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TLC's Sister Wives has been picked up for a second season. Whether prosecutors in Utah throw a wrench into it with bigamy charges remains to be seen.

Kody Brown and his four wives have come under scrutiny from law enforcement and members of their own community for broadcasting their lives on TV.

The Browns have been under investigation for two months - and counting.

Kody Brown, Wives

"We're in no rush to get this filed," says Donna Kelly, a deputy county attorney for Utah County. "You can expect a decision in the next 60 to 90 days."

Although polygamy is illegal, officials rarely get involved due to the sheer number of cases in Utah unless there's child abuse, incest, abuse or fraud.

"We don't go looking for cases like this," says Kelly. "But the Browns have definitely made it easier for us by admitting to felonies on national TV."

Kody recently wed Robyn Sullivan on Sister Wives, upping the wife tally to four. What do you think? Should the Sister Wives cast be prosecuted?


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With four wives and 16 kids, Kody Brown is used to complicated situations. But facing a legal crackdown in the form of a felony bigamy investigation is different.

"I just hope," he tells People, "They don't put me in jail for loving four women."

Sister Wives Wives

Since TLC's Sister Wives began depicting his polygamist ways, the affable Kody, who just married Robyn Sullivan to up the wife count to four, has felt the heat.

MRS. BROWNS: This real-life drama is reminiscent of Big Love, or vice versa.

It's a rare occurrence to see someone prosecuted for polygamy in Utah, but the Browns have hired a lawyer to defend Kody - and by association, their lifestyle.

Brown and wives say they knew the legal dangers of going public on the TLC show, but wanted to take the risk to show a different side of polygamist culture.

"We understand the outrage and confusion over our lifestyle," says Sullivan, the fourth Mrs. Kody Brown. "We're Frankenstein and freaks to a lot of people."

What do you think? Should the Brows be prosecuted?


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Kody Brown and Robyn Sullivan are now married, making her one of TLC's Sister Wives. Three Sister Wives and One Sister Fiancee didn't have the same ring to it.

The Utah polygamist, who is under criminal investigation for, well, being a polygamist, officially tied the knot with Sullivan in Utah, upping the wife count to four.

Tamera Mowry, Adam Housley

Robyn didn't enter the family by herself at the private ceremony. She has three kids from a previous marriage, joining Kody's 13 kids with the other three wives.

Kody Brown married Robyn Sullivan! The one on the far right!

TLC cameras were not allowed to capture the actual ceremony, but the reception will be on the controversial reality show documenting Kody Brown and wives.

Some of the drama leading up to the wedding will also be featured on this Sunday's episode. But the real drama may come if the D.A. charges the whole family.

That doesn't look likely unless there's a crime beyond plural marriage. While illegal, there are so many cases like the Browns' that they're rarely prosecuted.

What do you think? Should they be charged?


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Will the cast of Sister Wives, a TLC show documenting four women married to the same dude, Kody Brown, face criminal charges for their bigamous lifestyle?

That all depends.

A review of Utah bigamy cases indicates that few, if any people have ever been prosecuted for that alone. It is against the law, but the state won't touch it.

If there's a collateral crime like child endangerment involved, however, then action might be taken. So as long as Brown & Co. are clean, they'll likely skate.

The bottom line is that there are so polygamous families in Utah, officials just don't have resources to go after them unless a more serious crime is in play.

Most are law-abiding people otherwise, so it's a real gray area unless there is a child bride, false imprisonment or anything violent behavior coming to light.

In the kase of Kody Brown and his Sister Wives, they are currently the subjects of a state bigamy investigation simply because of their TLC reality show.

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Perhaps the stars of TLC's Sister Wives should have thought this through.

Under investigation for a possible charge of felony bigamy, salesman Kody Brown and his four wives may have been better off not broadcasting their lifestyle on TV.

Officials say the Utah couple fivesome was being investigated before the show premiered Sunday, but you have to admit, Sister Wives isn't helping matters.

Sister Wives Cast

Kody Brown and three of his better halves. Fifths?

Police acknowledged that the publicity over the show's announcement prompted the case. Bigamy, marrying someone while married to someone else, is a felony.

"Upon conclusion of the investigation, evidence will be forwarded to the Utah County Attorney's Office for review and possible prosecution," says Lt. Darren Paul.

A regular Bill Henrickson from Big Love, Brown and wives Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn have 13 children and three stepchildren, living a lifestyle they love.

"If we raise productive, contributing members of society who are moral and ethical, that's our final goal," says Janelle, 40, who has six children with Kody.

What do you think: Should they be charged?


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