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You probably remember David After Dentist, the wildly popular viral video in which a young boy famously wondered, "Is this real life?" after he was dosed with some potent drugs for an oral surgery.

Now, prepare to meet the teenage Beyonce fan who might give David a run for his money in the "hilarious after-effects of anesthesia" department:

Yes, when 17-year-old Cody Lanphere regained consciousness after having his wisdom teeth removed, he had only one question on his mind: Where's Queen Bey when you need her?!

Fortunately, Cody's mother was out for revenge after he posted some humorous tweets at her expense, so she recorded the entire ride home and uploaded the video to YouTube.

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It's a fact of life: Everyone poops.

It's also become a fact of life over the past several months: everyone loves Frozen and feels a need to post videos of themselves singing "Let It Go" online.

But a little girl named Emily Mandelbaum has combined these aforementioned facts and put a twist on this Oscar-winning song. In the footage below, she presents… LET ME POOP!

Croons the adorable young woman to open this (very) original track:

"The poop comes out of my butt tonight, no toilet paper to be seen/A bathroom with nothing to wipe with, there's no way I'm getting clean/My stomach's growling with the poop that is inside/ Couldn't keep it in, heaven knows I tried."

A bit gross? Whatever. It's a bit awesome!

This immediately earns a place in our Let It Go Hall of Fame, which also includes:

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Some newlyweds simply can't wait to get a room.

Or to even move away from the altar, apparently.

Get a Room!
Okay, you probably have a room. Well... wait until later and continue this then!

In the above wedding photo gallery, we feature a number of VERY awkward snapshots, showing that certain couples sure make the most out of the occasion.

Some couples get to second base in front of their guests. Some parents that celebrate their daughter's union with an unwanted game of tonsil hockey.

Some involve a donkey. You don't wanna know.

We're not judging any of the brides and grooms highlighted in this amazing photo compilation. It's your special day. Celebrate however you see fit.

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A classic new video entitled "If Women Catcalled Men" does a little role reversal and shows us exactly that, with ladies hollering at male passersby.

The results are hilarious ... but make you stop and think about the bizarre, ridiculous and often unsettling treatment women are subjected to:

Buzzfeed's humorous take on what it would look and sound like if women were the harassers and men were the "victims" is mostly in jest, but not entirely.

The gender-swapped parody is features females belting out absurd lines such as:

  • "Hey baby, I bet you'd let me choose what to do with my own body!"
  • "Bet those arms could put together my IKEA furniture!"
  • "Hey, you want babies?"
  • "Bet you're a really good listener!"
  • "Mmm. Boy, I bet your bathroom is SO clean."
  • "How do you fit all that d--k in your jeans?!"

Okay, that last one is a little too realistic. Tone it down, fellas.

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When it comes to books, particularly of the children's variety, context is everything ... or nothing. These excerpts are frankly very difficult to explain.

Check out 17 unintentionally disturbing moments in kids' books below:

A Helpful Anatomy Lesson
A helpful and not at all gross anatomy lesson, courtesy of two cute elephants.

Some things don't need to be illustrated for the younger set. Other stories would've been more or less fine if it weren't for an unfortunately chosen object or phrase.

Whether it's the lens through which you view a photo or in the sense that something was written in a bygone era before words took on new meanings, it's all about the context.

In these cases, context, or lack thereof, leads to some classic imagery, whether it's from urinating elephants, foul-mouthed animals or demonic children.

Intentions may be pure, but things can get a little awkward when you try to explain certain things to kids, or do so in inadvertently frightening ways.

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Remember Draven Rodriguez?

The senior at at Schenectady High School in New York who posed for an AMAZING photo with his cat, Mr. Bugglesworth, and petitioned for it to count as his official portrait?

Sadly, his request got denied. But, heroically, the school’s principal, Diane Wilkinson, stepped in with an unexpected and truly inspired counter-offer: 

Would Rodriguez and Mrs. ​Bugglesworth want to pose with her and her chihuahua, Vivienne?

They could include their photograph in the yearbook as a way to raise awareness for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and rescue animals such as Mr. Bugglesworth and Vivienne?

So, how did Rodriguez respond to this opportunity? How do you think?!? Check out the finished product here:

Student and Principal Pose with Pets

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Pride cometh before a fall. Donald Trump may not have fallen far off his high horse, but he did fall victim to a classic prank in keeping with this old adage.

The real estate mogul and professional blabbermouth, who spends most of his time on Twitter railing against "losers," also loves to stroke his own ego.

To that end, he left himself vulnerable to the Internet's witty, wicked ways:

Donald Trump Tweet

Exploiting Trump's vanity, a prankster played him like a fiddle, sending him a pic of a sweet married couple who also happen to be serial killers.

"My parents who passed away always said you were big inspiration. Can you pls RT for their memory?" Phil Bradbury (Twitter handle @Feckhead) asked.

Trump, with whom flattery will get you everywhere, obliged.

The only problem? The image actually showed Fred and Rosemary West, a couple convicted of torturing, raping and killing 10 girls in the mid 1970s.

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When it comes to the world of online dating, some people just...well...

They just shouldn't do it. They're creepy, weird, or overly forward.

Or just plain disgusting. Or all of the above.

It's just not for everyone is our point.

Mirror Mirror
On the wall...this guy is terrible. The most terrible of them all.

Maybe they're punking everyone else on Tinder and OKCupid, but something tells us these 25 people who totally fail at online dating are actually serious.

Seriously screwed up, no doubt. But there's no doubting their sincerity.

Amazingly enough, sometimes these insanely absurd messages don't make their recipients run for the nearest convent! Sometimes, they WORK!

Check out a gallery of some of the more unlikely successes below:

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The amazingly awesome folks at Bad Lip Reading are back.

And more hilarious than ever.

Following past videos that put The Twilight Saga in a whole different light, along with NFL clips that told us what grosses out Peyton Manning, the geniuses who edit together these clips are now turning their attention to The Walking Dead.

Can you imagine if this AMC smash were all about turtles? Or if the zombie sang? Or if Beth sang about Mr. Potato Head?

From unexpected rapping to ridiculous arguments and a lot more, you've never seen The Walking Dead like this. Trust us. Check it out now.

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres on Sunday, October 12 at 9/8c.

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Taylor Swift has once again proven herself the coolest chick ever, rocking a shirt that refers to a classic meme and a favorite joke among her fan base.

Swift stepped out in New York in a yellow T-shirt reading, "no its becky," a reference to a Tumblr post about the singer which recently went viral.

The original message on Tumblr (below) showed a vintage high school photo of Swift wearing a tiara, only the person who posted it said otherwise.

"This is a picture of my friend Becky," the Tumblr post read. "She used to be a happy, popular girl until one night she snorted marijuana at a party."

"She died instantly," the post goes on, urging, "Please, don't do marijuana. It's the most dangerous drug out there. Please don't wind up like Becky."

Another user quickly responded, "Pretty sure that's Taylor Swift."

At which point, another hilariously replied, "no its becky."

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