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There may be hope for the future of our nation yet, people.

Some parents out there are clearly raising their children well, as evidenced by this girl who wrote a bracelet-based apology to her neighbor after hurling rocks at the lady's door.

And then there's the following eight-year old, who found a one-dollar bill under the tire of a parked car... only she didn't pick it up.

In fact, she (or one of her parents, more likely, based on the handwriting) even alerted the owner of this bill to its whereabouts and recommended that he or she snatch it up for "good luck."

Totes. Adorbs.

Dollar Bill Note

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A few months after photos of Kordale and Kaleb helping their kids get ready in the morning went viral, another pair of gay dads are blowing up online.

BJ Barone and  Frankie Nelson recently became fathers to a son named Milo, welcoming the child into the world alongside his surrogate mother and Canadian photographer Lindsay Foster.

The latter posted the following photo on Facebook and wrote:

"I am VERY hopeful that these images can make you feel the deep LOVE and admiration that everyone felt for this surrogate mom and the baby’s new parents.

"These Daddies will most certainly be two amazing parents. I look at these pictures and I immediately tear up. captured the first time they held their newborn son."

Gay Dads Welcome Son

Barone and Nelson took their shirts off because some experts believe skin-to-skin contact (aka “kangaroo cuddling” has a calming effect on newborns.

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Sometimes parents humiliate their kids.

Other times, however, parents totally come through for their kids. We're pretty sure the following fits into this category.

For their child's recent birthday, a mother and father gifted him with the video game Minecraft. And when he opened it, the tears flew, the yells emanated and all-out hysteria commenced for a solid minute.

In the description of this video online, the parents said their son's reaction went "above and beyond" what they expected. To that, we say... YA THINK?!?

We haven't seen anyone this excited since this dad sang Let It Go.

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Take note, celebrities around the world: THIS is how you apologize.

In a message posted to Reddit, a little girl expresses extreme sorrow and shows major remorse for throwing rocks at a neighbor’s back door.

She admits that she was “acting very stupid,” signs her mea culpa from “the person who threw the rocks” in case it wasn’t clear… and includes with her handwritten note a bunch of homemade bracelets!

We think all will be forgiven after this, don't you?

Girl Apologizes for Rock Throwing

Kids, huh? They may not know how to use rotary phones, but they definitely know how to take pen to paper and be adorable.

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What are these holes for? What is this so heavy? Why does this look nothing like my iPad?!?

In the following video, a handful of kids are given a rotary phone and asked to do the most basic function with this ancient item: dial.

Not as easy as it sounds, is it? What's the first step, for example? How did anyone ever use this ridiculous apparatus?!?

So sums up the overall response, which you can sit back and hilariously enjoy now:

In the past few months, kids have also reacted to a Walkman and to old computers. Both times in extreme confusion.

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It's safe to say a significant majority of parents out there are sick and tired of Frozen.

But it's even safer to say that the father featured in the following video is part of the minority. The very loud and very awesome minority, that is.

In footage that's as basic as it is awesome, Billy leads daughter Blakely in a lively rendition of "Let It Go," encouraging the toddler to get really into the song and happily showing her how it's done.

NOTE: The mother filming this impressive duet ensures us that it took place in a parking lot. So put away that child safety concern, sit back... and enjoy!

As this Frozen parody makes clear, not all dads are as enthusiastic about the Disney smash as Billy.

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This just in: eyebrows are downright hilarious!

Seriously. Drop whatever you’re doing. Go find a mirror. And go raise those suckers right now.

Uproarious, right?!?

Okay, perhaps you need to be a tad younger to fully appreciate it, but at least you can watch below as a toddler named Leon is held by his mom and cracks himself up by constantly doing this trick.

LOL away, young man...

Move over, dancing Korean babies. You may no longer be the cutest kids on the Internet.

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Let's be clear: Footage of a dog and a baby doing pretty much anything is adorable.

Consider this baby laughing at its pet eating popcorn... or these photos of a dog and a baby napping together.

But the following video trumps all similar videos that have come before it. Because it features a dog teaching its very small owner how to crawl. Seriously. For real.

Titled “Buddy’s Baby Crawling School,” the video starts with the child in question struggling with how to move on all fours... only for her furry friend to then scurry into position and show her how it's done.

This is, literally, the cutest thing you will see on the Internet in 2014:

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The Frozen epidemic reached epic proportions over the weekend:

Pearl Jam actually covered Let It Go during a concert in Milan.

As a result of this never-ending influx of the Disney smash - from its incessant playing at home to its soundtrack taking over your car stereo every time you leave home - Ryan O'Quinn and Todd Wilkerson have recorded a video that perfectly sums up the frustrations of fathers everywhere.

The footage depicts the irritation, begrudging acceptance and, finally, the affection parents have for the film, concluding in the song’s final verse:

"And I know somewhere Walt Disney/Is smiling in his grave. 'Cause while I'm filling up his pockets, while I'm driving up his profits/He's driving me insane!"

Amen, right, Dads of America?

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Kids are the best. Not only are they sweet, fun and innocent, but sometimes they'll even step up and write a letter to your boss when you're overworked.

A Google employee is getting a full week off work to spend with his daughter next week, thanks to a stirring, hand-scrawled letter she wrote to his supervisor.

“Dear google worker,” the letter reads. “Can you please make sure when daddy goes to work, he gets one day off. Like he can get get a day off on Wednesday."

"Because daddy ONLY gets a day off on Saturday.”

  • Dear Google
  • Letter From Google

The little girl’s plea didn’t stop there, either.

“P.S. It is daddy’s BIRTHDAY!” she wrote.

“P.P.S. It is summer, you know.”

You know ... she makes a good point. Daniel Shiplacoff, the dad’s boss, apparently saw the letter and agreed, responding with a letter of his own.

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