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Lisa Lampanelli and Jimmy Cannizzaro are getting a divorce. The comedian, 52, filed for separation from her husband of close to four years, according to reports.

Jimmy Cannizzaro and Lisa Lampanelli

Lampanelli married Cannizzaro in New York City in October 2010. The so-called Queen of Mean met the bar owner in 2006 and they hit it off immediately.

Though Lampanelli is known for her crude and often offensive humor, he told the N.Y. Times at the time of their wedding, "She had the kindest eyes."

"I could tell we were talking in the same rhythm, we were having fun, we were laughing a lot," he said about the growth of the couple's relationship.

"It was like we’d always known each other, right from the beginning."

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Lisa Lampanelli posed at this year's Writers Guild Awards with good friend Lena Dunham, posting a photo of the pair together on her WhoSay page.

No big deal, right? Just wait until you read the accompanying caption...

Lisa Lampanelli and Lena Dunham

"Me with my n---a @LenaDunham of @HBOGirls – I love this beyotch!!" the comedian wrote, quickly receiving criticism from the online world for her use of the modified N-word.

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Only five "star" contestants remained on Celebrity Apprentice going into Sunday night, so every flip of the hair was critical to stay in the competition.

So to speak. The contestants were tasked with a hair-raising project.

Lisa Lampanelli proclaimed herself project manager for Team Forte, while The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Guidice led Team Unanimous.

The teams were tasked with creating a four-page print ad for the CHI Touch Digital Touchscreen hair dryer, and pitching it to Farouk Systems and Elle.

  • Lisa Lampanelli Pic
  • Teresa Giudice Celebrity Apprentice Pic

Lisa and Clay Aiken decided to capture the Elle girl by featuring women whose outward appearances don't always reflect who they really are. Sweet.

When the models arrived for Team Unanimous' shoot, meanwhile, Aubrey O'Day decided she should replace a professional model. She worked it hard.

It didn't work. Lisa's team won the task and $100,000 for charity, and Teresa Giudice got the chop for the losing team ... oh, but there was more to come!

The remaining contestants had to interview with former stars John Rich and Marlee Matlin, and Lisa's torment of Dayana Mendoza caught up with her.

Although she's a funny lady, she did not win over the interviewers and her humor was too much for the competition. Yes, Lisa was finally sent home.

Who are you more happy to see go this week? Lisa or Teresa?

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