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We're very sorry, cats around the world.

For weeks now, we've been promoting the cuteness of babies and puppies because, well, come on. It's really cute when babies interact with puppies.

But we've underestimated your ability to also be awww-inspiring kittens, as the following video makes it clear you, too, know how to make the Internet melt when hanging with a small human being.

Again, we apologize. And we're glad to continually watch footage of a feline lulling a baby to sleep in order to make up for this oversight.

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The following video is 19 seconds in duration, but it will put a smile on your face for the next 19 hours.

It features a three-month old boy hearing a (fake) lion roar for the first time, courtesy of his mother and a children's book, and initially reacting with fear and confusion.

But once the sounds ends and he realizes he's safe? We're treated to the magical sound of pure baby laughter. Is there anything better in the whole wide world?

And now as a GIF:

Baby Hears Lion Roar

It's been a wonderful week overall for children reacting in adorable ways, from this toddler dancing to Katy Perry to this bathing baby cracking up over a puppy.

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According to a local CBS affiliate, an unnamed 14-year cleared ran away from home this week and took up temporary residence in a Corsicana, Texas Walmart.

For four days.

Reports confirm the teenager cleared two spaces behind the store's baby and home goods aisles and stocked them with food, juice and bedding.

He even grabbed a goldfish for company.

To avoid detection, the young man used store diapers instead of the bathroom and was only discovered after trash piled up around him.

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Another day, another video, another reason to hurry up and get your young child a puppy. 


We've already seen babies laughing at dogs eating popcorn, as well as babies laughing at dogs eating bubbles.

Now, we can't wait to present a baby laughing who can't stop cracking up over his family's pet dog, who doesn't seem to be doing anything particularly hilarious. But, then again, we (unfortunately) aren't inside the mind of this toddler...

Totally adorable, right?

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A grandmother is Columbus, Ohio has hopefully learned a valuable lesson about humor.

Earlier this month, Jackie Sheaks posted one photo of her baby granddaughter on Facebook with duct tape over her mouth and another photo of the child lying in a roasting pan.

She says she meant the images to be a "joke," but users didn't exactly laugh.

And neither did Child Protective Services or the local sheriff, who dropped by for a visit and questioned Jackie's abilities to supervise a child.

  • Duct-Taped Baby
  • Roasting a Baby?

“We would never harm our children,” Sheaks told a local station after hearing from authorities, adding:

“It’s definitely taught me a lesson: what we think is funny, other people don't... it will never happen again."

Seriously. Just when we thought it couldn't get worse than tying a baby to your wedding gown and dragging it down the aisle.

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Quick, turn on some Katy Perry.

This adorable girl needs it... STAT!

Her name is Cadence and she’s fighting off tears in the following video because she just deleted a photo her Uncle Dave - and she also just learned what it means to actually delete something.

Yup. It's gone forever, Cadence.

But this footage will live on the Internet forever and you'll soon become a viral sensation, trust us. Moreover, maybe Uncle Dave will send you a new photo!

Hmmm... we're not sure if those words of encourage are gonna help poor little Cadence.

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In a most unusual, one-man community outreach, Kansas City police officer J. Krebs recently engaged in a dance-off with some residents of younger age.

Suffice it to say, he lost. But he won at life.

Although Krebs’ dance moves are hilariously bad, the gesture was anything but. He hopes this sort of thing will help open up the lines of communication.

"When I joined the force I told them I wanted to build rapport with the community," he said. "I feel like if we build a rapport, they are more likely to call when they need us."

Krebs’ partner, Officer Smith, offered the kids Jolly Ranchers if they agreed to dance, while Natalie Garcia, a local resident, was present to film the scene.

"He was pretty fun. I’m glad that he’s not, like, trying to show us that cops can be bad but also cops can be cool to little kids," Garcia said.

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UPDATE: We apologize. But we've been asked to delete this video.

Sorry, Katy Perry. You aren't the only artist who inspires a happy dance in adorable babies.

A few days after the Internet collectively melted over a crying child instantly calming down and loving life as soon as Dark Horse was played, another set of parents has released a similarly awesome video.

This one features a toddler on the verge of a breakdown... until "I'm Different" by 2 Chainz starts to blast. From there, the mood changes drastically...

It's safe to say this baby is different, wouldn't you say?

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It's official: the remote control is the greatest invention of all-time.

No offense, sliced bread and Keurig coffee maker.

But we base this statement on both years of television viewing and also on the following video, which features a baby adorably flipping out every time he's near a remote.

Perhaps he's just in a good mood that day? Nope. Watch to see what happens any time the remote is taken out of the tyke's view. He reaction changes considerably:

We haven't seen a kid this excited since Katy Perry came on the radio.

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With the debate over breastfeeding in public continuing to rage on, Miranda Sowers got into trouble over the weekend for a different kind of public act involving her child.

The Texas mother of three tells KHOU that she took her four-month old daughter into a bathroom at Brother's Pizza Express, only to discover it did not have a changing table.

So she figured she'd use her own table at restaurant to take care of this dirty deed.

"I thought, 'you know what I've got my own changing pad, she's tiny, she fits right here on the chair,'" Sowers explains of the decision. "So I laid her down quickly and quietly changed her diaper."

Mother, kids

But not quietly enough for an employee to not notice, leading to Sowers getting thrown out of the establishment.

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