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We've already seen what happens when goats yell like humans.

But what takes place when goats yell AT a human? Who is mimicking their sound and also yelling at them?

The following amazing video, which would be cute enough if it simply featured a number of baby goats hanging out. But when those baby goats seem to be having an actual conversation with a guy off camera?

It becomes an absolute must-watch:

We haven't been this taken by a goat-based video since Taylor Swift's I Knew You Were A Goat When You Walked In.

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Now that I'm a grown adult with children of my own who enjoy the occasional cartoon I feel like I'm in a secret club of parents who've been where I am.

The handshake for entrance into this club?

Seeing all the hidden sex jokes buried within our innocent childhood cartoons.

Twerkin' Hard For the Money
Miley Cyrus must have been a fan of Animaniacs while growing up. That's where she learned how to twerk.

From relatively innocuous innuendo to outright adult material being explicitly placed where everyone can see it, it's kind of shocking some of these ever made it out of the drawing room and onto our TVs.

(Looking at YOU, Tom and Jerry!!)

Unlike mostly-harmless Disney Easter Eggs, the question here becomes were these on purpose for the parents in the audience or were the animators really that oblivious?

So sit back and prepare to have your minds blown and laugh hysterically, and/or have your childhood memories possibly ruined by the gallery above.

Oh, and welcome to the club.

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Oh, people of Wal-Mart. You never, ever fail to disappoint by being, well, disappointing. 

It's almost like there's a competition to see who can be the most weird while walking around the store that sells pretty much everything while boasting "low, low prices." 

You'd probably never see these same shenanigans in Target, that's likely for sure. 

Behold, the 37 worst (best??) people of Wal-Mart photos you'll ever see. They'll either make you super sad for humanity or feel really, REALLY good about your life choices.

No matter how bad things are, at least you're not one of these people. We hope.

Clothing Optional
Hey, she's wearing shoes! That counts for something, right?

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Jack White's music career has yielded several number one singles, and the sports world's unlikeliest stadium anthem, but the Detroit native's most important contribution to our culture may be this photo:

Jack White Cubs Game Photo

Yes, Jack White has perfectly summed up the emotions of millions of Chicago Cubs fans with one miserable scowl.

The former White Stripes singer and successful solo artist attended last night's Cubs vs. San Diego Padres game with his kids and appeared on the Jumbotron at Wrigley Field sporting a mug to rival Grumpy Cat at his most dour.

Judging from his t-shirt, White was rooting for the Cubs, and though you'd never guess it from the photo, the home team routed San Diego in 6-0 victory. 

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Vagina? Is there a vagina in the house?

What about a Black Guy or a Jew? And can anyone find Nemo?

Throughout its existence, Starbucks has gotten a lot right, namely how to serve high-caffeinated coffee at very high prices.

But the chain's employees often get a certain important something wrong: the names of patrons who have placed orders.

From confusing misspellings to sweeping generalizations, baristas sometimes fail harder than your mother text messaging. Ready to relive some of their most epic mistakes?

Put the coffee on. This could take awhile...

The Black Guy
This doesn't narrow it down nearly enough.

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There are two sides to every sexually frustrated story.

Earlier this week, we published an amazingly hilarious spreadsheet created by a real-life husband who documented the reasons his wife turned him down for intercourse nearly every night for a month.

(Example: "I'm watching the show," which was a Friends rerun.)

Now, in response, website The Funny Sister has written a pretend spreadsheet of its own, one that explains the female side of things behind closed bedroom doors.

Sadly, this is not the actual wife’s reply - but we're guessing she could relate to complaints such as being exhausted, being annoyed at his lack of help around the house... and then actually being impressed that he may have figured out foreplay.

Fake Spreadsheet

What do you think, readers?

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There's a lot of stimulating stuff on the world wide Interwebs, but this video of a grandmother twerking on a car is all but guaranteed to turn you on.

To medication or a good psychiatrist.

In most cases, saying something speaks for itself is just an easy way of saying you don't feel like explaining it. But in this case, it's 100 percent true:

There is not a whole lot else to say about this grandma on Vine, except to wonder if she was put up to this or if it was archive footage from Cops.

As far as we can tell, there is no deeper significance to this clip than the obvious fact that it's a woman of advanced age having sex with the air on a car.

Twerking may have officially jumped the shark here, though, if that moment hadn't occurred long ago. What Miley started, grandma just finished.

To cleanse your visual palate, here are great moments in celebrity twerking GIFs that are slightly less likely to scar you for life and give you nightmares ...

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If only, random IMAX movie theater. If only...

With this summer set to be the lowest-grossing summer in the recent history of cinema, at least one theater has found a way to draw in attendees: is anyone interested in seeing a Transformers Sex Tape?!?

Perhaps the only amateur porn that would rake in more money than the Kim Kardashian Sex Tape, we're sorry to report that a Transformers Sex Tape does not actually exist.

But the new Transformers movie does. And so does the terribly reviewed Sex Tape.

Put them together and you get our favorite marquee of the year:

Transformers Sex Tape Sign

Pretty classic stuff. The real question, of course, is this: 

Would you watch a Transformers Sex Tape?


However you feel about Transformers hypothetically getting freaky on film, check out some other names that read differently when put together ...

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Sometimes, Siri can help with directions, errands and hands-free tasks.

Other times, Apple's infamous virtual assistant outs you as a cheater.

According to one Reddit user, that's what happened here when the girlfriend decided to "show him something awesome Siri can do." This backfired unexpectedly.

No word if she took the screen shot before or after they broke up.

Siri BF

Could be an ex, we realize ... but why is his name still in there?

Moreover, why is he still listed as boyfriend? Makes you think!

No word on whether iOS added full support for polyamorous relationship structures in version 7, or if Siri is being a smartass with her use of quotation marks.

"Boyfriend" kind of reads like that, intentionally or not ... and it wouldn't be the first time Siri was kind of a dick on top of being just plain unhelpful.

See below, and hope for a revamped Siri on the iPhone 6.

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Well... this is one way to handle a lack of sexual intercourse with your wife.

A frustrated husband recently emailed his better half an unexpected spreadsheet prior to her leaving for a business trip: it documented all of her excuses over the past month for NOT wanting to get it on with her mate.

Because she either wanted to shower… watch TV… wake up early… or feel less full, the couple only knocked boots three times over the course of 30-plus days. 

Sex Excuse Spreadsheet

We know what many husbands are probably thinking:

Three times? Dude, consider yourself lucky!

And we also know what many women are thinking:

This guy is never getting any sex from his wife ever again.

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