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Talk about taking the plunge!

There have been many viral wedding fails over the years, from melted sculptures that look like penises to a drunk bride ordering Taco Bell on her wedding night.

Okay, granted. That second example wasn't a fail. It was totally awesome!

But the following video can't exactly be classified as a success, not when it features a groom sprinting into his party while carrying his bride in his arms... and then tripping and falling... and dropping his newly-betrothed flat on her face.

It looks very painful, but it doesn't appear as if anyone was injured in the mishap. So it's okay to watch and laugh!

Heck, it's okay to watch and laugh twice. That's some funny stuff!

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The following video features a number of kittens recreating the smash hit movie Gone Girl, with one cat voicing the character of Ben Affleck and another voicing the character of Rosamund Pike and...

... we had you at "kittens recreating Gone Girl," didn't we?

Courtesy of the genius folks at The Pet Collective, check out thus purr-fect re-enactment now:

This isn't the first time cats have come to life as iconic movie characters.

Remember Guardicats of the Galaxkitty? Or the time a handful of kittens did their version of the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer? Talk about something that's disturbing and hilarious!

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Earlier this week, we presented readers with the Greatest Dog in the History of the Universe, as one owner has taught his canine to fetch a bottle of beer after hearing just two words.

Now, it's time to meet the Greatest Halloween Costume in the History of the Universe.

For reasons unknown - albeit totally awesome - a mother named Kiersten Essenpreis decided to dress her toddler as Uncle Leo, a somewhat obscure character from Seinfeld best known for greeting his nephew with the simplest of all memorable Seinfeld quotes: "Hello!"

Baby like Leo

Essenpreis and her husband chose to recreate Leo’s look from an episode of Seinfeld in which he had eyebrows drawn on for a doctor’s visit (don’t ask), with Kiersten telling Mashable:

"Surprisingly, he was super chill about the whole thing... At least until we revealed the costume to family [and] friends, and they laughed so hard he got frightened."

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What's worse than being called out by Samuel L. Jackson on air?

Being slammed as a fattie on air by one of your co-workers.

Sam Rubin of KTLA in Los Angeles can now speak from both of these experiences, as he made headlines a few months ago for mixing up Jackson with Laurence Fishburne.

Fast forward to last Friday and Rubin was joking with his fellow anchor during a morning news segment.

"My wife calls and says ‘Since when did you become the fat one on that show?' he said on camera, continuing to talk until a female voice chimed in with:

"He’s always been!"

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Patranya Bhoolsuwan, a TV anchor and reporter for Las Vegas' CBS affiliate, was reporting on the city's new downtown shopping center when the unexpected happened.

She realized her story took a turn after watching a live feed of a boy named Jordan, knowing the camera was trained on him, striking “fierce” and hilarious poses.

“Apparently this kid was trying to steal my spotlight ... and he succeeded. #Fierce #DowntownSummerlin #8NN,” Bhoolsuwan tweeted on Sunday.

Jordan, interviewed on NBC's Today, said he didn't plan this.

"I just saw a camera, and did my thing," he said, adding that "I was imagining myself as if I were Lady Gaga, and that no one could destroy me."

Jordan accepted his social media stardom by joining Twitter.

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It's not always so easy to control one's dog.

A weatherman in Canada found this out a couple days ago when he tried to report on incoming temperatures while holding the leash of an excited canine.

In the following video, meanwhile, a pretty beach goer makes the same discovery, as her pet gets really excited by something other than wind speed and humidity:

Her breasts!

The human subject in the footage above is actually Kendra Moriah, singer in the band Dirty Little Blondes.

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We all know that Kim Kardashian has a knack for cashing in on her fame, and has executed that game plan for as long as we've known she exists.

However, a newly unearthed video filmed at her eighth grade graduation proves she's been in love with the camera since long before anyone was paying her for it.

In celebration of Kim's 34th birthday, E! released the above footage of a 13-year-old Kim hogging the spotlight and bragging that she's "the dopest and the ropest."

Whatever that means.

We'd make fun of her for being annoying, but she's no more obnoxious than your average hyped-up tween. In fact, we're kind of impressed by her energy.

What happened to that personality, Cyborg Kim Kardashian of 2014?! Maybe there is some truth to those rumors that Kanye turned Kim into a robot.

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Even though Kim Kardashian has only been married three times, more Americans have fallen victim to her famous badonkadonk than have died from Ebola.

That's the hilarious truth pointed out by some brilliant Twitter user earlier this week, and the quote has been a viral hit ever since.

Kim Kardashian vs. Ebola

And with good reason: It serves the dual purposes of reminding Americans that the chances of odds of an Ebola epidemic hitting America are slim to none, as well as reminding Kanye that he's totally late to the party when it comes to putting a ring on Kim. 

So what better way to celebrate Kim's 34th birthday than by thanking her for putting things in perspective. And obviously, we also owe a debt of gratitude to Yeezy for (hopefully) putting a stop to the outbreak of dudes getting hubbied up by the sex tape star.

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Mike Sobel is the weatherman for the Global Edmonton Morning News.

And he came up with what seemed like a perfectly innocent and adorable idea for a live television segment last week:

Why not relay the impending weather to viewers while hanging out on set with Ripple, a brindle mastiff mix.

But Sobel quickly learned why this wasn't exactly the best idea: Ripple doesn't like to sit or stand still. He does like, however, to eat through his leash and jump up on the nearest human.

You've gotta love live television, don't you?

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How would you sum up your love life in three words?

Twitter's #MyLoveLifein3Words hashtag is trending today, asking this profound question and yielding some pretty great responses in the process.

There are some hilariously self-deprecating people out there. Check out 29 of the best responses to this trending topic and see if they apply to you:

Another takeaway? People are hungry, and we don't necessarily mean with lust. We mean literally. Seriously, we are a nation of pizza-consuming fiends.

Others revealed celebrity crushes or that they would prefer to watch TV online or watch movies online than be in any relationship with a human being.

This greatness first originated Comedy Central's @Midnight, which started via his usual Wednesday hashtag war with a simple gem: #MyLoveLifein3Words.

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