her "sex tape" ruined her life make turning on the waterworks easy.

Farrah's crying faces aren't just a byproduct of the porn career she pretends to disavow, though. They date back to before she put the Backdoor in Teen Mom.

If she looks hilariously fake when she tells her sob stories, that's because she likely is faking it. Maybe it's deliberate or maybe it's subconscious, but it's BS.

Girl knows how to lie, and we don't mean on her back while ... you get the idea. Check out 13 epic Farrah Abraham crying pics and try not to cry ... LOLing:

13 Pics of Farrah Abraham Crying
Farrah Abraham knows how to cry. Gotta love this recurring scene.
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Farrah Abraham Crying HARD

1. Farrah Abraham Crying HARD

Farrah Abraham knows how to cry. Gotta love this recurring scene.

Farrah Getting Ready to Cry

2. Farrah Getting Ready to Cry

It's coming. Just give it a few more sob stories that she fabricated.

Farrah Abraham Cries a Lot

3. Farrah Abraham Cries a Lot

Farrah Abraham is crying again. We are not surprised and neither should you be.

Wah. Wah. Wah.

4. Wah. Wah. Wah.

Farrah Abraham loves to turn on the waterworks. Like every day.

Tear-Filled Farrah

5. Tear-Filled Farrah

Farrah Abraham straight up bawling on Couples Therapy. Not to be confused with BALLING James Deen.

Sad Face Farrah

6. Sad Face Farrah

Farrah Abraham cries a lot. Like it's her job you could say.

Farrah Cryin'

7. Farrah Cryin'

Farrah Abraham cries a lot. Here she is doing it on Couples Therapy.

Farrah on Couples Therapy

8. Farrah on Couples Therapy

Farrah Abraham cries a lot. And she cries ugly, we can tell you that.

Farrah Abraham Crying Again

9. Farrah Abraham Crying Again

Farrah Abraham cries a lot. That is kind of her thing and we are not in the least bit surprised.

Farrah Lies

10. Farrah Lies

Farrah Abraham lies. As in she doesn't tell the truth. She also lies on her stomach in the literal sense while ... you know.

Farrah Abraham Cries

11. Farrah Abraham Cries

Farrah Abraham cries on Teen Mom. Seems to be an increasingly frequent occurrence.

Farrah Abraham Cries on Teen Mom

12. Farrah Abraham Cries on Teen Mom

In GIF form. Just because.

Farrah Abraham OH-Face

13. Farrah Abraham OH-Face

Okay, that's not crying. That's straight up boning going on. But the face looks similar, you gotta admit.

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It was the selfie heard Tweeted 'round the world.

And now it's the selfie being parodied hilarious 'round the Internet.

Days after the Ellen DeGeners Oscars selfie crashed Twitter, a couple terrific takes on the famous photo have gone viral.

In the first, Tweeted by Academy Award winner Jared Leto, Homer Simpson tries to crash the image - and takes a kick in the head from animated Bradley Cooper for his trouble.

In the second, all the stars involved are re-created with LEGOs, an impressive endeavor that leaves us in awe of the World Wide Web:

  • Oscars Selfie with Homer Simpson
  • Oscars Selfie with LEGOs

For more from this show and this movie, read through The Simpsons quotes at TV Fanatic and the LEGO movie quotes at Movie Fanatic.

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When your friends get engaged, you are undeniably be happy for them, but you may also roll your eyes and wish you could make some snarky comments.

After all, with the engagement comes the wedding, and with the wedding comes going overboard with the planning and the obsession over every detail.

We've all been there. Some of us on both sides.

There are those who go crazier than others, though, when it comes to Facebook updates, Instagram pics, registries galore and nonstop wedding emails.

Enter the cards you WISH you could send them.

The geniuses at someecards have a bunch of classics for just such a time-honored occasion. Click through them and nod your head knowingly in approval/laughter:

9 Engagement Cards You WISH You Could Send
You're stuck with it. Literally and otherwise.
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Hope It's a Good One

1. Hope It's a Good One

You're stuck with it. Literally and otherwise.

Thanks For the Reminder(s)!

2. Thanks For the Reminder(s)!

You are SO not a Bridezilla. Not in the least.

So Interesting

3. So Interesting

Seriously, your wedding plans sound so important and great for you.

Destination Wedding!!!

4. Destination Wedding!!!

Your choice of destination. Not ours.

Great Invite!

5. Great Invite!

Such attention to detail that no one noticed!

Guest of Honor

6. Guest of Honor

You gotta meet this guy who you'll likely forget exists except every time you open the album.

A Very Special Gift

7. A Very Special Gift

Us dropping more than a thousand dollars just to show up is our present to you. You're welcome.

So Thoughtful

8. So Thoughtful

You'll always remember this oh-so touching food processor came from me ...

A Fairy Tale Day

9. A Fairy Tale Day

Your wedding will be the best ever ... despite that never being the case for someone's wedding.

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Babies sleep A LOT (albeit not for long enough periods or during the hours of the day/night we might prefer), but believe it or not, they get a lot of exercise.

It's all relative, of course. While it doesn't look like much, every muscle moved takes a lot of effort on their part, meaning they spend much of their day exercising.

