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In case you haven't heard, Game of Thrones fully dominated Comic Con 2014.

First, there was the George R.R. Martin Khaleesi photo that went viral for the simple reason that GRRM's face on Emilia Clarke's body is a disturbingly awesome sight.

That was followed by a Game of Thrones cosplay selfie that looks like a Westerosi version of the Sgt. Pepper's cover.

Game of Thrones Cosplay Selfie

As you might've imagine, a panoramic shot of 50 or so GoT cosplayers featured a bunch of Khaleesis. But what caught out eye was the Arya Stark lookalike in the lower left hand corner. Some even suggested that was the real Maisie Williams!

We now know that it wasn't, but amazingly, Maisie could've easily been looking on as this photo was taken:

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Not every woman out there wants to pose for self-portraits while pregnant.

And can you blame them? What if the Internet mocks their seemingly great idea in a gallery of absurdly awkward pregnancy photos?

But one husband came up with a genius response when his wife decided against snapping any expecting parental pictures: He'd do so himself!

Who cares that he doesn't have a baby bump... he's got one seriously impressive beer belly and it's on full display some of the most hilarious images you'll ever see.

Check out this man's large, exposed gut and prepare to bust your gut while laughing at his work:

Black, White and Beautiful
This husband figured that if his wife didn't want maternity pictures, why not pose for some paternity pictures?!?

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Okay, so this might not be categorized as an Amazing Animal Rescue.

But it is an hilariously noble attempt at one!

In the following footage, filmed by onlookers in Champaign, Illinois, one goat gets himself stuck trying to squeeze through the hole on top of a wooden contraption.

And while most other goats aimlessly mill about, unaware or unconcerned about their fellow farm colleague, one goat jumps up to the rescue!

Except... well... he makes things much worse in the end, pretty much just battering the stuck goat with his head. Is someone gonna help these two out?!?

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Toronto native Cassandra Blackwel developed an interesting strategy for getting over her ex-boyfriend: photoshopping pictures of Beyonce over his face!

In starting her Beyoncify My Boyfriend project (and Tumblr page), she said, “If imagining yourself at your happiest with Beyonce doesn’t help, I don’t know what will.”

No arguments here.

And yes, she knows that when it comes to photoshop skills, these are about as far from professional as you'll find on the Internet. Not that she's concerned.

"The pictures aren’t the best quality, but that’s kind of the point. I have no idea how to use Photoshop. I’m not trying to professionally cover him."

"I’m just slapping him with Beyonce, and people are really responding to that ... it’s an ode to how much effort I put into the relationship, if you will.”


Beyoncify My Life!
When you want to get rid of your boyfriend but keep the photos of yourself, who better to paste over him than Queen Bey?

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We really didn't think it could get any worse than this woman Twerking on this man's gigantic belly during a music festival in Ohio last week.

Then again... we really thought the Denver Broncos would beat the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII as well.

A disturbing video has surfaced in which Peyton Manning proves that he's as terrible at dancing as he is terrific at playing quarterback, moving and shaking like your drunk uncle at a wedding during the playing of "Rocky Top" during practice.

As a University of Tennessee alum, we know it's a requirement for Manning to break into dance upon hearing this tune.

But couldn't he take a few lessons from Wes Welker?

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We wouldn't exactly say the cat featured in the following video is naughty and should be publicly shamed.

But you can tell he kinda sorta wants to be.

Confused and combative, this kitten is totally freaked out by a ceramic version of himself... flipping, spinning, rolling around and trying to attack the statue like some kind of ninja.

Why? Who knows. Should you watch this hilarity right this very instant? Heck yes!

If only this thing had been a deer, the cat would have snuggled right up to it.

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Darn it. Just when we thought the decades-long feud between dogs and mailmen was over...

The following footage depicts a mailman on his typical route, preparing viewers for what he knows is on the way: an angry dog running as fast as he can to attack his mortal enemy... oblivious to the chain-link fence surrounding his yard.

SPLAT! Yes, the dog runs directly into the fence and, no, it's impossible not to laugh.

But the sad aspect of this video is that the mailman took it, clearly planning to release it online and embarrass the canine. So much for the end to their feud, huh?

This isn't the first time dogs have had trouble with fences.

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When you think of fine art, the pizza box is probably not the specific canvas you visualize for some of the great creative masterpieces of our time.

And rightfully so. These are not exactly timeless works.

Most of them probably didn't last more than an hour before being discarded into the trash (or recycling - reuse, people!) until the end of the night, but that's not the point here.

Some of these drawings were produced by request after the person ordering pizza decided, for whatever reason, that they wanted to add some flavor to the box.

Others were created by the delivery people themselves, making for a pleasant surprise to the person ordering dinner or a late night snack.

Either way, they're surprisingly creative and detailed, drawing inspiration from things like giraffes, Breaking Bad, Star Wars and a lot of dinosaurs.

Check out 19 fun pieces of pizza box art below ...

I Am The One Who KNOCKS
... on your door, delivering your order in 30 minutes of less, guaranteed or your money back!

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Many people believe nothing is more magical than a tasteful portrait of an expectant mother's pregnant belly, and we are not here to argue with those people.

Those people just aren't talking about these 27 photos.

"What were they thinking?" is the stock response to these epic pictures of people who took the excitement of their impending arrival to disturbing levels.

How and why these awkward shots made it to the web, we have no idea. But they will make you cringe, scratch your head, and smile with a blend of joy, bewilderment and gratitude.

Because they're not yours. You can always be thankful for that fact.

Like the 37 best photos of people at Walmart, this gallery will simultaneously have you laughing out loud and questioning the very future of humanity itself:

Pumping Her Up
There was likely some pumping of a different sort involved between these two a few months prior.

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We've already documented what happens when one tries to take a selfie on a train track.

And also what does down when Kim Kardashian attempts to snap a photo in front of an elephant.

Now, we know the result when a visitor at the Great Bend Zoo in Kansas wants to pose in front of a group of swans and how at least one swan feels about that.

Watch the bird's reaction to the attempted selfie now:

OUCH, indeed!

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