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A mama bear and three cubs interrupted a live newscast in Scranton, Pa., Monday, just as meteorologist Kurt Aaron went to deliver his forecast outside the studio.

Tonight ... partly cloudy with a 100 percent chance of cute/scary!

"I walked out there, and I turn around and I hear the sound ... and the bear's literally 10 feet away from me!" Aaron explained, once he got back in the studio.

"And I ran like I stole something, I'm not gonna lie! That was a big bear," he said of the cubs' protective mother. "And she didn't look very happy with me."

The crew stayed inside the studio, watching from the window. Eventually, a high-pitched alarm sounded, causing the bears to scurry away harmlessly.

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Daniel Spink (American Pie) and a bunch of other random, B-list celebrities do The Carlton Dance, made famous by Alfonso Ribeiro from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, in a new video circulating online. It's very ... unexpected.

Ribeiro, on The Fresh Prince, was notorious for getting down to "It's Not Unusual" by Tom Jones, with dance moves that gained infamy as The Carlton Dance.

According to Spink, who put together this fine work of art, "The song has chart topping potential if it were 1991." Indeed. Can you ID all his co-stars?

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Ready to feel weak? Check out this video of a baby named Jonas who, at age nine months, is already doing serious pull-ups on computer desk because he can.

Shortly after this video was uploaded to YouTube, the baby's father, Chuck Norris, came in and did 300-400 reps without stopping to demonstrate proper form.

Just kidding. If this were the spawn of Chuck, it would have mastered pull-ups at 2-3 months and started delivering roundhouse kicks to the face by now.

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Don't call it a comeback ... she was never on top to begin with.

On April 11, Heidi Montag released her Dreams Come True EP, and as expected, no one even knew about it until a week later. Sign of a true music great.

Also as expected, the cover art features mega-cleavage:

Heidi Montag Dreams Come True Album Cover

The 25-going-on-45-year-old shows off her body in a skimpy pink monokini, flaunting the myriad effects of those 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day.

Heidi's new album features four previously released songs: "Your Love Found Me," "Party Is Wherever I Am," "No More" and "Overdosin," all of which suck.

It's a follow-up to her 2010 album Superficial, which sold less than 1,000 in its first week of release despite more than a million dollars spent on production.

It's totally unclear why this new album has come out now.

Heidi Montag and husband Spencer Pratt, 28, now live a more "low-key" lifestyle ... i.e. they blew all their money and no one cares about them anymore.

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Jake, 14, really wants to be a voice actor or voiceover specialist.

If this viral video is any indication, he's got a real talent for it!

Yes, it's a somewhat random career aspiration for someone barely into his teenage years, but you can't fault a guy for recognizing his own skill set. Take a listen to him below and tell us he doesn't have a voice made for movie trailers ...

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Boo the orange cat has apparently figured out a foolproof way to alleviate boredom and get his human caretakers the heck out of bed in the morning.

Reaching one paw under the bedroom door, he flicks the door stop - which is somehow on the door and not the wall, like every other house in modern civilization, but that's neither here nor there - incessantly to wake everyone up.

Two main takeaways here:

  1. Their alarm clock is cuter than yours at least.
  2. Cats don't have owners. They have staff.

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This is about as cute as it gets.

A video making the online rounds this week reveals a special moment for a young family. When it came time to tell their daughter that they're expecting another baby, the parents used a t-shirt reading "I'm the Big Sister" to share the joyous news.

It takes awhile to get the message across, and thus the video goes on for several minutes. When she figures it out, though, the precious reaction is worth the wait:

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A Tumblr account entitled “Texts From Hillary” and featuring faux texts to and from Secretary of State and no-nonsense taskmaster Hillary Clinton is a must-see.

The premise is simple: An actual, recent photo of Clinton on her phone and looking incredibly bad ass is blended with political humor and hilarious text-speak.

Friends Adam Smith and Stacy Lambe, both communications professionals based in Washington, D.C., created the Tumblr account that went viral this month.

With gems like this, it's easy to see why ...

Clinton, Obama and Biden Texting

It turns out that Clinton, the country's top diplomat, is a big fan after hearing about it - and invited the creators of the meme to the State Department!

“It was great. She came out, she was all smiles, told us how much she likes the site and that people have been telling her all about it,” Smith said.

“She thinks it’s hilarious. It just captured this wonderful image of Hillary."

"You definitely could tell she was in charge. You could tell she was getting stuff done there was just no question that this woman was a total badass.”

Follow the jump for some other classic Texts from Hillary:

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This may put yesterday's epic local news fail to shame.

It's one thing to forget what you're talking about and admit you're stupid on air, or to air an outtake instead of the final cut. It's another thing to lose it, live, because you can't say "cockfighting" without cracking up. Yes, the word has cock in it. It's amazing.

Police discovered at least 20 cocks (laughter) ... this really is a horrible story (laughter) ...

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A local news reporter in New Haven, Connecticut got all kinds of tongue tied during a story last week, and what resulted was this embarrassing clip.

On location outside an elementary school, she began to tell viewers about how two teachers are being investigated for ... sorry, it's a lot to remember!

After blanking, she uttered "I'm stupid" before the anchors cut her off.

To be fair to the poor girl, it's possible this was a pre-recorded segment she shot and the producers used the wrong tape (of the failed take) instead of the final one.

Whoever was responsible for this, nice work ...

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