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A shocking video of Ohio kindergarten teacher Barb Williams picking a student up by his shirt and slamming him against a wall has gone viral this week.

Not surprisingly, it has enraged many parents - particularly Autumn and Anthony Nelson, whose 6-year-old son Ian is seen in the clip with Williams ...

This video is almost hard to stomach as it begins with Ian walking to the bathroom alone. When he leaves the bathroom, Williams is waiting for him in the hall.

There is no sound, but she is PISSED, picking him up by his shirt and slamming him against the wall not once, but twice with no hero cat - or other adult - in sight.

All kidding aside, it gets even worse. One moment also shows her grabbing the boy by the face and tilting his head back in a borderline scary scene.

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Sorry, Kim Kardashian. But Sarah Thislethwaite had a better Mother's Day than you did.

The Akron, Ohio resident gave birth via C-section on Friday to a pair of monoamniotic (or "mono mono") twins, meaning the babies shared the same amniotic sac and placenta during their time in the womb.

When they finally entered the world, Jillian and Jenna were separated for a minute or so - but then held hands upon being placed side by side, a breathtaking moment actually captured on camera and posted to Twitter:

Mono Mono Twins

At first, the twins were having trouble breathing on their own and were placed on ventilators.

But they were finally able to be held by Mom yesterday, resulting in "the best Mother's Day present ever," as Sarah told NBC News.

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Imitating celebrities is definitely a thing that happens, especially when it comes to baby names.

Olivia Wilde just named her baby boy Otis Alexander, but if Otis isn't your style, we've got the top 10 most popular baby boy names of 2013 for your inspirational use.

While the top 10 list of baby girl names is loaded with old-world classics, the boy names chosen by the most Americans include a couple of unorthodox choices.

Nothing too crazy, but just a little bit different. A little more fashion-forward, if you will.

What are they? Here are the Top 10 most popular baby boy names of 2013 ...

Daniel comes in at #10 on this year's list. No sign of Harry, though. Or Potter for that matter.

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We hear Mila Kunis is having a girl, though she declined to confirm such wonderful news during her recent appearance on Ellen. 

That's too bad, really, because the latest data from the Social Security Administration is in and we have the top 10 most popular baby girl names of 2013 just ready for the choosing.

For the most part, the list of baby girl names has remained stable for yet another year with the #1 and #2 names maintaining their 2012 positions.

Numbers 3 and 4, meanwhile, traded places as some of the more traditional names slid down the list toward the bottom of the top 10.

But that's no worry, really, as the girls' list is still more or less dominated by old-school name trends. The most popular baby boy names? Not as much.

Here, without further ado, are the 10 most popular baby girl names of 2013:

Elizabeth, #10 on 2013's list of popular baby girl names, is the name of a sitting Queen! It doesn't get much more traditional, or classier, than that!

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Welp, we were wrong.

It actually does get cuter than a baby and a puppy sleeping together.

Heck, it even gets cuter than a young Bulldog refusing to take a nap.

And it's all thanks to photographer Grace Chon, who often snaps shots of her 10-month old son Jasper and his canine best friend, a rescue dog named Zoey.

Chon posts them to this adorable Tumblr account and we've borrowed a few to share with readers below. Prepare to squeal in delight and click around now:

Jasper and Zoey
This is Jasper and this is Zoey. Their awesome mom likes to photograph them in similar outfits.

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We know and we understand:

You're sick and tired of "Happy" viral videos. Even puppies recreating this Pharrel Williams music video is too much to take at this point.

But give one more a shot, okay?

Because 3-year old Heaven King was featured on Ellen this week, getting her groove on to this classic track… and it’s positively adorable.

Speed ahead to the 3:45 mark to see the toddler doing her "Happy" dance.

Yes, Heaven is the same kid who danced to Beyonce on Ellen last year. She's got serious moves!

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Kids. They're the best. So honest, and never afraid to speak their minds.

Or in this case, write down their deep thoughts by hand in notes that go viral online when their parents share them on social media. Long live the Internet!

Apparently young Rachel agreed to go out with a boy named Shawn, but Shawn has not exactly stepped up to the plate since she agreed to be his girlfriend.

To put it mildly. And she's grown awfully tired of his (non) actions.

Let's just say that if communication is the crux of a lasting relationship, this little guy has a tough road ahead of him unless he reads this note and takes heed:

Little Girl's Breakup Note

You heard the woman, Shawn. If you want to get mareed one day go ahead, but it won't be to her ... or anyone else for long if you keep on ignoring your partner.

Check out more hilarious little kid notes after the jump ...

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Consider yourselves warned, woman around the world:

Twerking can be a dangerous activity. Especially when there are toddlers in the vicinity.

The following video features Summer Knowlden, a mother who explains that she decided to enter an “online dance off” and “wanted to practice a little” before posting a clip on the Internet.

Which would have been perfectly fine and understandable... if Summer's daughter wasn't waddling around nearby. You can foresee what is about to happen, right?

Fortunately, Summer assures viewers that the child "didn't even cry; she just laid on the ground a little surprised. All is well."

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A father and a mother gave their two kids the best Easter present ever last week.

In the following video, we see a little girl and young boy open up a fake egg and see what we presume to be their mother's Ultrasound picture inside.

They don't put it together right away, but once the daughter learns she's gonna have a baby brother or sister, she shrieks in delights... hugs her mom tightly... and then adorably tells her parents she "can't thank them enough" for procreating again.

The boy, meanwhile? Eh, he could take this news or leave it. But, hey, at least he isn't screaming in anger:

In a similarly awesome video we posted last month, an 11-year old cried tears of joy upon learning he'll be an older sibling.

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We've all been there. We've poured our blood, sweat, and tears into an assignment, handed it in, and received it back from the teacher with nary a comment about all of our hard work. A simple grade scribbled in the corner with absolutely zero pomp and circumstance.

The little trumpet sounds in our head: WAH WAH WAAAAAAAAH.


One enterprising young man decided to put that theory to the test. Literally. 

During the essay portion of a test about Shakespeare, the young man rambled on nearly incoherently for an entire paragraph about Sprite and words that rhyme with "time." 

He got an A-. It might be time for this professor to call it a day.

Kid Gives Funny Answer on Test

At least this kid was smart about his answers and performed his little experiment on purpose. That's more than we can say for these silly homework answers.

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