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Rose McGowan says she personally witnessed the Knockout Game in L.A. this week when an "evil guy" punched a 65-year-old man and then took off.

McGowan described the awful Venice, Calif., incident on Twitter:

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"I just witnessed a 65 year old man get punched by an evil guy playing that goddamn knockout game," she said. "#criminal #heartbroken #whattheF?!"

Rose says the Knockout Game assailant was wearing a mask and on a skateboard, and while she tried to chase after the attacker, he got away fast.

McGowan said the victim was bleeding from the ear, so she called an ambulance for him, and that the victim's little dog tried in vain to fend off the attack.

There is no word on the identity of the attacker or the victim yet, nor is there video of the "hit." But here are some disturbing Knockout Game examples:

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Conrad Barrett was arrested Thursday and charged under federal hate crimes law, which defines a hate crime as “motivated by enmity or animus against a protected class.”

The FBI also lists anti-white crimes as hate crimes, but the fact that he was charged for playing the "knockout game" and assaulting a black man has sparked controversy.

The knockout game, in which an assailant tries to knock out a random bystander with a single punch, has garnered national attention in recent months.

It is unclear whether the "game" has become more popular or whether the Internet has simply allowed for isolated incidents to be broadcast more widely.

The majority of the reported knockout game incidents, however, have involved black men targeting white victims and none triggered federal involvement.

The fact that the Justice Department elected to step in now, when a black man was the victim, has critics saying the government is using the hate-crime statute unevenly.

Donald Green, a political scientist at Columbia University in New York, says:

“The reason why you have black perpetrators and white victims being prosecuted asymmetrically hinges on what evidence there is about why they’re doing what they’re doing."

“If suspects call the victim racial names, and one of the other witnesses testifies to that effect, it would be prosecutable as a hate crime."

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