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Gwyneth Paltrow is holding on tight to the few people remaining in her life.

A couple weeks after the actress consciously uncoupled from Chris Martin, and a couple days after GOOP CEO Seb Bishop resigned his post, Paltrow has posted a new photo on Instagram.

It's of her and children Apple and Moses on vacation in the Bahamas, a trip the family actually took right before Gwyneth and Martin announced their split.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Kids

"#tbt #luckiestmomever #exumas," Paltrow wrote as a caption to the pic yesterday, throwing it back for Thursday; expressing affection for her kids; and referencing the location of the image.

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Ready to feel very, very, very old?

In the following video, kids are handed a walkman and react to the ancient devise with confusion (what is this?) to shock (you had to use these in the 90s?!?) to anger (give me my iPhone!).

It's both hilarious and, if you're over the age of 18, quite depressing:

The only thing children have been more confused by on film?

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Timelapse videos are all the rage on the Internet.

There was this cool one of a wife's pregnancy that featured an original song by her husband; and also this one of a homeless man turning around his appearance/life.

Now, along these same lines, a Netherlands native named Frans Hofmeester has released a video online that is spliced together from footage he shot over the first 14 years of his daughter’s life so far.

The touching footage beings with clips of little Lotte crying, dribbling and even being sick as a newborn baby… and by the end she has morphed into a teenager with makeup.

This is well worth four minutes of your time:

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As it turns out, Kim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow didn't come up with such bizarre baby names after all.

According to data from the Social Security Administration in 2012, there were 146 female babies born in the United States that year named Khaleesi.

This, of course, is the moniker given to Emilia Clarke’s character on Game of Thrones after she marries a Dothraki leader on Season 1 of the HBO epic.

Emilia Clarke as Khaleesi

The unusual name (which makes North and Apple seem downright normal) is more popular than some more typical female names, such as Brandy (130) and Alex (128).

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When Kate Middleton takes Prince George on a playdate, the results are royally cute. We learned this key lesson today in Wellington, New Zealand.

The eight-month-old youngster joined parents Kate and William for his very first royal engagement inside the Blundell Room at Government House.

Photos of the future King of England’s playdate with local toddlers offered up a glimpse at the would-be monarch's personality ... and/or were just super cute:

11 Precious Prince George Playdate Photos
Kate Middleton and Prince George on a play date in New Zealand, April 2014. Looking cute as ever!
View As List
Kate Middleton and Prince George Playdate

1. Kate Middleton and Prince George Playdate

Kate Middleton and Prince George on a play date in New Zealand, April 2014. Looking cute as ever!

Best Play Date Ever!

2. Best Play Date Ever!

Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince George and a big blue bear on a play date in New Zealand.

Prince George Play Date Photo

3. Prince George Play Date Photo

Kate Middleton took Prince George on a play date in New Zealand. It was cute!

Royal Baby Fun

4. Royal Baby Fun

Prince George took part in a play date in New Zealand this week. A good time was had.

Prince George Up Close

5. Prince George Up Close

Prince George looking cute on a play date in New Zealand in April 2014.

Kate and George on Playdate

6. Kate and George on Playdate

Kate Middleton takes Prince George on a play date in New Zealand. Looks like a good time was had by all.

Royal Baby Hug

7. Royal Baby Hug

Kate Middleton and Prince George on a play date in New Zealand. Talk about sweet.

Kate and George

8. Kate and George

Kate Middleton took Prince George on a play date in New Zealand. Here's one of many cute photos from that!

Prince George, Mommy Hug

9. Prince George, Mommy Hug

A tired Prince George gives his mommy a hug in a cute photo.

Prince George Playdate Pic

10. Prince George Playdate Pic

Future King of England Prince George on a play date in New Zealand. Having fun, no doubt.

Nom on Mom

11. Nom on Mom

Prince George straight up nomming on his mom Kate Middleton's hair. Nom nom nom.

While the future monarch crawled across the crowded room, proud father Prince William marveled: "He goes right up to the door and peers through."

The latest milestone from George? "He's teething!" Kate Middleton revealed.

Other playdate highlights? The royal baby grabbing a purple tambourine, throwing a blue plastic block and banging on a baby drum set with Isabella Tunstall.

"Isabella and George had a lot of fun on the drums," her dad Ryan said. "It was a pleasure sharing our beautiful baby with the duke and duchess."

"The whole thing was a wonderful highlight," he added.

Scroll through the gallery above for more scenes!

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Young Paislee Harper of Kentucky turned four recently, and the milestone was kind of a big deal for the little girl, but not in the way you might expect.

Her mom, Andrea, filmed Paislee and her twin brother, Hudson, talking about their upcoming birthdays, in the hopes of preserving some cute memories.

Four. The gravity of that number can be too much for a girl to take.

