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The last we saw Kit Harington's Jon Snow on Game of Thrones, he was preparing to head off into the lawless North, without even so much as his sword to protect him.

Given how fiercely the Wildlings fought during the battle at the Wall (they had freakin' giants), it's reasonable to assume that Jon might meet his end in Sunday's season finale. 

But in a recent interview with Rolling Stone film critic Peter Travers, Harington revealed that (Spoiler Alert!) he's already filming season 5...which of course leads us to the reasonable conclusion that Jon Snow won't end up in an icy grave this week.

"I go off and start filming season 5 in late July," Harington tells Travers. "And you'll have to see where it all ends up."

C'mon, Kit! You can't just assume everyone read the books. Those things are the size of cinder blocks! know nothing, Jon Snow.

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The dating scene is tough to break into when your job demands wonky hours and call times at 2 a.m. Maybe that's why so many TV stars date their coworkers.

Hey, it's not like they don't have anything in common, right? 

But things get a little weird when a real life couple doubles as a on-screen couple. To insanely dedicated fandoms, it's hard to tell where art is imitating life and vice versa.

At least for those 'shippers who border on a little too dedicated (you know who you are, Nian fans)! Take a look at 21 famous couples on TV and in life:

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis
The running joke during That 70s Show was that Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis should date in real life. Now they're engaged with a baby on the way.

While some of these real life relationships were as short as the seasons in which the on-camera romances took place, others were slightly more successful.

Which are your favorites?

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