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Sometimes, when you have a great idea, you just need to run with it.


So believes Claire Wyckoff, an athlete who has started the Running Drawing Tumblr in which uses the Nike+ running app to come up with some creative exercise routes.

One is in the shape of a puppy. Another is in the shape of a Space Invader. And one, of course, is in the shape of a penis.

Wyckoff clearly has a sense of humor (she writes on her Tumblr page that she thinks about "Kim Kardashian with the shits" when she needs a chuckle) and we're just glad she put it to use in this awesome manner:

A Puppy!
According to this genius runner, it's actually a CORGI puppy.

In other cool app news, the Aging Booth App has elicited a fun look at these celebrities as senior citizens.

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Each week on Arrow, Colton Haynes helps The CW tell the story of a beloved DC Comics superhero.

Last night, however, the actor helped tell the amazingly hilarious story of Dan and Terry Tracey.

Haynes was dining alone when he overheard pieces of the initial conversation between two people on a first date, quickly realizing that the awkwardness and the subject matter made it necessary for him to live Tweet every detail he could.

And the Internet is eternally grateful that he did so!

Behold Colton's commentary on Dan and Tracey below and take note of his final message: the star is available for any and all online dating advice, folks!

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President Barack Obama may be getting sued by John Boehner, smacked down left and right by the Supreme Court and unable to break through gridlock in D.C.

But he sure is "Fancy" and bringin' '88 back!

The hippest leader of the free world ever takes on Iggy Azalea's smash hit in the latest lip dub masterstroke by YouTube genius Baracksdubs. Check it out here!

As always, the spliced-together video features rapid-fire clips of the POTUS in various settings addressing various domestic and international issues.

Only, this time, the montage of Obama statements are edited to the lyrics of Azalea's hit ... and actually a lot easier to understand than the original song.

The brilliant cover is one among many others, including Pitbull and Kesha's "Timber," Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" and Daft Punk's "Get Lucky."

Azalea's "Fancy" also recently received star treatment in the form of Weird Al Yankovic's "Handy" parody, one of several new gems he released this summer.

Check out lots of other lip dub classics after the jump!

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Whether we're talking about young celebrities who lost their virginity to other stars or common folk, it's pretty much a given that it was very, very awkward.

Not to mention rather quick.

If your first sexual experience was great, we're happy for you. But you're in the minority among a populace for whom it was more weird and confusing than anything.

Satisfying? Possibly. But also a bit uncomfortable. And did we mention fast?

We have a point, we promise: Reddit asked people to sum up their first time not just with a single GIF, but one you could actually view at work or school.

The results require no explanation. Some are still a little suggestive in a bizarre way, but by and large, it's a gallery of SFW, innuendo-filled comedy genius.

See 15 examples below:

You know it's about to happen, yet don't quite know what to do with it.

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Flirting has been around for generations, but needless to say, the onslaught of technological devices and applications has taken it to new levels nowadays.

Notice we said levels, not heights. What technology provides in convenience, speed and efficiency, it taketh away in tact, grammar and excitement.

Our lack of inhibitions, shifting expectations and ability to fire off what's on our mind in nanoseconds have transformed flirting dramatically, and forever.

This can be good or bad for the potential relationships in question, but as we've seen time and again, it's hilarious to watch play out via text message.

For better or worse, these 21 people have mastered the art of flirting via text, Facebook, Twitter and other instant communication platforms. And we thank them.

Scroll through the gallery below and bow down to the masters ...

Sometimes, But Not All the Time
I don't always think about you naked, but when I do, it's presuambly a pleasing image.

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Is there anything worse in life than wedding planning?

From the flowers to the band to the gold toilets to the guest list, organizing the details of one's big day is nearly enough to prompt one to simply elope.

But one awesomely honest bride-to-be has made her life easier in at least one of these regards, posting a message on Facebook that makes it very clear why you may not be invited to her wedding.

Anyone care to object to these perfectly valid points? If so... sorry. You're probably off the invite list as well.

Bride Explains Wedding Invitations

See, planning for a wedding doesn't need to be such hard work.

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Are Bulldogs the cutest breed of dog out there?

Anyone who makes this statement may receive a lot of pushback, the evidence to support the claim definitely exists... at least on The Hollywood Gossip.

There was this puppy Bulldog who refused to go to sleep. There was this Bulldog who went nuts over a carrot.

And now there's the following Bulldog, a canine named Gus who didn't feel like playing in a filled pool outside this summer. Nope, he wanted to mess around with an empty pool inside.

So, much to his owner's chagrin/humor, Gus went about fulfilling this impressive mission. Watch the pet succeed at his hilarious goal now:

Need more proof that Bulldogs are awesome?

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Sure, a conventional Hallmark greeting card can be poetic and swoon-worthy, but in many cases, it can also be nauseating and eye-rollingly unrealistic.

That's because in the real world, love isn't always super-sentimental, uber-romantic mush. It's the little things that keep us together through good and bad.

What if cards that humorously but seriously reflected this reality?

The braintrust at Etsy apparently thought the same thing, because a quick perusal of the site's romantic card collection reveals some very different options.

You won't see these in your local Hallmark store, that's for sure.

Scroll through these 13 honest greeting cards for couples with a sense of humor and, in many respects, more reasonable expectations for long-term relationships:

I Hate You the Least
Hey, that's nothing if not honest and when you're in a long term relationship, maybe the best you can hope for.

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Well played, Jimmy Kimmel Live.

On last night's edition of this talk show, the host interviewed Kim Kardashian, asking her about Kanye West, the couple's wedding and a lot more.

He also challenged the reality star to a diaper-changing race.

Elsewhere, a correspondent made up lies about Barack Obama in honor of the President's birthday. And, naturally, pedestrians believed each and every one of them.

(NOTE: President Obama would never take Instagram photos in an Oval Office ball pit. Joe Biden, however? Well...)

Relive this edition of Lie Witness News and toggle through many other Jimmy Kimmel Live skits we've loved of late below:

Lie Witness News: Barack Obama Birthday Edition!
Jimmy Kimmel Live makes up stories about Barack Obama for this edition of Lie Witness News. And everyone believes the lies!

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Before throwing down $12 for a movie ticket, you'll probably want to see what's playing at your local theater first. Or just go down there and pick whatever's on the marquee.

Like Transformers Sex Tape or There Will Definitely Be Blood Maybe. Wait, what?

See, what happened was this. Some theater workers with senses of humor (great, amazing, hilarious sense of humor) decided to have some fun with the titles of films playing at their places of employment. 

That or they just didn't notice. Either way, the results were awesome!

Make Up Your Mind!
We would probably like to see this movie. Maybe. We think.

We can guarantee you won't find the 17 movies in the above gallery listed on Fandango, but if they were real movies, there's at least two of them we'd pay good money to see.

Just Go With It Suckerpunch Justin Bieber? Yeah, we'd watch that.

(Orlando Bloom should play the lead. Goes without saying.)

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