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Sexting is so 2013. If you haven't discovered the infinite emoji possibilities when it comes to booty calling your beloved over the phone, you haven't lived.

With all the fruits, animals and other images you can send with fewer keystrokes and grammatical mistakes than your normal texts, how can a person go wrong?

Well, besides the obvious confusion you might encounter if your smiley faces, hand gestures, etc., don't make any damn sense to your prospective partner.

Sure, if you want to hump somebody tonight, typing that out might be less confusing than sending a small camel picture, but that's the challenge of it!

Embrace it. These people clearly have. Check out 23 examples of how to express your erotic, emoji needs in humorous (and often direct, NSFW) fashion:

Put Your ...
Yeah. These people totally got naked.

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The countdown is on, y'all. Which countdown, you ask? The college football kickoff countdown. Soon, fans will pour onto campuses across the country for tailgating and team spirit. 

We know it's hard to believe, but some of those campuses are dry. SHOCK! HORROR!

And then there are those $11 beers at the ball game when you're in stadiums that DO sell booze. $11 FOR A BEER?!?!?! Hahahahahah

But! Never fear! The booze-sneaking products* are here! 

Check out 17 ways to sneak your booze in so you can get your drink on! The party doesn't have to stop just because you packed up the tailgate chairs. 

Bible Flask
Because nobody questions the person carrying around a Bible. Unless, of course, you start slurring your scriptures.

* THG NOTE: This gallery is for entertainment and amusement only. Please don't actually break the law to keep on drinking. And always use a designated driver!

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It's apparently not enough for Chris Pratt to own the movie world, or even the celebrity rapping world, these days.

He must also own the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

As most Internet users know by now, the Ice Bucket Challenge has been making its way around social media, with stars and everyday folks alike having chilled water dumped on them in order to raise awareness of this debilitating disease.

Pratt, the awesome dude behind Star Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy, initially tries to take a different approach to the challenge in the following video. An alcohol-based approach.

But give it a minute and then watch as ice water comes cascading down on Pratt, again and again and again and, yes... again.

Who else has accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge in Hollywood? Who hasn't it?!?

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Very well played, Downton Abbey cast.

Earlier this week, an on-set snafu resulted in a plastic water bottle ending up in the background of a Season 5 promotional photo, prompting laughs and confusion on the Internet because, call us crazy, but Evian hadn't been invented yet in early 20th century Great Britain. 

Now, in response to the snafu, the cast has posed for a humorous photograph that also benefits a great cause.

Downton Abbey Cast with Water Bottles

"The cast of Downton Abbey embraced 'water bottle-gate' today by posing for a picture to promote the work of international charity WaterAid," reads the Facebook caption of the above picture.

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Moms. We owe them everything, and not just because they literally gave us life.

They are the nurturing, driving force behind all of us and a source of unconditional love and support that we can never possibly repay or show enough gratitude for.

All that said with utmost sincerity, they really should not be allowed to text.

They do not know what LOL means. Ditto WTF. Nor can they locate their own space bar or notice the miscues caused by auto-correct, seemingly ever.

Combine these technical snafus with oversharing brought on by instant communication and the sometimes TMI nature of mothers being mothers, and ...

Yeah. The gallery below speaks for itself. Scroll through 37 classic mom text fails below and send her Lots of Love ... in a phone call or maybe over email:

LOL Fail
No, parents everywhere. LOL does not stand for "Lots of Love." Not at all.

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A new set Downton Abbey Season 5 promotional posters were revealed this week, much to the delight of the acclaimed and popular drama's fan base.

One contained a pretty obvious goof, though. Can you spot it?

Downton Abbey Promo Pic

The Downton Abbey photo fail shows Hugh Bonneville as Robert Crawley and Laura Carmichael as Lady Edith, and behind them, a very misplaced object.

One that certainly doesn't belong in WWI-era England. At all.

Yup, there's a plastic water bottle up on the mantle! Ouch!

While we understand the importance of staying hydrated on set, you'd think someone would have realized this was in the shot before taking the photos.

That or airbrushed it out. It's not that hard, as we've seen from countless photoshop fails in which people went a little too crazy. But this is what it's made for!

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Stick figure families have taken over suburbia, you guys.

Seriously. It's like every minivan and SUV from here to soccer fields two towns over are adorned with these ridiculous vinyl decal expressions of family.

Not only can these be dangerous, because HELLO, you are putting the number/names of your children on the BACK OF YOUR CAR, they're typically just ... lame.

But not THESE decals we found while scouring the web to bring you the 19 best - or worst - stick family stickers ever slapped on a vehicle. These are something else.

We can totally get behind these. Literally, because we often drive cars and there's always traffic. Anyway, this list is sure to elicit a chuckle (or gasp) at a red light:

Ax Murderer
Sorry! She married an ax murderer!

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Given the massive importance companies assign to marketing and branding, you'd think they would pick product names that weren't easily ridiculed.

You would be wrong.

Don't call your food something offensive at worst and subject to easy mockery at best. Simple enough task, right? These epic name fails prove otherwise.

This memo doesn't always reach the bigwigs upstairs. Yes, some of these are lost in translation (at least we hope shredded children are not actually for sale in China).

Plenty of others can be chalked up to different cultures, too ... but still. Between the Soup For Sluts flavor of Ramen, and the Pee Cola, we're sufficiently creeped out.

Check out those surprisingly real items and other gems in this oft-disgusting, always-hilarious gallery of the 29 awfulest, most absurd food product names ever:

Mmm. We don't even know what this actually is, but with a name like POO, how can you go wrong.

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Taylor Swift got her major geek on last night.

The singer appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and took on the persona of Natalie during an edition of “Ew!”

She bonded with Fallon’s Sarah over a Selena Gomez song, said her mom hasn’t allowed her to watch television since Miley Cyrus Twerked and made it clear she doesn't like Shake 'n Bake chicken or Yield signs.

But she loves Sean Connery!

Wait... what?!? Watch the hilarious segment and you'll understand.

During her actual interview (as herself), Swift donned a floral dress while promoting her new movie The Giver and confirmed that she will be performing at the 2014 Video Music Awards on August 24.

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Moms. We love them, but they don't understand the Google, fail at texting in more ways than we can count and clearly shouldn't be allowed access to the Facebook.

At the very least, their social media behaviors should be closely monitored.

Why? Because as Facebook grows in popularity among Americans young and old, amusing exchanges like these are beyond awkward for their grown kids:

I'm 31 Years Old!

James may be 31, but he'll always be his mom's baby boy. This is a sweet sentiment, but he likely has other words for it after she blasted this photo publicly.

No wonder more and more "kids these days" prefer Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, SnapChat, etc. Facebook is officially your mom's social network hot spot!

Using the service to embarrass family members, intentionally or otherwise, has become as ubiquitous as Facebook itself for users of middle to advanced age.

Whether they're posting baby pics, offering up TMI updates about their own lives or otherwise misusing it, it's basically a ticking time bomb for you nowadays.

We're not sure if it's good or bad, but James is far from alone. Check out 13 more classic cases of parents humiliating kids on Facebook after the jump ...

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