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In the following video, easily the greatest this Internet has seen since the French Bulldog who refused to sleep, Leonardo DiCaprio dances like no one is watching.

Except someone totally is!

Indeed, while attending Coachella in Indigo, California over the weekend, the multiple-time Oscar nominee got his groove on to MGMT, high-kicking and punching the air in a manner that must be seen to be believed.

So go ahead and see for yourself now and be sure to catch the amazing look of shock and glee on the face of the woman behind the video:

Other 2014 Coachella highlights include:

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Drake is used to being interviewed, but he turned the tables on pedestrians with a head-to-toe disguise for a "Lie Witness News" segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Wearing a mustache, beard and glasses, Drake asked random people on the street what they think about Drake, and how he did hosting the 2014 ESPYs.

Which aren't until July 16, obviously. Watch the hilarity unfold ...

“I think he definitely killed it, he did an awesome performance,” one passerby responded of the award show the Canadian rapper will host this summer.

Another person, meanwhile, feels that Drake “says he came from the bottom when most likely he didn’t,” while yet another called him a “chicken head.”

When a guy with a guitar said, “I don’t like Drake, I think he’s an actor, he’s not a real rapper,” faux Drake asked him to sing a song dissing Drake, and he did.

“Drake hey I think you suck! Maybe you should try to actually play an instrument bro. Stop acting, you suck,” he sang ... as Drake himself stood there idly.

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It's almost too bad that Stephen Colbert is replacing David Letterman. Not because Colbert isn't a talented guy or deserving of the job, but simply because ...

This narrator needs a lot more air time. He's awesome!!!

Why? Because his True Facts About Animals videos not only tell you all the interesting things there are to know about each of his subjects, they're hilarious!

We challenge you not to learn so much stuff about our fine feathered friends known as owls in the video below, and not to burst out laughing in the process.

It's a total hoot ... much more so than our headline in fact.

In other recent, fun animal news on The Hollywood Gossip ...

We could go on all day ... or you could just click below:

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Just when you thought the Internet had given us, everything, there is a video that exists of 50 Cent's classic rap anthem "In Da Club" dubbed over Jehovah's Witnesses.

Jehovah's Witnesses who happen to be using sign language, obviously.

In a fervent attempt to encourage deaf people to stop masturbating.

Yes, someone made this. Watch it and laugh hysterically now ...

Not that there's anything we can or need to add to this brilliance, but:

  1. It's the uncensored version of "In Da Club," not even the radio edit!
  2. Can someone give us an actual translation of what they're saying?
  3. Jehovah's Witnesses wouldn't even celebrate Shawty's birthday!

So much sacrilege here.

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Ross McMakin is making Justin Bieber look like a responsible human being.

This 21-year old Oregon resident was arrested on Sunday night and charged with DUI. While wearing a shirt that reads “DRUNK AS SHIT.”

Drunk Driver Mug Shot

According to The Smoking Gun, McMakin was approached by police after his car veered off the sidewalk and hit a parked vehicle.

He’s then accused of choking his girlfriend after she tried to take his keys away.

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On Fox News’ Fox & Friends First this morning, co-host Heather Childers sent her congratulations to the Connecticut Huskies for defeating the Kentucky Wildcats last night and winning the “NAACP” championship and… wait… what?!?

Yes, Childers accidentally referred to UConn as the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People" champs, as opposed to the toast of the National Collegiate Athletic Association world.

She quickly apologized on Twitter ("totally on me. I'm a huge sports fan. Was excited about #UCONN's win, misspoke but immediately corrected it. Great tourney!"), but was unable to stop the clip from going viral.

Watch the slip-up now:

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Cats. They're so vain and self-absorbed, it's no surprise that they're getting in on the selfie trend. In fact, it's a small wonder it took them this long.

Narcissists. Bunch of pompous, entitled narcissists.

The selfie has quickly become the most popular (and controversial at times, like with the Ellen Oscar selfie) photography trend of the Internet these days.

In the gallery below, 15 of our furry feline friends prove that they can be just as addicted to their phones and obsessed with themselves online as us.

Only most of the time, they win for cuteness ...

15 Crazy Cat Selfies
Yo B. Watchu doin'?
View As List
Hey Bruh

1. Hey Bruh

Yo B. Watchu doin'?

Sooo Far Away

2. Sooo Far Away

Look at me, I'm so big!

Kiss Me

3. Kiss Me

C'mere, camera!

Mr. Cool

4. Mr. Cool

This kitty is 2 cool for skool lol.

One Paw!

5. One Paw!

That takes dexterity for a cat.


6. Trippy

We like what he did with the angle and filter on this one.


7. Artsy

This selfie could win an art project.



I'm so scared of my own selfie!

Cuddly Selfie

9. Cuddly Selfie

She looks so relaxed and wants you to know it.

Just Hangin'

10. Just Hangin'

Wif my friends.

Loungin' in Bed

11. Loungin' in Bed

Where I spend 16-20 hours a day.

Mr. Serious

12. Mr. Serious

Who says selfies can't be professional?


13. Zzzzzzzzzz

How do you pull that off? Or are you just pretending?

Preparing 2 Creep

14. Preparing 2 Creep

That kitchen will never know what hit it.

Double Trouble

15. Double Trouble

Your Instagram or mine?

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Memo to armed robbers: don't eff with 7-Eleven! 

They may be getting paid just over minimum wage, but the two convenience store clerks in the video above put their lives on the line to strip a would-be robber of his weapon and send the crook fleeing from the scene.

"I turned and saw the gun," said one of the San Leandro, CA clerks, identified only as Mark. "He demanded cash and I held up my hands. He started swinging the gun back and forth. When the gun got close to him, I saw my opportunity. I grabbed it by both hands and yanked it out of his hand."

Things very nearly got ugly, as you can see around the 1-minute mark of the video when one of the clerks begins pursuing the suspect, gun in hand, but then thinks better of it. 

Naturally, area police issued an official statement discouraging civilians from engaging in this sort of vigilante behavior, but while it may not be safe for folks to take the law into their own hands it sure makes for some great viral videos!

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St. Louis Cardinals first baseman Matt Adams has only played one full season in the majors, but you'd think by now he would know one of the most important rules in sports:

Hst because you didn't make the play, doesn't mean you need to make an a$$ of yourself.

During a Cardinals road game against the Reds, Adams attempted a dive for a foul ball only to be thwarted by a front row fan who made the catch instead.

A frustrated Adams shoved the fan, who responded by coolly waving the ball in Adams' face before giving him the finger. Talk about insult to injury!

It's important to note here that Adams wasn't "robbed" and the fan didn't interfere with on-field play. He made a clean catch on a ball that entered the stands.

Adams, for his part, reacted like a toddler who's had a toy taken away.

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Incest. Beheadings. Attempted child murders. And even more incest!

In anticipation of Game of Thrones Season 4, which kicks off this Sunday on HBO, the amazing folks behind Honest Trailers have come out with one based on this epic cable drama.

It mocks the noun-based titles given to pretty much every character, while wondering why everyone is fighting to sit on “the world’s most uncomfortable chair” and gives major props to Peter Dinklage... who will totally get "every good dwarf role until he dies."

And why is everyone battling each other? To end the reign of King Justin Bieber, of course.

Pretty amazing stuff, whether you're a fan of Game of Thrones or not. Watch now:

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