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Look, pancakes are delicious.

You can fill them with blueberries. Spray whipped cream on top. Shove some bananas inside. Any of these pancake recipes would be totally delicious.

But that doesn't mean you can go all Chris Brown on your brother in order to get some, okay, people?

The three-year old in the following video learned this lesson the hard way recently, getting chewed out by his father after committing such a violent act and then receiving the worst punishment imaginable:


Sad times, indeed.

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A woman in Tennessee named Shona Carter-Brooks recently tied her one-month old child to her wedding dress and then dragged the child down the aisle.

And the only thing more shocking than the act itself may be the bride's response to critics of her decision.

Baby Tied to Wedding Dress

Carter-Brooks ended up at the center of a media storm after posting pictures of daughter Aubrey's unusual involvement in the ceremony on Facebook.

But the mother of two didn't back down once the questions and insults starting flying online.

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We could make an entire website about adorable kids in cars.

There was the four-year old who cried uncontrollably when "Say Something" came on the radio.

There was also the baby who awoke from a nap and immediately joined a dance party already in progress.

And now we have a toddler whose stressful, busy day of playing caused him to fall asleep behind the wheel of his miniature toy car.

The vehicle itself, however, shows no signs of fatigue in the following footage, going around in one circle after another while a parent films the entire hilarious incident... hopefully ready to pounce if the car veers off in a more dangerous direction:

Note to all children watching: Do not drink (a juice box) and drive. Two hands on the wheel at all times.

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Kids, man.

The tantrums, the whining, the sleepless nights, the barfing, the diapers ... and the list goes on and on and on.

If kids weren't so darn adorable and hilarious they'd probably get sold to the circus with alarming frequency.

But they are adorable and hilarious and they really DO say the darnedest things. They write them down, too.

From non-apologies to actual apologies, silly homework answers to break-up letters, here are 37 hilarious kid notes sure to give you more than one chuckle. 

Best Friends Forever
If the Jenner sisters had kicked Selena Gomez in the face, maybe they'd still be BFFs.

Pro tip: If you don't want your kid to say or write something, don't say it yourself or you might end up with a kid who tells his teacher he's going to be a freeloader when he grows up.

Which is equally as funny as the kid who wants to be a dog. (Hey, laying around and scratching ourselves all day? Sounds like THE LIFE!)

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Kids. They say (and write down) the most hilarious things sometimes.

They are also delusional, or at least lack perspective to know better, when it comes to their own abilities to pull a fast one on authority figures.

Case in point: Ronnie, whose teacher told him he was no longer allowed to bring his PSP to class. Ronnie, dejected, tried to fight the power.

Signed, Ronnie's Mom

The best strategy to combat this injustice was to have his mother write a note to the teacher saying he was in fact allowed to ... only mom wouldn't do so.

We'll give the youngster credit for thinking a few steps ahead there. He's got a bright future with that kind of analysis. In terms of execution though?

Signing it “Ronnie’s Mom” was probably the giveaway. Just a hunch.

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A pair of babies in South Korea are here to take issue with anyone who thinks a puppy walking a horse is the cutest thing on the Internet.

The following footage features one chubby toddler who is totally down to shake what her mama gave her while "I Got My Eye On You" by Nari & Milani & Cristian Marchi plays in the background.

Her sibling isn't as into it at first... but that eventually changes and the two go on to boogie down in the most adorable way possible.

This is a must-watch:

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Who says animals don't have feeling?

This video of a goat missing his best donkey friend ought to put that question to rest forever.

And so should the following footage of an adorable little girl playing chase with a sea lion inside an aquarium.

All is good, all is fun for both parties... until the girl trips and falls! Oh no! She's okay in the end, but try telling that to the sea lion!

Check out his incredible reaction to the mishap now:

How awesome is that?!?

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What transpires when you present young, technologically-savvy people with archaic, seemingly pointless technologies they’ve never seen in their lives?

As we saw when kids react to a Walkman, hilarity ensues. Ditto this video of future leaders encountering early computers with utter befuddlement.

Watch what happens as kids ages 6 and 13 turn on and use what looks like the Apple II computer, one of the first PCs ever put into production ...

Even turning it on proves challenging for such advanced minds, and a harbinger of things to come for kids who had no idea how to do anything on it.

Not that there were many options for them, in fairness. The realization that there were no games, apps or INTERNET was nothing short of jarring.

After increasing frustration and more than a little confusion, the children decided they would much rather stick to the devices they already own. 

It's hard to blame them, although it's wild to think that in another 30 years, today's iPhones, iPads and the like may be treated with similar disdain.

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Sorry, Mariano Rivera.

You are no longer the king of the save.

The following footage depicts two men gathering at the base of a building in Guangdong Province because a one-year has climbed on to a second-story ledge during a thunderstorm.

Identified as Mr. Li and Mr. Hu, the men actually catch the falling child in their arms and all escape the scary incident unscathed. See for yourself now:

"I didn't think too much at the time. I was just afraid of failing to catch him,” Li told China's CCTV, while Hu added it was “nothing but human instinct” that caused him to come to the rescue.

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Ready to be AWWW-inspired, readers?

The Daily Mail helped the following 2012 video go viral this week after re-posting it online and giving readers an opportunity to debate: 

Is this two-month old really telling her dad that she loves him?!?

"Here is a video I recorded of my 2 month old daughter trying to copy the words her father is saying to her," wrote the YouTube user who uploaded the clip. "At the end, she says 'I love you.'"

Does she really? Watch and decide!

Tough call, we know. But CUTE!

For more where this came from, check out this footage of a dog helping to change a baby's diaper and then scroll down for most amazing child videos and stories:

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