It became apparent in discussion the event that Paislee is having a hard time grappling with reality of aging, plunging herself into an existential crisis:

"I don't want 4," an overwhelmed Paislee lamented through tears.

She also doesn't want a new car seat, or a new bike. Those aren't going to do a whole lot for her mood. She loved being three years old. Just loved it.

She wants to keep being three, and is so distraught at the concept of no longer being three, she rebuffs her brother's attempts to console her.

Unfortunately for Paislee ... she will also turn 40 someday.

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Well, Internet. You had a nice run.

You posted many hot Kate Upton photos and a lot of funny cat memes and these 19 Essential Taylor Swift GIFs and some other cute stuff, too.

But you might as well retire now. You'll simply never be able to top the following photo gallery.

It combines babies with dogs and cats and sleeping and licking and it's JUST THE MOST ADORABLE THING EVER. It wins. It wins the Internet for all-time.

Don't buy the hype? Click around and you soon will:

21 Pictures of Kids and Pets Being Best Friends Forever
That's it. We can end the Internet now. This is the cutest photo you'll ever see.
View As List
The. Cutest. Photo. Ever.

1. The. Cutest. Photo. Ever.

That's it. We can end the Internet now. This is the cutest photo you'll ever see.

Really, Kid?

2. Really, Kid?

You know the question we need to ask in this picture, don't you? Who is taking whom for a walk?

Black, White, Perfect

3. Black, White, Perfect

This is black, white and totes adorbs. Look how small that dog is!!!

Top of the Head Kiss

4. Top of the Head Kiss

This child plants a kiss on this dog's head and we just wanna curl up and die because it's so cute.

Playing Adorable Doctor

5. Playing Adorable Doctor

It's time for the cutest check-up in Internet history. Take long, deep breaths, dog.

Let's Swing!

6. Let's Swing!

Only one thing is more fun than going on a swing: going on a swing with your furry best friend!

Very Close Pals

7. Very Close Pals

It's hard to tell who is happier in this photo: The dog or its small, cute owner.

Like Pet, Like Son

8. Like Pet, Like Son

Doesn't this picture just make you want to die??!?! OMG, it... is... SO... cute!

Cutest Seat in the House

9. Cutest Seat in the House

Who needs a chair or a sofa? This little girl has found the best seat in the house.

Dog vs. Child!

10. Dog vs. Child!

We'd like to think these two are engaged in staredown. Who will blink first?!?

In Good Paws

11. In Good Paws

This newborn couldn't be more safe and secure. He's in very good hands... errr, paws.

Polka Dotted Delight

12. Polka Dotted Delight

Polka dots have never looked so adorable. We could stare at this picture for hours.

A Group Hug

13. A Group Hug

It's time for a group hug! Come on, get in here everyone!

Giant Dog, Small Owner

14. Giant Dog, Small Owner

This dog's head is bigger than half this girl's body. And the resulting image is adorable.

Kid and Cat Seat

15. Kid and Cat Seat

AWWW! This isn't just a car seat. It's a car and cat seat!

Group Chill Time

16. Group Chill Time

Someone forgot to give this pug the message: it's time to lie down and relax, buddy.

Staring at the Snow

17. Staring at the Snow

Hey, look, it's snowing! Get dressed, kid, let's go play!

Totally AWWW-inspiring

18. Totally AWWW-inspiring

This toddler and his pet are taking a nap together and we may very well melt right here on the spot.

Cuddle Buddies

19. Cuddle Buddies

Shhh... it's nap time. This baby and his dog are catching some ZZZZs together.

A Pair of Pouts

20. A Pair of Pouts

Hey, kid, why the long face? Do you wanna go play with a ball or something?

Adorable Peering

21. Adorable Peering

Hey, what's out there? Can you tell? I can't see anything!

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We'll admit: it doesn't get any cuter than this puppy and this baby taking naps together everyday. It just doesn't.

But the following video at least comes close, and not just because it also features a dog and baby. Nor because the dog's name is Scooby (totes adorbs!).

But the footage is comprised of a Great Dane really, really wanting to cuddle up and kiss the tiny human being lying next to him.

Does it get any sweeter? Especially when you consider the canine's head is the same size as his little owner? Watch now:

We tried to warn you. Cuteness personified.

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Some young men react to news of an impending baby with shock, joy and even a few tears.

Others do not.

In the following family video, a mom and dad tell their two daughters and one son that another baby is on the way. A baby sister, to be exact. Isn't that great news?!?

Yep, says one sister. Sure, replies another. NOOOOO!!!! I DON'T WANT ANYMORE GIRLS! NO MORE GIRLS I HATE GIRLS!!! cries the son.

Whoops! Perhaps funniest of all? The reaction of the father, who is more restrained than his inconsolable child, but who clearly feels the same way...

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