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McDonald's was the scene of a fight between two pregnant girls in Yonkers, N.Y., this week. Thanks to the Internet and a bystander's iPhone, you can watch!

It's unclear why the dispute broke out, but as far as pregnancy tips go, “hit up McDonald's and throw down with other women late night” is pretty far down the list.

It's also unclear why no one films iPhone videos horizontally with two hands. You could capture so much more of the girl-fighting bedlam that way.

Just a thought. Anyway, check out the fight, marvel at the stupidity of your fellow human beings and feel bad about society but nevertheless amused below:

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Parks and Recreation star Nick Offerman loves working in his wood shop. He also revels in reading Tweets from female celebs. Combining those passions? Pure magic.

If you're at all familiar with Ron Swanson quotes, you will find this hilarious. If not ... 1. What is wrong with you, and 2. You'll probably still get a kick out of it.

What's not to love about a gruff character actor and the manliest of men reciting Tweets by Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato while woodworking?

Enough said. Enjoy this segment from Conan:

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Marie Carr has given walking down the aisle new meaning.

When the Cincinnati bride performed a rendition of Christina Aguilera‘s “The Right Man” as she entered her wedding and approached her husband-to-be, there wasn't a dry eye in the house. For good reason. Talk about making an entrance!

Watch Carr singing and walking down the aisle:

Everybody was taken aback, but no one more so than her husband, Devin, who said, “It was amazing. I couldn’t wait to spend the rest of my life with her.”

Marie herself said, “I wanted him to know how perfect he is to me. I thought the best way to do that would be to sing to him as I walked down the aisle.”

Online, viewer response has been split into several categories, namely "FAKE!!", "Most amazing video ever!!", and "This is terrible." What do you think?

Regardless, it's up there with this classic:

Which wedding intro video is better?


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As you've surely seen countless times, Google's auto-complete feature fills in what it thinks you might be searching for when you start to type a query.

Most of the time, especially if you enter more than 2-3 words, this can be fast, helpful and surprisingly accurate. Sometimes, though, it's just hilarious.

Take this example. When you simply type "Is", the search engine suggests five apparently common searches, and five great questions of our time:

Google 1

Behold, a snapshot into the mind of America's search engine subconscious.

Is the Mitt Romney campaign getting nervous? Really? No clue why it would be right now, as President Obama looks shaky as ever. Nervous in that he might blow it?

Only slightly less on the mind of Google users is whether or not Comedy Central star Daniel Tosh is homosexual. Definitely a profound topic of debate.

Snooki, pneumonia contagiousness and Twitter crashing round out this amazing top five. Twitter really does go down a lot for a site of its stature.

Follow the jump for more great Google auto-complete results:

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A new film, published by the European Commission and designed to promote women in scientific and research fields, describes science as a "girl thing."

It combines generic pics of beakers and words like "hydrogen" with pictures of rail-thin models wearing designer sunglasses. There's also a lot of pink.

Check it out below. Somewhat amazingly, it's not a spoof:

Needless to say, the video went viral, but its lipstick-style logo, techno soundtrack and other touches struck some critics as "offensive" and "insulting."

Some users were so surprised by the video that an EC spokesman was forced to deny it was a joke, insisting that the group "doesn't really do irony."

Others observed that the "dream jobs" section of the campaign's website didn't offer any suggestions, instead inviting readers to "come back soon."

Will they, based on what they've seen here? Quite unclear.

The video was just one of a series of films, some of which are more straightforward and can be viewed at the Science Girl Thing's YouTube account.

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Where the Hell is Matt?

Still doing his thing! You may very well recall the 2008 viral video in which video game designer Matt Harding quit his job, traveled around planet earth and performing his signature dance move in the most far-flung and unlikeliest of places.

Well, four years later ... Matt's back with a sequel!

If it's possible, Harding's travelogue is even more impressive in 2012, with him dancing up a storm in locations ranging from Kabul, Afghanistan to Kigali, Rwanda, Damascus, Syria, Poria, Papua New Guinea and even the rarely seen Pyongyang, North Korea.

Not every place even made the video, either, but Matt, who released the 2012 video yesterday, promises to add them to a special outtakes video soon.

To compare the two and see the adventure that gained Harding his first 15 minutes, check out the 2008 "Where the Hell is Matt" video after the jump:

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Chicago Bears cornerback Charles "Peanut" Tillman did not take kindly to learning that a Windy City-area girl's teacher was disrespecting his team in a math problem.

Tillman was recently supporting his Cornerstone Foundation at a sporting goods store. He received an autograph request from the daughter of the store's owner.

The teenager was doing her math homework at the time, and showed him one of the problems given to her by her teacher, John Amrein of Round Lake Middle School.

The problem did not sit well with Tillman.


"The Packers play the Bears 4 times in two seasons. The Packers, being a much better team, have an 80% chance of winning each game," the question read.

Ouch. Given that assumption, "What is the probability that the Bears win all four games? What is the probability that the Bears win at least one game?"

Tillman did give the autograph to the girl, but he also wrote a note to the teacher in question, calling him out for bashing his NFL team. He wrote:

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Jimmy Kimmel has outdone himself once again.

The late night comedian and master of the next-day viral hit video likes to put people in uncomfortable situations and film it for our amusement.

Whether he's harassing old people to comment on Facebook's acquisition of Instagram, capturing kids opening terrible holiday gifts or, most recently, filming random people's reaction to Octomom porn photos, he cranks out one hit after another.

Now, as the Lie Detective, he's strapped some poor child to a fake lie detector and grilled him for five minutes. Watch the awkward hilarity below ...

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This Craigslist ad offers help bullying your kids.

No, not protecting them from bullying in this cruel world. Actually administering mental and physical bullying. You know, because the property taxes you pay to send Junior to middle school just don't buy you a good enough bullying experience these days.

Why would you ever offer such a thing?


Because "I've noticed an unsavory trend of self-entitlement among kids," writes this bully-for-hire. "Fortunately, I think there's a solution, so I've turned to the one place where I'm convinced I can cast the widest net to families: Craigslist."

"There I posted the following offer to parents, and so far no bites. Though it may just be a matter of getting the word out." That word is this:

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File this under things that happen when you read too many Old School quotes and drink too much beer. And when the cleaning crew does a great job.

Sometimes, it's best to suppress the urge, even if things sound fun.

Watch in amusement as this giddy streaker gets LEVELED by a plate glass door as he attempts to cruise around the neighborhood in the nude.

At least he was holding his, um, prized assets at the time: