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Siblings share a bond that is often volatile, but unbreakable and unparalleled.

As kids, we often struggle to express feelings toward our brothers and sisters, due to the depth of emotions and complexity of familial relationships.

Sometimes, a poem on a page says what spoken words cannot.

Case in point? This piece, posted to Reddit by a father who said his son wrote it for his younger brother Max, who he hopes one day will make fat stacks.

Letter 2 Brother

Max, whose hobbies include gaming and watching TV and messing with me, also likes The Office, donuts and bacon (not the healthiest lifestyle, but no matter).

His mind may be crazy like the Mad Hatter's, but Max is his brother, which is all that matters. There's also a random aside about a Chihuahua in there, for good measure.

It's unclear what inspired this message, or whether he was trying too hard or not hard enough, but the writer was clearly sincere. No one can take that away from him.

Check out more classic little kid notes after the jump ...

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Pop culture is once again leaving its permanent mark on the real world.

With parents still naming their kids Khaleesi, reports that Elsa has cracked the Top 100 Baby Names for the first time in history. It currently sits at number-88.

And she isn’t the only Frozen character to be leaving her chilly mark, either.

Elsa Photo

Kristoff, Hans, and  Sven are also up big percentages; though, Olaf, sadly, has only seen its popularity rise by 4 percent since this Disney smash hit theaters.

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In honor of Father's Day, Jimmy Kimmel sent a reporter to Hollywood Boulevard this week to force some kids to fess up.

Asked to admit one big lie they've told their dad in the past, one girl admitted she once swiped $20 from him... another child mentioned a sleepover that was actually a road trip to Chicago... and another brought up his first kiss.

You'll never believe who it was with, unless you're a Game of Thrones fan.

Watch and get a bit grossed out now:

Also in honor of Father's Day, this English Bulldog was introduced to his daughter.

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WARNING: The following photo will forever ruin how you view one of the world's most beloved fictional heroes. Prepare accordingly.

A parent posted the picture below to imgur this week, making it clear that his/her offspring is a talented artist, but may need to work on his/her spelling a bit.

Or not, depending on how you look at it.

After all, we already knew that Buzz Lightyear comes in peace. But now we're hoping folks in Hollywood see this image and finally put together the Toy Story-American Pie mash-up we've been craving for years...

Buzz Lightyear FAIL!

Wow. Just... wow.

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Dear Children of America...

It's nearly Father's Day. And the following Craigslist user likely speaks for all male parents around the world when he asks just one favor of you in honor of his parental holiday:

Please think twice - nay, three times! - before deciding you NEED to have a certain item for your backyard.

Especially when said item will be put together by dear ol' dad... and then never used again after the first 24 hours of excitement.

Such was the case with the father who put up the Craigslist ad below, asking if anyone wants a trampoline kids begged and pleaded for. And then promptly ignored.

Click to enlarge the photo and read the man's hilariously bitter diatribe explaining why this is now for sale...

Bitter Trampoline Ad

What father out there cannot relate, right?

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As the old adage goes, breaking up is hard to do.

Sometimes you have to do it, though, even if it happens to be on your one-month anniversary and even if it's really, really hard to summon the courage.

If you need inspiration, people, here it is ...

Kid Breakup Note: It's Hard!

We know this was emotionally taxing, DeLandren. A month of dating when you're in grade school is like a year in adult time. But way to stay the course, man.

If it wasn't working with Krystal, it's not fair to either one of you to continue leading her on. Sometimes the shortest route is the best, even when it's tough.

No hard feelings, though. Happy anniversary BTW!

Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do, whether it's ending a romantic relationship or breaking up with a babysitter, and always it's better to be honest.

More classic kid notes after the jump:

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Kids don't just say the darndest things... such as firing their babysitter for a disagreement over Barbie.

They also do the darndest things... such as scaling a rock-climbing wall in front of their strong father, who isn't just rippling with muscles in the following video.

He's rippling with pride.

Can you blame the guy? Look at this 20-month old baby go! 

Children, huh?

They may give you problems when trying to recreate an adorable Pinterest picture.

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Kids really will say write the darndest things.

Recently, one camper regaled his mom with notes of his epic experience, which included gratitude for extra underwear since he had a “diyareeya” accident.

And now a young girl named Mia has fired her cousin as her babysitter because the unnamed relative committed the grave sin of disliking Barbie.

This is understandable (although Mia should consider how Barbie promotes an unrealistic depiction of the female body)... and it's nice that Mia wants to remain friends.

But we can't condone the physical violence threat included below:

Child Fires Babysitter with Note

Seriously, kids. You can't punch people over pancakes and you can't punch them over their feelings on Barbie.

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NEWS FLASH: Everybody is a perfect parent until they have kids.

From saying inane things like "Wearing underwear on your head does not give you the ability to fly" to finding yourself with the TV on children's programming long after the littles are asleep, parenting is one colossal mind game for which one cannot prepare.

People caution "just wait until you're a parent," and you don't listen.

Because of course you don't. That totally won't happen to you when you shoot out some spawn and then vow to raise them for the rest of your life. Nope! No way!

You won't be THAT parent. You're NOT that parent. But you are. Probably. But just in case the kids running crazy through your house weren't enough, here are 11 signs you're a parent ...

Potty Time
What is it about going to the bathroom that acts as a Bat Signal for children, alarming them to your whereabouts and begging them to be your audience whilst you do your business?

Parenting becomes immensely easier when you learn to embrace the hilarity and insanity of the moment, but unfortunately that clarity only comes with time. Lots and lots of time.

Or by learning from the example of some of the many parents (and children) who've been down this road before you. Crying because a cracker is, well, cracked?

It's totally funny when you stop to think about it ...

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Natalia Vodianova is posing naked on Instagram.

Because she's a gorgeous Russian model, one would think this would be creating quite the online stir… and one would be right.

But not for the usual drool-inducing reason.

Vodianova - who has worked with such big names as Calvin Klein - was photographed by Paolo Roversi for an image she posted on Instagram.

It features the mother breastfeeding her one-month old and, as you might expect, it's led to yet another debate on whether or not mothers should keep this practice private.

Natalia Vodianova Breastfeeding Photo

A student campaign in Texas last month brought this issue to the forefront, as a number of young women showed the dirty effects of forcing new moms to hide this act of nature behind closed doors.

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