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Someone give Noah Ritter a reporting job already!

This ridiculously cute five-year old was approached by Sofia Ojeda of WNEP-TV at the Pennsylvania Wayne County Fair over the weekend and asked if he enjoyed his last ride.

He responded by grabbing the microphone and saying (repeatedly) that he’s “never been on live television before” and talking about Powerball and uttering the word “apparently” often and...

... just watch the video for yourself. It may be the cutest 90 seconds you'll ever spend.

With some toddlers APPARENTLY aspiring to be Hooters waitresses, isn't it nice to see one young man who is ready for his television close-up right now?

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For those parents out there struggling to find the best ways of talking to kids about the Second Amendment, boy do we have the perfect children's book for you.

My Parents Open Carry was written by Brian Jeffs and Nathan Nephew, the co-founders of Michigan Open Carry who feel this issue can't be discussed early enough:

My Parents Open Carry Book

Brian and Nathan decided to pen a book on packing heat in public because, well, they "looked for pro-gun children's books and couldn't find any."

Given the countless number of children killed or injured by firearms each year, one can understand why. The authors feel this is an unfair statement, however.

The synopsis for My Parents Open Carry is as follows:

"Come join 13-year-old Brenna Strong along with her mom, Bea, and her dad, Richard, as they spend a typical Saturday running errands and having fun together."

What's not so typical about this family, the book educationally points out, "is that Brenna's parents lawfully open carry handguns for self-defense."

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Just when you thought you'd seen everything when it comes to reality shows and parenting fails, something comes along that makes you question humanity.

A mom finds herself in the hot seat this week after she decided, somehow, to dress up her four-year-old daughter in a homemade Hooters waitress outfit.

Her little girl's got talent, she says, and she hopes to find success in the pageant world. Makes even Dance Moms and Toddlers and Tiaras seem classy ...

4-Year-Old Hooters Waitress

In the U.K. documentary Blinging Up Baby, viewers meet Liane, an unemployed 33-year-old mom who has high hopes for daughters Bessie-Sue and Scarlett.

"They are very talented little girls," she tells the crew, explaining the outfit.

"You do try and be original, so something you have not seen before."

In addition to making a Hooters outfit for Scarlett, Liane also teaches her youngest daughter a dance routine that features the splits and pelvic thrusts.

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Toddlers are always hyper-emotional creatures with little or no filter, but this little boy living in Alabama has a particularly strong flair for the dramatic.

In a way, we feel the little fella's pain. Sort of literally.

Ripping off a band-aid is not something anyone looks forward to, regardless of age, as it typically involves the tearing of many hairs. Possibly even skin.

This act even spawned its own expression - ripping off the band-aid - to describe painful situations that are best tackled quickly, not drawn out.

That's a little over the head of Matthew Reed, however, as the youngster couldn't grasp why his mom and dad would ever make him endure this.

"I can’t live like this," he tells him, most likely quoting Frozen and interjecting a hilariously disproportionate amount of drama into the situation.

Kids. They wear their hearts on their sleeves.

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Note to the poor woman whose twins refuse to go to bed:

Ever thought about playing some Katy Perry music? Specifically the hit song "Dark Horse?"

That move sure worked out for one mother, whose crying baby is featured in the following video. Watch the tears instantly cease and a smile break out over the child's face as soon as the first "Dark Horse" note is played.

This little girl also breaks out some car seat-based dance moves:

“Available for babysitting at 10 dollars an hour & 4 Oreos,” Tweeted Perry upon being sent the footage.

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Most of the time, little kids are really cute. Like when they eat solid food for the first time.

But sometimes children can be frustrating. Especially when there are two of them. And you try to put them to bed at the same time.

The following video chronicles just such an attempt by Henriette Jonassen, a mother of twins in Norway. She posted the footage online and wrote as an explanation to it:

"I've been struggling with getting my twins asleep for a few weeks now (due to extremely hot weather and long, sunny days). I've tried different methods. This one was definitely the worst one! But it gave me a good laugh."

It gave us one as well.

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For the record, babies do not like eating lemons.

But it's now official: they very much like eating sweet potato!

That fact at least holds true for the following young child, a toddler named Nolan whose parents recently fed him solid food for the first time and recorded his adorable reaction on camera.

Think Nolan is happy to be done with formula and/or breast milk? You tell us!

Who knew a male would be so excited to be be far away from a boob, huh?

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Give this six-year-old credit for figuring out that you can swipe your dad's credit card and buy stuff with it that you otherwise couldn't afford with piggy bank savings.

Deduct points for not knowing his father's actual name, however.

Receipt Signed Dad

Ah, kids. They love pushing the envelope and trying to do adult things.

This one really showed some gumption, though, calling in a pizza and using his dad’s credit card to pay for the feast. It was a genius and delicious plan.

Until, of course, he was asked to sign the credit card receipt. Gulp.

The penmanship could use work, but we'll give him a pass on that due to his age. Signing "Dad" though? It was Amateur Hour in suburbia, clearly.

On the bright side, this is one American youth we don't have to worry about starting an identity theft ring. For that, we thank "Dad" and "Mom."

More THG Great Moments in Receipts after the jump:

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Summer camp has been a rite of passage for generations of American youth.

It's an invaluable coming-of-age experience we look back on fondly, even if some of the many life lessons we learn in that setting really sting at the time.

Exhibit A: This poor kid who got dumped at the camp dance because ...

Kid Laments Breakup on Postcard Home

Getting your flirt on at camp is hard enough. Getting dispatched because you're a nice young man and it turns out she's into bad boys is even rougher.

A camp counselor shared this gem on Reddit, leaving us both amused and sad for the recipient of this jarring experience that left him reeling.

His closing thought to mom sums it up, really. Straight from the heart.

If there's any silver lining here, kid it's that nice guys only finish last for the first 20-25 years and typically end up with better-looking wives and better jobs.

It's a long-game strategy, man, but a winning one. Stay the course.

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Note to all Pit Bull critics: Please watch the following video.

It features this breed of dog acting as loving and as gentle toward a diapered-baby as one possibly can, making the infant crack up with a tongue bath for the ages.

It's adorable. It's sweet. And it should serve as a lesson to anyone who believes the worst about this type of canine:

Babies, of course, have also been known to laugh at dogs eating popcorn and also at dogs eating bubbles

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