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Last October, Jimmy Kimmel Live ran a segment of Lie Witness News that exposed hipsters at Coachella as not actually knowing anything about music.

Last night, meanwhile, the comedian was up to a similar trick, this time sending a reporter to New York Fashion Week.

She questioned attendees at this annual event about fictional runways shows and imaginary, including “Chandler Bing,” “Betsy Ross” and “Phil Robertson."

She also asked folks about Heidi Klum’s "faceplant" at Alexander Wang, which never happened, and for their takes on a new “headless dress," which doesn't exist.

See their hilarious responses below:

Thank you, Jimmy Kimmel, for giving us a reason to care about New York Fashion Week that has nothing to do with Kendall Jenner.

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Remember that story about the most passive aggressive office fight ever?

Well, this is a story about the most passive aggressive grocery list of all-time.

It's a very simple story and a very short story and it goes like this: Man volunteers to go shopping. Woman writes man a list of items to pick up at the store. It includes basics such as cheese, deli meat...

... and a diamond ring.

Man then posts a photo of the list on Reddit, but does not answer the question: Did he actually purchase all items listed?

Girlfriend Shopping List

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We propose a new party mantra in addition to the ever-necessary chant "don't drink and drive." This new slogan?

Don't drink and text

See the following 21 drunk texts for proof that alcohol and cell phones do not mix.

Yep. That.
Regret. EVERYTHING. Never doing that again. (Until next weekend.)

Sure, you won't have any blackmail photos the next morning to help recreate the night before if you don't use your phone while you get hammered on hunch punch, but trust us.

Because you won't have BLACKMAIL photos the next morning.

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Major LOL Alert!

On yesterday's edition of her talk show, host Ellen DeGeneres inserted herself into Nicki Minaj's Anaconda music video, Twerking up a storm and popping her booty in a way we never expected from the comedian.

This is both disturbing and totally hilarious:

We wonder how a certain grandmother would react to see Ellen moving and grooving her rear end in such a manner.

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Many around the country are not thrilled with Barack Obama these days.

The President's approval rating has been hovering around 40% for weeks now.

But you may be surprised to discover who the Obama’s biggest critic is these days. Sarah Palin? Nope. This kid!

In an awesomely hilarious photo posted by the White House's own Flickr account, the President is meeting with a departing Secret Service agent as the man's son “dives into a couch,” as described by the administration itself.

Seriously, this toddler would rather be ANYwhere except the Oval Office, like watching a rocket launch...

Bored in the Oval Office

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You know what they say: let them eat cake.

We're not sure if this saying originated when one person tried to sacrifice another to Satan. Or when one sexual partner gave another Herpes. Or when parents caught their son dry humping his girlfriend.

But you'd be surprised how many times this dessert item has been used as a form of an apology and/or as a way to get across a very important message (e.g. guess who's gay!).

In the following photo gallery, we rundown 29 examples of folks baking a cake to offer up a mea culpa for a tasering, an inappropriate "boning" and for that time when the subject blacked out, tried to kill you and then almost got everyone arrested.

Really, my bad on that one, friend...

My bad!
Really, I apologize. It probably shouldn't have done any of that.

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We already know that Great Danes hate to wake up

They also don't like it when cats try to sneak past them in the kitchen.

And now the following video confirms that at least one Great Dane named Dinky doesn't like it when his fellow pet gets love from his owner.

Watch Dinky throw tantrum that rivals any reaction you've ever seen from any toddler:

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Sorry, Nicki Minaj.

Your "Anaconda" music video may have set a new record for most views on VEVO in a 24-hour period.

And you may have taken back the title of Best Twerker in the Galaxy from Miley Cyrus after it went viral.

But we now know of at least one person who isn’t a fan of your most recent work.

She’s the grandmother of Kevin Droniak, a YouTube star who has racked up over half a million hits by posting footage of him and his nan checking out Minaj in all her ass-shaking glory.

Simply put, "it's not my style," Kevin's grandmother says, along with many other humorous things:

Not all grandparents feel this way, of course. One, in fact, has been known to Twerk on the hood of a car.

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We know Channing Tatum dances, acts and strips (in Magic Mike 2, the filming of which is underway). But raps? No, he can't do that too, can he?

He can. All the way into your heart. Or at least your funny bone.

Above, Chan and 22 Jump Street co-star Jillian Bell hype that film's DVD release by explaining a greeting for those tired of shaking hands or fist bumps.

It's "The Dick Graze," yo. And it's exactly what you think it is.

“I get a feeling when I see my homie lean in, that’s because my hand’s about to teach his penis,” Tatum raps, making more than a few people wish they could.

Ironic, for such a ridiculous song, but he's a rare individual. Makes you wanna Channing All Over Your Tatum, if you know what we're talking about.

Watch him spit mad game about The Dick Graze here, and try not to drool if you're in public when you check out these Channing Tatum pics below ...

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Back in the olden days when telephones and answering machines were the cutting edge of communication, waiting for someone to return a call was torture.

Hoping, praying and wondering was excruciating because you never knew for certain when they'd be home, or if they'd even receive it for that matter.

Nowadays, that feeling still persists over voicemails and texts, but given the ubiquity of mobile phones, it probably shouldn't. Consider the following:

Not Texting You Back

As you can see, the folks at YikYak (an app used to communicate and gossip with peers in your area) think you should love on if it's been more than 3.5 seconds.

Probably not the worst idea, since the "my phone died" excuse is almost always B.S. Everyone says that, but no one's phone has actually died. Ever.

The good news is that this photo was posted to Reddit, which is shutting down The Fappening but was a treasure trove of quality online fun well before that.

The bad news is that you're not getting a text back, sorry.

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