To illustrate the point, an adorable dad posted a video of himself "exercising" with his (even more adorable) infant daughter while she works on her neck strength.

Presenting: The Lilly Ann Workout!

It actually does look like a decent workout, even for a grown man. For the little girl whose neck hasn't gotten strong enough to support her own head yet?

Downright exhausting, we'd have to imagine.

Give dad credit for really committing to the "workout," too. Really working that core. Stay at home parents who don't have time for the gym, take notice!

More adorable kid videos below ...

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Late last year, chef Keith Guehrke appeared on a number of morning talk shows across the midwest.

He described himself as an "unorthodox, self-taught" guru in the kitchen who dropped such nuggets of knowledge on various hosts as:

"There's a statistic that around the holidays, especially between Thanksgiving and Christmas, it's one of the highest suicide rates and I think part of that is the stress of, What are you going to do with these leftovers?"

Seems a bit far-fetched, doesn't it?

That's because chef Keith Guehrke doesn't exist.

It's come out that the man who convinced anchors to try such concoctions as gravy ice cream and/or pumpkin pie smoothies was Nick Prueher, the founder of a site called the Found Footage Festival.

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Think the weather is making it tough on your job these days?

Consider the NBC Nightly News correspondent who got stuck in the mud on Friday, and then consider Fox29 reporter Steve Keeley, who was giving viewers a look at the snowy conditions in Woodstown, New Jersey Monday when he got totally destroyed by a plow.

This GIF speak for itself:

Steve Keeley Gets Destroyed by Snow Plow

Fortunately, Keeley escaped unharmed and with his sense of humor intact.

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When texting the person you're crushing on hardcore, it pays to be cool, collected and charming, and above all else, to check your spelling 2-3 times if possible.

With the bane of human civilization that is Autocorrect, one cannot be too careful. Of course, we fall victim to the perils of this supposedly helpful tool just the same.

You can't pin it all on iPhone technology, though. Some people just plain blow it with their would-be lovers and have only themselves to blame for overreaching.

Other times, there's not a lot they could've done differently (except maybe not use texting to hit on someone ... food for thought). We get shot down sometimes; it's life.

However you want to explain it, these nine people blew it. Bad. Luckily, their epic fails can bring us laughter and wisdom regarding what NOT to do. Enjoy:

9 Would-Be Relationships NEGGED Via Text
I'm envisioning something between us, all right ...
View As List
Something Between Us

1. Something Between Us

I'm envisioning something between us, all right ...

Mistaken Identity

2. Mistaken Identity

We've all talked about our crush TO our crush who we thought was a friend, while referring to said crush as a possible murderer or sex trade kingpin ... right?!

Maybe We Should ...

3. Maybe We Should ...

... sign up for an online dating service and find romance not with each other! OHHHH!

More Than Friends

4. More Than Friends

JUST what he had in mind ...

Short Answer

5. Short Answer

Why mince words?

Can't Wait to See Those ...

6. Can't Wait to See Those ...

Freudian slip or iPhone fail?

Well Played

7. Well Played

Not the answer he was expecting ...

Bad Boys

8. Bad Boys

They like to live dangerously.

Damn Autocorrect

9. Damn Autocorrect

Autocorrect. Always blame autocorrect.

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Take solace, Jennifer Lawrence.

You may have fallen at the Academy Awards for the second consecutive year, but you did not make biggest blunder at last night's ceremony.

Far from it in, fact.

John Travolta took to the stage at one point during the event and introduced Broadway star Idina Menzel to sing the Oscar-nominated track "Let It Go" from Frozen.

Except somehow, some way, Travolta pronounced the artist's name as "Adele Dazim." Watch the epic gaffe now:

Fortunately, Travolta's mistake did not affect Menzel's performance in any way.

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Oscar winner Jared Leto turned in an impressive performance in Dallas Buyers Club, but this photobomb last night might be even more worthy of acclaim.

Leto, 42, creeped on Ireland Baldwin's selfie with House of Cards star Kevin Spacey and Entertainment Tonight host Nancy O'Dell in hilarious fashion:

Jared Leto Photobomb

The Thirty Seconds to Mars frontman, who won Best Supporting Actor at the 2014 Academy Awards, got a shout-out from Ellen DeGeneres for his pretty face.

That face was not on display here, as he injected himself into Baldwin's photo between Spacey and O'Dell's heads, making the goofiest expression possible.

Pretty incredible timing by Jared, setting the bar high for Jennifer Lawrence to try and top next time around. Which you know she will 'cause she's awesome.

Side note: You may want to lay off the self-tanner, Nancy.

Just a thought. Maybe it's just us. Check out more selfies, videobombs and other memorable moments from the Oscars in the slideshow after the jump!

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Well, it happened again.

No, Jennifer Lawrence did not win an Academy Award this year. She lost Best Supporting Actress to Lupita Nyong'o of 12 Years a Slave.

But the star was getting out of her car in front of the red carpet last night when she tripped and fell over a cone.

You'll recall that Lawrence also fell at last year's ceremony as she was walking up to accept the trophy for Best Actress.

Take a look at the latest incident below, animated GIF style:

Jennifer Lawrence Falls at Academy Awards

As usual, Jennifer Lawrence handled her inevitable gaffe well.

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