Alex Rodriguez was hit by a pitch last night in Boston, an event that led to the eruption of the Fenway Park crowd, the ejection of Yankees manager Joe Girardi and general chaos.

Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster, clearly trying to send a message, drew cheers from the fans when his first pitch to the reviled star went behind his knees in the second inning.

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Go, Sam Horowitz. Go, Sam Horowitz. Go, Sam Horowitz. Go!

In a video filmed last year, but first making its way around the Internet this week, 13-year old Sam Horowitz makes what has to be the most grand and impressive Bar Mitzvah entrance in recorded Jewish history.

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Usually when you say "catfight" it's a silly fight between two women, done most often over Facebook or in homeroom. 

Now there is a Catfighting sport that involves hair-pulling, smacking, and professional wrestling moves.

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