A mom and dad recently got matching tattoos, and enormous, not exactly beautiful ones at that. But it was all for a reason as admirable as it looks uncomfortable.

Tanya and Adam Phillips got the tattoos to match their daughter’s very large birthmark, a gesture meant to show Honey Rae, 18 months, that she's not alone.

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We're gonna let you finish, Idina Menzel... but Trent Harris had the best National Anthem rendition EVER.

Only two years old, this toddler recently took the court at a Southern Regional High School varsity basketball game in New Jersey to show off his pipes, belting out a unique rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner" that included a lot of mumbling.

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Who knew one could come across so hardcore while wearing a pink bunny robe?

The following video features footage of a dad and his two-year old daughter. They just finished a bath. They're drying off and getting ready for bed.

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