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There's really nothing better than a night out with your girlfriends.

It's fun to get dressed up, have some drinks, do some dancing, talk about feelings (for better or worse) ... and then do it all over again the next night.

The other bar patrons? Well, they may not have a clue what the heck hit them when you and your girls walk through the door. This post is for them.

We've assembled your handy guide to drunk girls so you'll be prepared when you see a flock of females coming your way. They really just want to have fun.

Promise. But since that fun probably includes shots, we can't guarantee you won't get bombed if one of them is a lightweight. So you've been warned.

Presented without further comment, 17 things drunk girls say and do:

That's My Jam!
When you're drunk in the club (or on the way to the club), EVERY SONG is your jam.

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We recently came up with a list of 9 celebrities who look just like Disney princesses.

Kim Kardashian did not make the cut, but try telling that to Cosmopolitan.

The genius editors of that publication have somehow outdone their recent expose on girl-on-girl sex positions by imagining Kim and husband Kanye West as iconic cartoon couples.

Here they are watching as North West is presented to the universe... there they are floating on a magic carpet... and, yup, that's a tiny Kim Kardashian with wings, sitting on Kanye's shoulder.

Very awesome. Very original. And very much worth your time to flip through the following photo gallery:

Kim and Kanye in The Lion King
It's the circle of life, folks. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were destined to appear in a version of The Lion King.

NOTE: For more examples of Kim and Kanye as you've never seen them before, visit the official Cosmo website.

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Little kids certainly do hurt themselves in some unique ways, but we've never seen a case of unexpected bodily harm documented quite like this.

If there's any person who can promptly pull out some ridiculous examples, however, it's the school nurse. Those people have seen everything and more!

Just look at the case one recently treated:

Nacho in Eye

While the number of nachos that end up in a student's eyes is probably fairly high, the number of times this sends them to the nurses' office is ... well, one.

Hey, at least that's gotta keep it interesting.

Think about it. If you're the elementary school nurse, how many kids show up there with a mere skinned knee, or a temperature that is perfectly normal?

This is why you get up in the morning.

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It's not hard to imagine the reaction one would have if an elephant sat on one's lap: pain.

But we don't need to imagine the reaction a little boy would have if a butterfly plopped down on his nose: non-stop hilarity.

In the following video, a dad and his son receive a hilarious shock when a butterfly exits its plastic box and goes straight for the kid’s face. But the child doesn't react with fear, only with the kind of laughter that can make a father's whole world.

Ready to guffaw along with this child? Hit Play and enjoy!

This kid is nearly as excited as the little girl who LOVES Katy Perry.

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Neil deGrasse Tyson may be the smartest man on the planet.

The astrophysicist is definitely the smartest man on television.

But try telling that to Michael Hale, a Twitter user with the handle @dogboner who recently published a photo of “some guy using his laptop on the train.”

Mr. @dogboner labeled this commuter a “Dumbass nerd” and laughed out loud at the idea of the idiot being online while also being on the subway.

That guy on the subway, as you might have guessed by now? The supposed "dumbass" who Hale finds so stupid and hilarious? Yeah. It was Neil deGrasse Tyson...

Neil deGrasse Tyson on the Subway

And here's the REALLY scary thing:

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The subject in the following video may be drunk.

But she may also be a genius.

Upon getting home around 2 a.m. on a recent night, the unnamed wife was hungry. But she was also out of bread and slices of cheese. So she improvised:

As documented by the most loving husband around (he tells his wife she looks "gorgeous" and he did the laundry), the wasted woman throws some Goldfish crackers on a plate, crisscrosses them with string cheese (the crisscross is key, people!) and comes up with...

... well, pretty much the same thing as she started with. But the process of getting there is hilarious to watch!

We could offer up much better snack recipes, but none would be more entertaining.

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It's been quite some time since typewriters were a common feature of everyday life, so you might not expect kids to even recognize one these days.

Not the case. Most of the children interviewed in the popular online Kids React series knew very well what a typewriter was when presented with one.

Perhaps because of movies and TV teaching them about "antique stuff" and also because they paved the way for computer keyboards, we can see that.

When it comes to actually using one, however?

Let's just say that the Remington Quiet Riter, circa 1950, is more labor intensive than the iPad, from punching the keys (hard even if they don't jam) to changing lines.

Not to mention changing the paper AND ink.

Seriously. Some objects of yesteryear make us look back fondly with nostalgia, reflecting fondly on simpler times ... but we're with the kiddos on this one.

The carbon paper looks complicated AND gross.

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No one likes to see summer come to a close, least of all teachers.

So maybe we can all learn a lesson from Lorie Hill of Oklahoma, who decided to keep the party going by getting completely hammered before her first day of work as a teacher at Wagoner High School.

Lorie Hill, Drunk Teacher

Yes, school didn't start for Wagoner students until today, but the year is already off to an interesting start, as Hill - who was just hired to her position over the summer - stumbled into her first teacher's conference day and made quite the memorable impression on her new co-workers.

Not only did the esteemed educator walk into the school without checking in and claim an empty classroom as her own, when she was questioned by the other teachers (who, of course, had never seen her before) she promptly removed her pants!

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Sometimes, when you have a great idea, you just need to run with it.


So believes Claire Wyckoff, an athlete who has started the Running Drawing Tumblr in which uses the Nike+ running app to come up with some creative exercise routes.

One is in the shape of a puppy. Another is in the shape of a Space Invader. And one, of course, is in the shape of a penis.

Wyckoff clearly has a sense of humor (she writes on her Tumblr page that she thinks about "Kim Kardashian with the shits" when she needs a chuckle) and we're just glad she put it to use in this awesome manner:

A Puppy!
According to this genius runner, it's actually a CORGI puppy.

In other cool app news, the Aging Booth App has elicited a fun look at these celebrities as senior citizens.

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Each week on Arrow, Colton Haynes helps The CW tell the story of a beloved DC Comics superhero.

Last night, however, the actor helped tell the amazingly hilarious story of Dan and Terry Tracey.

Haynes was dining alone when he overheard pieces of the initial conversation between two people on a first date, quickly realizing that the awkwardness and the subject matter made it necessary for him to live Tweet every detail he could.

And the Internet is eternally grateful that he did so!

Behold Colton's commentary on Dan and Tracey below and take note of his final message: the star is available for any and all online dating advice, folks!

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