Stair bobsledding needs to be an Olympic sport in 2012.

It's probably too late to qualify for this summer's London games, but come 2016, if this guy keeps up his training (i.e. alcohol consumption) and avoids more than a half dozen serious concussions, he will be the consensus odds-on favorite for gold.

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Paul Sturgess, a player for the Harlem Globetrotters, recently dunked over some guy with the worst vertical leap ever. Does he even jump? Barely, if so.

Sturgess, who goes by the nickname "Tiny," played basketball at West Virginia's Mountain State University before being employed by the Globetrotters.

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It's the biggest event in Kentucky since Colonel Sanders concocted a special recipe for fried chicken: Saturday night, the University of Kentucky basketball team will battle the University of Louisville in the NCAA Tournament Final Four.

The monogamy adverse ex-Kentucky coach, Rick Pitino, leads his Cardinals against the favored Wildcats of John Calipari and his NBA factory of a starting lineup with a berth in the national championship game on the line.

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Evelyn Paswall, 83, is suing Apple after walking smack into the glass doors at its store in Manhassett, Long Island. She is asking for $75,000 in medical expenses (she suffered a broken nose), plus punitive damages for negligence totaling $1 million.

All because Apple keeps its windows that freaking clean.

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One of the greatest things about Twitter is that it connects celebrities to their fans directly without publicists or lame-stream media intermediaries.

This can be good, or bad in certain cases. Jimmy Kimmel chose to focus on the latter this week, because let's face it, it's a lot more entertaining.

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This viral ad for Dollar Shave Club (dot) com is an instant classic. Watching it is more than a good use of your time, guys. Like the blades themselves ... it's f*%king great.

The company works like this: You select your favorite razor, pay a low monthly fee, and get them send to your house. No more over-paying and no more running out.

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"If you're traveling at 80 mph, how long will you take you to go 80 miles?"

If you were ever wondering where blonde jokes originated, this video of an adorable but logically challenged gal named Chelsea should explain it fairly easily.

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Happy St. Patrick's Day from all of us at THG!

Whether you're of Irish descent or not, you can attain honorary status March 17. In honor of this special occasion, which happens to conveniently fall on a Saturday this year, we've posted a video showing proper St. Patty's etiquette.

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You can't start 'em early enough. This baby has a future in Hollywood.

Watch as the youngster immediately keels over after hearing a loud bang! from his parent's phone. Such a natural. He had us convinced, and we knew it was fake!

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Pi Day is here again. You know, March 14 ... get it, 3/14?

For those of us who aren't math teachers, Pi is named after the mathematical constant that is the ratio of a Euclidean circle’s circumference to its diameter.

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