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Sometimes, we need to cut our mothers some slack.

It's not really their fault that they don't know how to text message, considering the era in which they grew up. And, hey, at least they're trying to connect with us!

Other times, however, there's just no excuse for their behavior.

Like when they snap a lingerie selfie with their toddler in the room. Or keep talking on the phone while their child plummets to the ground. Or when they do whatever the heck the mom in the following photo is doing as he son looks on.

So the next time you feel weird about sending a nude photo to your dad, remember: parents mess up, too. A LOT.

Really Blowing It
Someone needs to swallow hard and tell this mother what she's doing wrong.

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Kids. They're the best and there's never a dull moment.

Our younger home companions possess no filter, and little perspective on life, but rather than serving as negatives, these factors only make them more endearing.

Spring anything on them and you're guaranteed to get an honest assessment of that which they've been presented. Often unpredictable, but always forthright.

We've seen this in a series of recent comedy videos in which kids respond to the Game Boy and other archaic devices such as rotary phones or the Walkman.

Which is what ... a music player?! Seriously?!

Thanks to YouTube and social media, we've also seen countless, classic clips of kids receiving a puppy, or learning about a sibling, a trip to Disneyland and so on.

Take a look at some of these gems below, and you'll never feel more ancient ... and glad that you have children. Or at least that they exist, because LOL:

We're Going to Disneyland?!?
What happens when parents tell their daughter the family is going to Disneyland? An awesomely adorable reaction.

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There are certain people you never want to see Twerk.

Take this Twerking Grandma, for example. Please. Take her far, far away.

But then there are folks who Twerk up a storm and put a huge smile on your face, such as the father in the following footage, who arrives home, gets out of his car and immediately dances it up with his adorable daughter.

We should all be this happy to see our family at the end of the work day, shouldn't we? Check out the video now:

Totally precious, right?

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Ready to feel like the Wicked Witch of the West?

No, you won't be flying around on any broomsticks or dropping any houses on your enemies after viewing the following gallery.

But you will be melting. We guarantee it.

That's because the montage of pictures and videos below includes babies and puppies at their most adorable: taking a nap together, playing with bubbles together and learning to crawl together.

We had you at babies and puppies, didn't we? That's what we thought. Click around and be AWWW-inspired now:

Dog Naps with Baby
This is Beau and this is Theo. They have napped together ever since Beau was a newborn.

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A dad playing a rousing game of "I Got Your Nose" with his daughter likely didn't anticipate that the adorable youngster would take it quite this seriously.

It's unclear why (as are most things involving children), but the "I got your nose" game typically achieves its goal of making small humans laugh uncontrollably.

The idea that somebody took their noses off? Hilarious! Well, to most.

This little one was frankly pretty upset that her dad ganked it. Watch:

Don't get us wrong, when one is only a few years old, it can look pretty convincing when you first see that thumb between two adult fingers.

This can look like a little kid nose, there's no doubt about it.

Still, most kids crack up because they know it's real-looking but still fake ... if that really were your nose, that would be pretty messed up honestly.

Taking off this cutie pie's nose and then not seeming concerned to boot? One can sympathize with her plight somewhat and long for its return.

Her British accent, by the way, is the cutest thing ever.

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We all have those childhood photos that we look back on fondly, timeless memories cherished and preserved as a reminder of a simpler, bygone era.

Did you ever think of recreating them many years later, though?

These people have, and the results? Nothing short of hilarious.

You can imagine how it would look if your present self tried to recreate your childhood moments, dating all the way back to infancy in some cases.

We have no idea how some of the parents kept a straight face, or where one even buys an adult-sized onesie, but these pics will make your day.

The more things change, the more they stay the same ...

Two Heads Are Better Than ...
... one old photo? BTW, you wonder if that stunted their growth being in there for two decades.

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Beware, Ethan. You might not want to read "Ethan's Gone List."

One Reddit user's eight-year-old daughter is apparently plotting against him. Or at least thinking ahead, in case anything should happen to him someday.

The list below is "my daughter's list in case anything happens to her older brother," the mom writes, and it shows that the little girl is gonna get down to business.

Again ... better watch your back, E!

Girl's To-Do List

Is there something we should know?

While action items like "take his money" would be human nature if something tragic happened to occur, "rip Minecraft poster" is a little vindictive, no?

Ditto "hammer everything he loves," but mom says it was all in jest and that Ethan and his sister had a good laugh about this after he read it. Let's hope so!

More hilarious kid notes after the jump ...

Best Friends Forever
If the Jenner sisters had kicked Selena Gomez in the face, maybe they'd still be BFFs.

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Attention, New Yorkers in love: Annabelle Earl has an offer she hopes you can't refuse.

This adorable four-year-old girl reportdly got jealous of her babysitter’s daughter talking about how much fun it is to be in wedding parties.

Her solution? She brought a dozen roses down to the City Clerk’s Office on Friday, where 20,000 couples each year pay $25 to exchange vows.

She also wore lace gloves and a floral dress and held up the following sign:

Flower Girl Request

After being turned down a few times, one couple couldn't resist, with the bride telling NBC:

"She was too adorable to say no to, and we thought it would be fun to make her day as well as ours."

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Sometimes, the use of Photoshop removes arms and takes away nipples.

Other times, it restores your faith in humanity.

Such was the case for Nathen Steffel, whose daughter Sophia passed away in Cincinnati's Children's Hospital after suffering a hepatic hemangioma in her liver at just six weeks old.

Not long afterward, Steffel told his sad story on Reddit and made a request of other users:

"Since she was in the hospital her whole life we never were able to get a photo without all her tubes," he wrote. "Can someone remove the tubes from this photo?"

Sick Daughter

And complete strangers took it from there.

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How do you turn this on? How do you play this thing? You call these graphics?!?

In their latest video, Los Angeles-based filmmakers Benny and Rafi Fine gathered a bunch of kids (ages six through 13) to examine a Nintendo Game Boy, the portable video game player that shot to popularity over 25 years ago.

As you might expect, the youngsters were confused by the antique, unsure how it worked or why anyone would ever purchase such an ancient machine.

But many were actually grateful for the device, aware that it paved the way for the far more advanced technology these kids enjoy today.

Except seven-year old Evan, that is. "It's kind of boring," he says in the following footage. "I kind of feel sad for the people in the past."

The Fine brothers have also recently asked kids to react to rotary phones and also to a Walkman.

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