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You can't help but laugh when reading through this collection of 19 Motherly Text Message Fails. Parents trying to be hip is simply hilarious.

But it's difficult to browse around the following gallery without feeling a twinge of sadness.

Somewhere out there, some guy wanted to have virtual sex with his girlfriend... only to be turned down for Pop Tarts or Oreo Cereal. Your heart just goes out to these people.

Except for the dude whose significant other replied to his attempt at sexting with the picture of a cheese grater. He should just run away screaming.

Prepare to scream in laughter yourself when you click through this list of epic sext message fails:

11 Epic Sext Message Fails
Sometimes you're in the mood for Pop Tarts instead of a pounding. Can you really blame a woman?
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Mmm... Pop Tarts.

1. Mmm... Pop Tarts.

Sometimes you're in the mood for Pop Tarts instead of a pounding. Can you really blame a woman?

Spacing Issues

2. Spacing Issues

A little space, and a little spelling, can go a long way when trying to be seductive.

Emotion Fail!

3. Emotion Fail!

When swallowing goes terribly, terribly wrong.

Satisfy Her Craving

4. Satisfy Her Craving

What's better than a Pop Tart? Oreo Cereal.

A Little Too Rough

5. A Little Too Rough

Some gals do like it rough. But most have their limits.

A Monster in Bed

6. A Monster in Bed

Some folks like Skinemax. Others? Pixar.

Being (Semi) Naughty

7. Being (Semi) Naughty

A bit of PG-13 sexy talk.

Patriotism vs. Patootie-ism

8. Patriotism vs. Patootie-ism

God bless America... and also this person for his sexting snafu.

The End of an Erection

9. The End of an Erection

Safe to say this is one way to put a fast end to an erection.

Heating Things Up

10. Heating Things Up

Come on. This kind of creativty would totally turn us on!

You Tell Her, Grandma!

11. You Tell Her, Grandma!

This will teach an autobot to try and sext up an old lady.

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Most epic photobomb of all-time?

Last Saturday, videographer Quincy Perkins was doing snapping shots of bride Brittany and husband Barry in Key West, Florida when the former got her heel stuck in the dock, her man reached down to steady her ...

... and this dude in a Speedo strolled on by!

Wedding Portrait Photobomb

"He totally knew he was in front of three cameras," Perkins tells The Huffington Post. "I don't know, maybe he likes being an exhibitionist? I'd rather not think about what was going through his mind!"

Sorry, squirrel photobomb. But we may have a new winner.

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If we were on the receiving end of the following text messages, we'd likely be broken-hearted.

But good news, readers: we were not!

So, instead crying tears of sadness over a relationship coming to an end, we can all shed tears of hilarity of how these relationships came to an end.

One concluded via poem; another via a reference to Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber; and a couple over some really embarrassing mix-ups.

Sit back, scroll through these awkward texts now and be thankful you didn't open your phone to any of them...

9 Heart-Breakingly Hilarious Breakup Texts
If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try to break that heart again.
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Take the Hint!

1. Take the Hint!

If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try to break that heart again.

At Least It Was Mutual

2. At Least It Was Mutual

See, it really is possible to have a mutual breakup.

Happening for a Reason

3. Happening for a Reason

Some things really do happen for a reason. Like a couple who discusses major life issues over text message not making it.

Welcome to Dumpsville

4. Welcome to Dumpsville

We choose to believe this text is real. Because it's downright hilarious!

Ex Games

5. Ex Games

We really hope this guy got back together with this girl after this exchange.


6. SmartphOWNED!

Roses are red, violets are blue... this person needs to work on her rhyme scheme.

Breakup Mixup

7. Breakup Mixup

I'm not dumped? Yes! Wait a minute...

This... Is... Awkward

8. This... Is... Awkward

What's worse than being told your wife wants a divorce? Well...

A Hairy Situation

9. A Hairy Situation

Yes, it's your hair. What else could it be?!?

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Given that eggs, rabbits and basically every symbol we associate with Easter is meant to represent fertility, it was only a matter of time before someone mashed-up the Easter Bunny and sex.

It makes perfect sense, we just didn't expect it to look like this:

That's a clip from Fox's late night animated show ADHD and man are people pissed about it.

If you're not in a position to watch the very NSFW clip, it's a music video that's been dubbed "X-Rated Easter Bunny," and it repeatedly puns on the phrase "The Easter Bunny's coming."

Other choice lyrics include: "The Easter Bunny f*cks without protection, in 9 months you're gonna need a bunny C-section."

Needless to say, the always uptight Parents Television Council is less than pleased with the song:

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They were opponents in the 2008 Presidential Election, but Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have now teamed up for a duet of the smash single "Timber."

