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Some celebrities were born and bred to be stars, most likely by other stars.

Most of the time, however, they were unknowns during their formative years, a far cry from the future TV stars, movie greats, musical icons and models we know.

The heart throbs of today were the nerds of yesterday, the style mavens as awkward as any other 'tweens, and the Kardashians anonymously tolerable.

Check out the gallery below for so many examples of this ...

Jonah Hill as a Kid
We can totally see Jonah Hill as a kid looking like Jonah Hill actually looked as a kid.

If you've ever wondered what your favorite celebrities (or the Kardashians even) looked like long before they dominated your Facebook feed, wonder no longer.

We've answered that question dozens of times right here!

Some of them looked a lot like their adult selves from a very early age, while Father Time has, shall we say, been kinder to some more than others.

All of them, though, were pretty darn precious as you'll see.

Yes, this gallery makes even Justin Bieber look semi-cute.

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No, the Kim Kardashian nude photo spread in Paper Magazine did not break the Internet.

But the following video may end up accomplishing that goal. 

It features a little girl who is already totally adorable, surrounded by a number of plush toys in her car seat.

But the cuteness level gets ratcheted up to nearly unbearable levels when the toddler grows emotional - VERY emotional! - while watching a scene from The Chipmunk Adventure in which a baby penguin is reunited with his mother.

"When I noticed my young daughter getting emotionally absorbed in the cartoon she was watching, I set up a camera to record her,” father Travis Lupher wrote in the YouTube caption. "And the results are just adorable."

Are they ever!

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We didn't think it could ever get any cuter than a dog teaching a baby how to crawl.

And then we didn't think it could ever get any cuter than a baby laughing at a dog eating popcorn.

But what if you combined the two? What if you could watch a video in which a dog tries to teach an important lesson to baby... and in which that same baby laughs uproariously at the dog?

This has now become an amazing reality. Feast your eyes on the following footage and just try not to break into an enormous smile:

How does the dog even know that the goal of this apparatus is to help the child jump?!?

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Sebastian and Sienna are back!

You remember Sebastian, the giant Newfoundland, and Sienna, the cute little girl, don't you?

We featured this duo on THG in mid-October, as they played the world's most adorable game of Hide and Go Seek. But we now need to make a correction:

That was actually the world's SECOND most adorable game of Hide and Go Seek. Because Sebastian and Sienna are back for round two in the video below. And it's a must-watch:

It's a little known fact overall, of course, that animals love to play Hide and Go Seek. This pitbull and this deer had a blast doing so in July.

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Ready to weigh in on another case of controversial parental punishment?

Over the past year or so, we've documented stories of a mother and a father who shamed their daughter by making her hold a humiliating sign... a girl who was forced to wear heinous clothing because she acted as a bully... and a mom who took away her daughter's One Direction tickets. Ouch!

Now, Kevin Jones - a Kentucky-based rapper who goes by the stage name Big 7ven - has shared a photo set of his 10-year-old daughter on Facebook.

  • 10-year old girl
  • 5th grader shirt

The father wrote that he had caught his child dating a boy, sneaking out of the house and lying about her age. In response, Jones punished his daughter by making her wear the T-shirt above.

It reads "I Am 10 Years Old" on the front and "5th Grader" on the back.

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Jimmy Kimmel Live is continuing the best annual Halloween tradition in all the land.

No, not women dressing as skanks on October 31 every year.

Instead, for the third year in a row, the talk show has asked parents around the country to tell their children that they consumed all of their Halloween candy... and then to film the subsequent reaction.

The segment is aptly titled "Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy" and it's a must-watch.

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As has been documented many times on the Internet in recent years, parents often receive mixed reactions when they tell existing children that another child is on the way.

In this case, however, it worked out as well as it ever could ...

Sometimes, a young boy yells at his mom and explains that her often-expecting state is exasperating. It's easy to see where he's coming from.

Other times, an 11-year old is moved to quiet tears upon hearing the miraculous news. It can be a lot to take in when you consider the situation.

And still other times, a daughter is simply grateful that her parents have decided to gift her with a sibling. Good job, mom and dad. Well played.

But nothing may ever be able to top this video, which features two sisters reacting to their mom's pregnancy bombshell in the exact same way:

With absolute shock, glee and excitement.

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Ummm... gotcha?

In the following video, parents in Las Vegas have a bit of fun with their child by taking his temperature and then telling him he has contracted Ebola.

And how does the boy react to the news? See for yourself:

The footage was uploaded to the Instagram account of the boy's uncle, who responded to critics that came down harshly on the prank by explaining its origin thusly... and angrily:

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Earlier this week, we presented readers with the Greatest Dog in the History of the Universe, as one owner has taught his canine to fetch a bottle of beer after hearing just two words.

Now, it's time to meet the Greatest Halloween Costume in the History of the Universe.

For reasons unknown - albeit totally awesome - a mother named Kiersten Essenpreis decided to dress her toddler as Uncle Leo, a somewhat obscure character from Seinfeld best known for greeting his nephew with the simplest of all memorable Seinfeld quotes: "Hello!"

Baby like Leo

Essenpreis and her husband chose to recreate Leo’s look from an episode of Seinfeld in which he had eyebrows drawn on for a doctor’s visit (don’t ask), with Kiersten telling Mashable:

"Surprisingly, he was super chill about the whole thing... At least until we revealed the costume to family [and] friends, and they laughed so hard he got frightened."

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Patranya Bhoolsuwan, a TV anchor and reporter for Las Vegas' CBS affiliate, was reporting on the city's new downtown shopping center when the unexpected happened.

She realized her story took a turn after watching a live feed of a boy named Jordan, knowing the camera was trained on him, striking “fierce” and hilarious poses.

“Apparently this kid was trying to steal my spotlight ... and he succeeded. #Fierce #DowntownSummerlin #8NN,” Bhoolsuwan tweeted on Sunday.

Jordan, interviewed on NBC's Today, said he didn't plan this.

"I just saw a camera, and did my thing," he said, adding that "I was imagining myself as if I were Lady Gaga, and that no one could destroy me."

Jordan accepted his social media stardom by joining Twitter.

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