Makers of the popular party game Cards Against Humanity recently removed all products from their online store except for bullshit as part of a Black Friday protest.

Yes, the only thing available for purchase was actual bull shit. For $6.

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Kate Middleton's whirlwind trip to the United States has resulted in one of our all-time favorite GIFs, a fitting moment for a Duchess confronted with New York attitude.

Wrapping gifts at the Northside Center For Child Development in Harlem on Monday, Kate was talking with onlookers when a volunteer told her to cut the chit-chat.

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Christmas is a wonderful, magical, family-oriented time of year, and with that comes awkward photos. 'Tis the season where this has been true since the dawn of time.

These 19 examples prove it and then some, thanks to festive moments that didn't work out as planned, didn't stand the test of time, or were just plain ridiculous.

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