Sort of.

Okay, not at all.

But the same genius behind Obama lip-dubbing Jingle Bells and Made in the USA has come out with his latest creation, a video of the President and former First Lady making like Kesha and Pitbull.

Give it a look and a listen now:

Funny stuff, huh?

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Think the selfie trend hit an all-time low when Barack Obama snapped one at the Nelson Mandella memorial alongside British Prime Minister David Cameron and Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt?

Think again.

A video has gone viral of a young man trying to snap a shot of himself directly next to a set of train tracks.

Watch now as the conductor of an incoming train takes exception to this moronic act and lets the subject know about it... kick to the face style!


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Ready to feel very, very, very old?

In the following video, kids are handed a walkman and react to the ancient devise with confusion (what is this?) to shock (you had to use these in the 90s?!?) to anger (give me my iPhone!).

It's both hilarious and, if you're over the age of 18, quite depressing:

The only thing children have been more confused by on film?

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Think the Mimi sex tape is scary?

Imagine being the girlfriend of Aristotle Georgeson.

This comedian has compiled a video of all the times he's scared his girlfriend over the past several months, 22 times in all.

Granted, Georgeson simply yells at his unnamed blonde over and over and over. But it's still pretty hilarious to watch her reaction. Do so here:

Sadly, Aristotle had to stop his antics, lest his relationship come to an end.

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There are multiple ways for airlines to make news.

You can follow the lead of this US Airways Tweet and send the most vulgar image ever posted on the Internet... or you can essentially turn your flight attendants into stand-up comedians.

Southwest took the latter route this week, as the video of a stewardess cracking passengers up has gone viral.

"In the highly unlikely event that the captain lands us near a hot tub, everybody gets their very own teeny weeny yellow Southwest bikini," she says at one point, referring to the life preservers used for emergency water landings.

The flight attendant's name is Martha "Marty" Cobb and, well, she's our new hero.

Watch how she keeps her legs closed and still manages to publicize her airline now:


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It was the Tweet heard 'round the world.

And, also, much to the pain of scarred eyes everywhere, also the Tweet seen 'round the world.

Yesterday afternoon, for reasons that still defy explanation, a US Airways Twitter message hit the Internet that involved a toy plane, a naked woman, her nether region and... yeah.

Follow the proceeding link if you really wanna see the vulgar US Airways Tweet.

But while we still have no idea if the account was hacked or if someone was trying really hard to get fired, we have at least collected the best online responses to this hilariously X-rated incident.

Scroll through them now and watch as US Airways business takes off:

19 Hilarious Reactions to the US Airways Tweet
Really, this is all Amy Schumer's fault.
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Classic Amy Schumer

1. Classic Amy Schumer

Really, this is all Amy Schumer's fault.

An Inside Job

2. An Inside Job

A deep, deep inside job, we should add.

Auto Pilot in Charge

3. Auto Pilot in Charge

Reference Airplane! and you earn a spot in our countdown.

Different Kind of Red Eye

4. Different Kind of Red Eye

Some guys may actually enjoy red eyes now.

Excessive Leg Room

5. Excessive Leg Room

Gives a whole new meaning to "leg room," huh?

Black Box Recovery

6. Black Box Recovery

Nope, that black box is never coming back.

Wanna Fly Aer Lingus?

7. Wanna Fly Aer Lingus?

Two words. One hearty laugh.

Screwed by an Airline

8. Screwed by an Airline

We've all been screwed by airline, but come on now.

New Ending to Lost

9. New Ending to Lost

Oh, okay. So THIS is how Lost ended!

Tweet/Plane Removal

10. Tweet/Plane Removal

Seriously, that plane has to be removed.

Too Easy

11. Too Easy

This one was too easy, but no less hilarious.

Landing Strip Miss

12. Landing Strip Miss

This does give a whole new meaning to the concept of a landing strip.

Double US Airways Slam!

13. Double US Airways Slam!

Points for slamming US Airways twice in this one.

Near a Crying Baby

14. Near a Crying Baby

We may have a winner for best US Airways-related Tweet.

Hehe, Bangkok

15. Hehe, Bangkok

A direct flight to Bangkok, folks.

Flying Everywhere!

16. Flying Everywhere!

Yes, readers, US Airways flies everywhere apparently.

Gate 1 vs. Gate 2

17. Gate 1 vs. Gate 2

It's true. We could think of a worse place for the plane to go.

Best. Quitter. Ever.

18. Best. Quitter. Ever.

Sorry, George Constanza. This person is the best at quitting his/her job.

As for the Passengers...

19. As for the Passengers...

Who knew Ken Jennings could be this funny?!?

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