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Maria Kang believes there are no excuses for not being a fit mom.

This is a sentiment with which Laura Kasperzak would likely agree, but she isn’t about to sacrifice quality time with four-year old daughter Mini in exchange for a good body.

The Yoga teacher and her adorable toddler have gone viral over the past few days with photos of them practicing this art together, as Kasperzak contorts her body in a number of ridiculous positions and Mini jumps in when she can.

This is the cutest thing we've seen since that mother who makes her kids artistic breakfasts.

Click and be blown away now:

Mother and Daughter Yoga Photos: AMAZING!
This photo of Laura Kasperzak and her daughter has gone viral... and for good reason! It's adorable.
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Laura Kasperzak and Daughter

1. Laura Kasperzak and Daughter

This photo of Laura Kasperzak and her daughter has gone viral... and for good reason! It's adorable.

Yoga Mother and Daughter

2. Yoga Mother and Daughter

It's twice the Yoga and twice the cuteness. Laura Kasperzak and her four-year old shows off their skills in this photo.

Amazing Yoga Moves

3. Amazing Yoga Moves

AWWWW! This mother and daughter are enjoying some healthy, impressive bonding time.

Dueling Yoga Poses

4. Dueling Yoga Poses

It's safe to say we're impressed. Check out this mother and her four-year old daughter and how they spend time together.

A Ride on Mommy

5. A Ride on Mommy

Wheeee! This little girl is going for a ride on her mother's tummy.

Daughter-Mother Bonding Time

6. Daughter-Mother Bonding Time

Who says you can't work out and spend quality time with your child? Laura Kasperzak says you can.

Toddler Strength

7. Toddler Strength

This four-year old sure is strong! She holds up (not really) her Yoga-practicing mother in this cute picture.

Serious Family Skills

8. Serious Family Skills

Laura Kasperzak, you have taught your child well. This four-year old is better than most people at Yoga.

Making Yoga Fun

9. Making Yoga Fun

Yeah. We're impressed. Laura Kasperzak does some Yoga with her four-year old daughter in this cool photo.

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A video of a three-year old arguing with his mother over eating cupcakes for dinner has gone viral.

Mostly because it's cute. But also because it's a bit controversial.

In the following footage, little Mateo pleads with his mom and, at one point, references how a punishment would "burn" his "butt."

He also sticks up for his little brother after his mother threatens them both with "pow-pows" to their rear end.

Are we witnessing an actual discussion over child abuse? Or just some good old fashioned strict parenting when it's called for? Watch below and join in the debate now:

We're sorry not all kid videos can be as simple and adorable as this dancing baby.

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Warning: the following story is pretty much guaranteed to make you cry.

In October, Ashlee Hammac suffered a parent's worst nightmare when her five-day old son, Ryan, died of a brain dysfunction known as Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephlopathy.

To help her other son, three-year old Tucker, remember his brother and pay tribute to him, Ashlee constructed a sandbox directly next to Ryan's grave.

A photo of Tucker playing alongside his late sibling's tombstone has gone viral on Facebook.

Cemetery Sandbox

"The more I thought about it, the more I wanted something my other son Tucker could be incorporated in," Hammac told People. "He always goes out there with me, and sits out there, and sings lullabies, and talks to him just like he was there.

"So I wanted it to be special for him too. His favorite thing right now is trucks."

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Attention, little kids everywhere. We have a little bit of advice for you today.

Don't try to forge your mom's signature on a permission slip or other document unless you know her actual name, and can spell it. Because "Mommy" is probably not it.

Just a hunch, based on this classic image from Reddit. Not too convincing.

Does make for a hilarious addition to our Little Kid Notes gallery, though:

13 Hilarious Kid Notes
This little kid tried to forge his mom's signature. Pretty amazing.
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Mommy Signature

1. Mommy Signature

This little kid tried to forge his mom's signature. Pretty amazing.

I Hate Chris!

2. I Hate Chris!

Sorry Ben. I was aiming for someone else ...

Elementary School Love Letter

3. Elementary School Love Letter

This elementary school love letter, and the recipient's response, tells you all there is to know about love among the single-digit set.

30 Boyfriend Rules

4. 30 Boyfriend Rules

This little kid has already figured out 30 essential rules any potential boyfriend must abide by. Take heed!

Kid's Insane Christmas Letter

5. Kid's Insane Christmas Letter

Drew Magary's daughter wrote an insane Christmas list. He wrote an insanely hilarious response.

