Will Ferrell hurled a basketball at the face of a cheerleader last night and was subsequently dragged away by arena security members.

The incident took place at halftime of the New Orleans Pelicans-Los Angeles Lakers game, as Smoothie King Center attendees looked on in shock.

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It's time for a beloved football tradition that's recently become the best part of the two-week period between the conference championships and the Super Bowl.

No, not the Pro Bowl. (When are they gonna do away with that thing?)

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Tasked with filling out a questionnaire for his 11-month-old daughter's daycare center, so they could get to know her, this proud father absolutely nailed it. NAILED it.

That is one interesting and complex young lady he's got living with him ...

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A mystery man has become a viral sensation after learning about - and then live blogging - his wife's extramarital affair on the online bulletin board Reddit.

The man, fittingly known only as MyLifeSuxNow, began posting about his partner cheating, and soon enough, his prose was read by tens of thousands.

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Meet the Stock Photobomber. He is a Matt Vescovo, a 45-year-old man who photobombs ... well, stock photos, and the results are absolutely hilarious.

The Los Angeles resident, an animator by trade, believes that his recent stock photobomb series “injects reality into an unreal world by injecting himself."

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Someone should really tell the young woman in the following video that Twerking is SOOOO 2014.

Someone should also tell her to close the frickin car door.

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