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Sorry, Tom Hanks. But we beg to differ:

There is crying in baseball.

On Monday night, the Little League World Series from Rhode Island, Cumberland American, was eliminated from contention, leaving players in tears when they gathered around Coach Dave Belisle on the field after the game.

But Belisle refused to accept any sad faces, not from players who had played so hard and kept the game so close and who would have one thing they could take home with them that would last for all eternity: PRIDE!

Starting to feel yourself well up? Just wait until you Belisle's full pep talk to his downtrodden young team:

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We don't know the names of the kids in the following photo.

We don't know their ages or their hometowns or their lots in life or anything aside from what is depicted below.

But we just hope pray there's still hope for the children, though we fear it may be too late, considering the pose they're making in this image and how they're clearly striving to be just like - GULP! - Kim Kardashian and Kanye West...

Kimye Wannabes

Kim, naturally, finds the wannabe stars "cute," but a few other adjectives enter our mind first. Like... misguided.

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It's only been a few days, but we may already have a video to rival this Frozen duet as the cutest mother-daughter exchange of the summer.

In the following footage, we meet a 17-month old named Cora who, as her parents adorably tell her, is now too "big" for a pacifier.

So she gets "one last suck" and then lets go off a bunch of balloons, on to which the pacifier is tied, adorably running after the item as it floats into the sky.

This rite of passage would be precious enough even if Cora's parents didn't include a Sarah McLachlan song in the background. Very well played, Mom and Dad.*

(*Sort of. Studies have shown that people really shouldn't release balloons into the sky because birds eventually mistake them for food, eat the balloon, get a clogged stomach and be unable to digest real food going forward, eventually starving to death.

But let's not tell that to Cora, okay?)

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Yup, it actually does get more disturbing than this small woman Twerking on the jiggles of a giant beer belly.

And, no, we're not talking about this small woman Twerking on the jiggles of this giant beer belly.

Instead, we're directing readers to something called Magic Delta Fest in Romania. We're not entirely sure what it is. We don't know the names of these dancers on stage.

But we do know they should NOT be Twerking for those in attendance. Why? Wait for the camera to zoom to the audience and you'll understand...

Seriously, this Twerking grandmother may have made us ill, but at least she wasn't popping her rear end for girls who aren't even old enough to see a PG-13 movie.

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We've already documented 37 text message fails by mom.

But what about 29 baby shower cake fails presented to mom? We're so glad you asked!

For reasons that will forever defy comprehension, some folks think it's funny to feature a baby shower dessert that prepares the parent-to-be for childbirth, whether this means using strawberries to represent blood or sprinkles to represent...

... you don't even want to know.

Are these creative? Yes. Are they humorous? Some. Are they appetizing? For the love of all that is pure and holy.... NO.

A Bloody Baby Cake
If this doesn't make you look forward to having a baby... pretty much anything else will.

For dessert recipes that don't include a fake baby's head sticking out of a gooey pretend vagina, visit our friends at Food Fanatic.

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That Philadelphia father whose little girl threw back a foul ball and became a viral sensation a few years back can relate to this St. Louis dad's plight.

During Saturday afternoon's match-up between the home team and the visiting Padres, Cards fan Jason Tighe snagged a foul ball from a San Diego batter.

He made a nice catch, to boot, but his son wasn't sufficiently impressed. Or was just confused that they could keep it, or just wanted to get in on the action.

In any case, when Jason handed the ball off to his son Noah, as any proud father would, the youngster threw the game ball right back onto the field.

The father's reaction, as you'd expect, was pretty priceless.

Fortunately, they got the ball back, thanks to Padres third base coach Glenn Hoffman ... although dad wisely pocketed the souvenir the second time around.

Kids. They say, do and write such awesome stuff ...

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Can we say something crazy?

We're still not sick of Frozen, not when RIDICULOUSLY adorable parents and their children are covering hits from the movie soundtrack in their own creative ways.

Like when this girl sang through her spinter pain.

And especially when Aubrey Marceaux and her daughter Teigan team up in the car to lip-sync to "Love is an Open Door," making the perfect silly faces and giving some attention to the very best song in Frozen.

(That's right, "Let It Go." We said it!)


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We're very sorry, cats around the world.

For weeks now, we've been promoting the cuteness of babies and puppies because, well, come on. It's really cute when babies interact with puppies.

But we've underestimated your ability to also be awww-inspiring kittens, as the following video makes it clear you, too, know how to make the Internet melt when hanging with a small human being.

Again, we apologize. And we're glad to continually watch footage of a feline lulling a baby to sleep in order to make up for this oversight.

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The following video is 19 seconds in duration, but it will put a smile on your face for the next 19 hours.

It features a three-month old boy hearing a (fake) lion roar for the first time, courtesy of his mother and a children's book, and initially reacting with fear and confusion.

But once the sounds ends and he realizes he's safe? We're treated to the magical sound of pure baby laughter. Is there anything better in the whole wide world?

And now as a GIF:

Baby Hears Lion Roar

It's been a wonderful week overall for children reacting in adorable ways, from this toddler dancing to Katy Perry to this bathing baby cracking up over a puppy.

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According to a local CBS affiliate, an unnamed 14-year cleared ran away from home this week and took up temporary residence in a Corsicana, Texas Walmart.

For four days.

Reports confirm the teenager cleared two spaces behind the store's baby and home goods aisles and stocked them with food, juice and bedding.

He even grabbed a goldfish for company.

To avoid detection, the young man used store diapers instead of the bathroom and was only discovered after trash piled up around him.

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