Dear Santa Amazon Letter

6. Dear Santa Amazon Letter

A kid wrote the full Amazon URL on his Dear Santa letter. In crayon. He's dedicated.

Stinky Kid Note

7. Stinky Kid Note

Check out this note written by a Buffalo, N.Y., teacher with regard to the alleged stinky nature of the kids in her class.

Kid Poem About Sister

8. Kid Poem About Sister

This little kid wants his sister out of the house, as this poetry makes abundantly clear.

#1 Dad Note

9. #1 Dad Note

An adorable note written from a 12-year-old to the single man who adopted him. It brings a tear to your eye ...

Note to Dad

10. Note to Dad

An adorable note written from a 12-year-old to the man who adopted him.

Kid Writes Get Well Note

11. Kid Writes Get Well Note

This kid's get well note for his teacher is chock full of helpful advice.

Cute Kid Note

12. Cute Kid Note

Check out this cute note written by a little kid to his dad. He meant "cook."

Hilarious Apology Note

13. Hilarious Apology Note

This note was written by an eight-year old. He used to really hate one of his brothers.

At least the offending youngster in question had the best of intentions, or wanted to make us believe that Mommy was very happy when she signed the letter. <3<3<3

The irony here?

Most people's signatures are so illegible, a scribble that might have resulted if the kid tried to write the mother's name for real may have actually gone unnoticed ...

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With apologizes to Miley Cyrus, we don't wanna party in the USA anymore.

Not after viewing the following video.

Now we just wanna party in this musically adorable car!

In footage that requires very little explanation, a baby is awoken from its nap by two toddlers totally jamming out to a tune on the radio... and wastes no time at all joining in the fun! Watch now:

Is this the cutest kid video of all-time?

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Babies sleep A LOT (albeit not for long enough periods or during the hours of the day/night we might prefer), but believe it or not, they get a lot of exercise.

It's all relative, of course. While it doesn't look like much, every muscle moved takes a lot of effort on their part, meaning they spend much of their day exercising.

To illustrate the point, an adorable dad posted a video of himself "exercising" with his (even more adorable) infant daughter while she works on her neck strength.

Presenting: The Lilly Ann Workout!

It actually does look like a decent workout, even for a grown man. For the little girl whose neck hasn't gotten strong enough to support her own head yet?

Downright exhausting, we'd have to imagine.

Give dad credit for really committing to the "workout," too. Really working that core. Stay at home parents who don't have time for the gym, take notice!

More adorable kid videos below ...

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Ready to be inspired, THGers?

Dylan Siegel is a seven-year old whose best friend Jonah has tragically been diagnosed with a rare illness called Glycogen Storage Disease Type 1b. 

It's a live disorder that cases very low blood sugar and for which there is no cure. Jonah is one of only 500 kids in the world with the disease and he must be fed through a tube every few hours.

Dylan Siegel and Jonah

Because Dylan describes his friendship with Jonah as "awesome as a chocolate bar," he has written The Chocolate Bar Book, sold it across the world… and raised over $600,000 for research into the illness.

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Kim Kardashian clearly wants the public to look at North West photos and pay attention to her baby girl. And that's fine. We are happy to ooh and ahh.

When it comes to paparazzi pics that celebs don't content to, however? You have to draw the line. As such, THG is happy to join the #NoKidsPolicy cause.

As of today, The Hollywood Gossip will not publish unauthorized photos or videos of celebrities' children. Ever. If they post them, okay. If not? No go.

10 Totally Adorable North West Photos
It's Kim Kardashian and daughter Nori! The former posted this photo online with a simple caption: Good morning.
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Morning, Kim and Nori!

1. Morning, Kim and Nori!

It's Kim Kardashian and daughter Nori! The former posted this photo online with a simple caption: Good morning.

North West Pics

2. North West Pics

How adorable is North West??!? Hate on Kim Kardashian, but give it up here for her child.

Kanye and Nori

3. Kanye and Nori

Well, this is downright adorable. Kanye West poses with daughter North West.

North West Close Up

4. North West Close Up

It's another photo of North West! This little girl really is very cute, don't you think?

North West Image

5. North West Image

It's a new photo of North West! Kim Kardashian does have herself one cute daughter, huh?

North West and Riccardo Tisci

6. North West and Riccardo Tisci

It's a photo of North West and Kim Kardashian's stylist. This is definitely one cute baby!

North West Hand Photo

7. North West Hand Photo

It's another North West photo! Kendall Jenner snapped this one of her niece's cute little hand.

