Pets. They continue to amaze, amuse and surprise us every day.

You never know when they're going to start drinking from the tap ... or channel their inner virtuoso on a piano symphony! This video of a dog (Runty) playing and singing is trending across the Interwebs today, and for good reason. He's not bad!

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This viral video can't be staged ... and yet it can't not be.

How else can you explain the fact that this downtrodden-sounding, scraggly apartment dweller just happened to turn on his webcam to lament that his roommates have been (allegedly) stealing his food, only to unknowingly capture the real culprit in the act?

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Before you jump all over this cat for being so inefficient in its consumption of natural resources, take a moment to appreciate the pure effort that went into this.

Most cats hate getting wet in any way. Think about what he went through just for a cool, refreshing beverage! And look at how cute he is getting drenched!

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We would've loved to use the headline "Cat DOMINATES at Shell Game" here, but dude only went 2-for-3. Which is still good (better than most people even), just not dominant.

Keep practicing, kitty!

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Hey, at least he's practicing safe sex!

At this week's Hollywood premiere of The Lorax - a children's film, ironically - Zac Efron reached into his pocket to hand an item to his assistant. But something else accidentally fell out and fell to the ground, in front of countless onlookers: A condom.

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As the saying goes, dogs have owners, cats have staff.

In this adorable viral video, an impatient Scottish Fold (a breed of cat which, as its name implies, hails from Scotland and features ears that fold downward) makes it clear that its human companion isn't paying nearly enough attention to it. Eh hem.

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