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One of the greatest things the Internet offers on a regular basis is babies being incredibly cute in the most unexpected circumstances.

Earlier today, the web rejoiced at the sight of a lemur and a sleeping infant hanging out in a baby carrier.

Not to be outdone in terms of adorable hilarity, the daughter of YouTube user Gary Kennedy is soothed by the dulcet tones of Nine Inch Nails and unleashes her inner 90s goth in the clip below:

As amazing as it is to see the little lady get her groove on to Trent Reznor's "Copy Of A," the best part has got to be her astonished coo when the song first starts.

It's safe to say NIN officially has its youngest fan. We just hope she doesn't develop a taste black hair dye and heavy eyeliner.

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The official website for the Tanganyika Wildlife Park in Goddard, Kansas, does not advertise that visitors can expect a ring-tailed lemur in your baby carrier.

But it might as well!

In mom Angie Widener's case, that scenario actually occurred, as she was astonished to discover the creature on her 9-week-old sleeping child's head:

Lemur, Baby

Strollers are not allowed in the facility's lemur exhibit, so mom brought baby Finley in in her car seat, which she proceeded to set on the ground.

She was watching her two older children feed the animals when a stranger pointed out casually, "Um, ma'am ... there is a lemur on your baby."

That there was.

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Good news, kids who wrote that Buzz Lightyear cums in pies:

You aren't alone.

For years, children have been adorably/crudely misspelling words on tests, on drawings and on cards to their parents.

Their intentions are often sweet and sentimental, but the results are often X-rated and, let's face it, uproarious.

Who loves her "whore" family? Whose dad is the best "cock" ever? How hard will you laugh flipping through these? Sit back and find out now:

She loves her what?!?
The sentiment is very nice. And, hey, maybe the adjective is accurate. Who are we to judge?

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Love at first sight. Believe in it.

You never know when, or where, you might find it, but the feeling is real. Just ask Julian, one adorable toddler, for whom it proved to be true this month.

At his local Best Buy.

Toddler Falls in Love at Best Buy
A youngster named Julian falls in love with a pretty girl at Best Buy ... on a box.

While toddling through the big box electronics retailer on a shopping trip with his dad, Julian suddenly made a beeline for a Toshiba flat screen TV.

It wasn't the sharp picture quality that caught his eye, although it did play an indirect role. The little girl model on the box certainly does look vibrant.

Julian's dad Bryan Sansom, shot a video of the star-struck youngster mesmerized by the girl, whom he proceeded to pat on the face and even kiss.

Forward. That's how you do it.

Ah, young love. It's a magical feeling ... at least until you look behind the box display for your soulmate and realize she's not actually there.

Maybe someday, bud.

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Can't a kid just celebrate the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and eat his fries in peace?

Apparently not. Not The Tavern at Phipps in Atlanta.

Local news reports confirm that a four-year old named Lewis Roberts was recently kicked out of this establishment because he violated its “Gentlemen's Dress Code” by wearing the following shirt without sleeves.

Dress Code Breaker!

According to 11Alive, the family asked to speak to the manager in order to explain that their son is, you know, four years old.

But the manager upheld the hostess' demand, forcing Lewis and his parents to make their way off the premises.

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WARNING: You may wanna view the following video with a box of tissues by your side.

Actually... make it two boxes.

The footage features Kayden Kinckle, a two-year old born with a birth defect called Omphalocele, which entails one’s internal organs remaining outside one’s body.

When Kayden was born, his umbilical cord was tied around his legs and feet in the womb, which led to some deformities and a procedure that led to doctors amputating the toddler's right foot and left leg.

On July 4, with the help of a walker and prosthetics, Kayden took his first few steps, a miracle that his parents captured on film.

"This video is really more than first steps," mother Nikki says. "We celebrate his life as well and every step he takes will be to glorify God.

Pretty amazing stuff.

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What happens when a baby meets a dog?

Sometimes, the dog shows the baby how to crawl.

Other times, the baby laughs hysterically at the dog eating popcorn.

And still other times, the baby and the dog nap together and the Internet collectively melts.

This time, however, the dog gobbles up as many bubbles as he can while the baby sits back and cracks up over the soapy water-eating. Yes, this video is as awesomely adorable as it sound:

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You never know how a child will react when giving him or her a present.

Sometimes, she'll break into uncontrollable tears of happiness when faced with a new puppy.

Other times, she'll shock you with her adorable gratitude... even when receiving a large pair of men's underwear.

Such was the case when Jessi Eaton tried to prank her daughter with some tighty whities, writing on Reddit that the joke may have backfired - but in the most precious way imaginable.

"She has always been so happy with anything," Jessi says of her child. "This is the reaction she has for every gift she has ever received. She is an amazing little girl. I love her dearly and just wanted to share her pure and innocent heart with the world."

What a terrific video. And what a great message we all should take with us: appreciate everything you have, people.

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In the latest edition of Parents Aren't So Bad After All...

A few days after video of a boy going into hysterics over the gift of Minecraft went viral, the same thing has happened to footage of parents giving their daughter a very special gift.

That of A PUPPY!!!!!!

Watch the adorable toddler first read a note teasing the present and then completely break down once the dog is in her arms. It's great stuff:

Can you blame her for reacting in such a way?

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There may be hope for the future of our nation yet, people.

Some parents out there are clearly raising their children well, as evidenced by this girl who wrote a bracelet-based apology to her neighbor after hurling rocks at the lady's door.

And then there's the following eight-year old, who found a one-dollar bill under the tire of a parked car... only she didn't pick it up.

In fact, she (or one of her parents, more likely, based on the handwriting) even alerted the owner of this bill to its whereabouts and recommended that he or she snatch it up for "good luck."

Totes. Adorbs.

Dollar Bill Note

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