North West Picture

8. North West Picture

It's a new photo of North West! Kim Kardashian posted this shot to Instagram in early October 2013.

Kim Kardashian Baby Photo

9. Kim Kardashian Baby Photo

It's the first-ever photo of North West! Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have finally given us a look at their baby.

North West and Penelope

10. North West and Penelope

AWWWW! North West and cousin Penelope are totally best friends. This is an adorable shot of the kids.

North West as an Angel

11. North West as an Angel

North West wear angel wings in this Instagram photo. It was posted by Kendall Jenner.

Like other sites across the web, we are enforcing a #NoKidsPolicy after realizing the very real issues this causes for celebrity parents and their offspring.

In 2013, Jennifer Garner and Halle Berry championed a California bill that imposes tougher penalties on photographers who harass kids of public figures.

Said stars' children are still being intimidated, harassed, and stalked, however, and that's not something we want to be a part of under any circumstances.

There's a time and place for celebrity gossip. This is not it.

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Remember Theo and Beau?

This puppy and this baby "instantly bonded," according to Beau's mother, Jessica Shyba, who first posted photos of the dog and her son sleeping together back in November.

Fast forward two months and neither must snore or have Restless Leg Syndrome... because the toddler and the canine are still everyday nap buddies!

A new round of pictures has gone viral and we don't care how many times Justin Bieber goes shirtless; THIS is the cutest thing you'll see on the Internet all year, guaranteed.

Click through the latest images and relive the adorable old ones now:

14 AWWW-Inspiring Photos of a Baby and Dog Napping
This is Beau the baby. This is Theo the dog. As you can tell, they are best friends.
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Baby and Dog Take a Nap

1. Baby and Dog Take a Nap

This is Beau the baby. This is Theo the dog. As you can tell, they are best friends.

Cutest. Picture. Ever.

2. Cutest. Picture. Ever.

Beau and Theo are best friends. We could stare at this photo all day long.

Beau and Theo Nap

3. Beau and Theo Nap

Does it get any more adorable than this? A baby named Beau takes a nap everyday with a dog named Theo.

Baby and Dog Melt the Internet

4. Baby and Dog Melt the Internet

Look at these two!! We dare you to find a cuter photo on the Internet.

Sleeping Dog, Baby

5. Sleeping Dog, Baby

Cutest picture EVER! Little Beau falls asleep here alongside Theo the dog.

Baby and Dog Sleep Together

6. Baby and Dog Sleep Together

Shhh... be very quiet. These two are taking a nap - and our hearts are melting.

Dog Naps with Baby

7. Dog Naps with Baby

Beau and Theo have napped together ever since the former was a newborn. Or close to it at least.

Theo and Beau

8. Theo and Beau

Theo the dog likes to sleep with Beau the baby. This is as cute as it gets.

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Ellen DeGeneres produces viral videos for a living, or so it seems. The talk show host spends every waking hour doing whatever it takes to make her fans smile.

With great success, she can indisputably say.

DeGeneres, 56, has no trouble generating laughs on her own, but when she recruits outside talent for Ellen, so many times, the results are comedic gold.

The incomparable Ellen was asked to share her five favorite viral videos with People this week, and some (or all) are likely familiar to THG readers.

Two involve celebrities. Two involve kids. Three involve animals. Some involve a combination thereof. All are worth a second (or third) look below!

See what she ranked in her top five here ...

Ellen DeGeneres' Top 5 Viral Videos
A little girl smears diaper cream all over her little brother's face in this awesome viral video.
View As List
Diaper Cream Trouble

1. Diaper Cream Trouble

A little girl smears diaper cream all over her little brother's face in this awesome viral video.

Cat Behind a Bed

2. Cat Behind a Bed

A cat creeps behind a bed. And is hilarious in the process.

Mastiff Caught Red-Handed

3. Mastiff Caught Red-Handed

An English Mastiff gets caught red handed in this awesome viral video.

Kristen Bell LOVES Sloths!

4. Kristen Bell LOVES Sloths!

It doesn't take much to make Kristen Bell cry. But this video proves that a surefire way to accomplish that goal is to present her with a sloth.

Nicki Minaj ft. Sophia Grace & Rosie - Super Bass

5. Nicki Minaj ft. Sophia Grace & Rosie - Super Bass

Nicki Minaj sings her hit song "Super Bass" with Sophia Grace and Rosie on Ellen.

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