Because today's teenagers have grown up believing that it's normal to share every freakin' moment of their lives on the Internet, the web is currently awash with videotaped prom proposals, or *gag* "promposals," as terrible humans are calling them.

Sometimes, things go according to plan, and a magic moment is captured for posterity.

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The latest, greatest episode of Spike TV's Lip Sync Battle featured Anna Kendrick taking on John Krasinski, and it was everything we thought it could be.

First, Anna called out Kraskinski, who is also an executive producer of the new show, in Round 1, mesmerizing fans with her spin on One Direction's "Steal My Girl."

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The Japanese have made a number of bizarre, occasionally frightening contributions to our popular culture: Pokemon, Hello Kitty, Super Mario Brothers 2...

But now a Tokyo-based designer named Horestu Sato has created something that will make those terrifying black plague gas mask things that Mario threw radishes at look downright boring. (Seriously, WTF was up with that game?)

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Just simply uttering the words, “We are pregnant” isn’t enough these days. And we sure are glad because this give us some heartfelt entertainment.

Happy Valley, Oregon, couple Jesse and Melissa Meek announced that they are expecting a baby Fresh Prince style.

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