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We've already seen what happens when a bored child visits the Oval Office.

But have you ever wondered what a bored Newfoundland looks like when attending a tea party thrown by his adorable young owner?

If so... wonder no longer!

In the following video, this large creature lies down on the floor, clearly uninterested in the festivities surrounding him. That is, until a plate of crumpets (read: crackers) are placed in front of him.

This inspires the Newfoundland to shoot (as quickly as a dog as sizable as a Newfoundland can "shoot," that is), eat his crumpets in a couple quick bites...

... and then turn his attention to his fellow party attendee's crumpets. Oh no!

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As previously documented on many occasions, it really doesn't get any cuter than dogs and little girls.

A recent case in point: this young owner and her canine teaming up for a duet of "Who Let the Dogs Out." We mean... come on! Cuteness personified!

Below, meanwhile, we’re excited to present a very young lady named Sierra and her Newfoundland, Sebastian.

What happens when Sebastian is told to stay? And Sierra goes off to hide with a treat in her hand? And then Sebastian is told to go find her?

Every single piece of our heart basically melts, that's what happens.

No wonder girls get SO excited when presented with puppies. These pets are really fun to own and play with!

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There are many ways for children to dance in a dirty manner.

If you're 11-year old Taylor Hatala, you jump, jive and thrust to Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass," impressing the Internet with your fast-paced moves.

If you’re an eight-year old named Charlie, however, you recreate Patrick Swayze’s part in one of the most iconic movie scenes in cinematic history: the closing number in Dirty Dancing.

Simply put, the following video is totally awesome and amazing, as Charlie does a spot-on impression of Swayze and is cheered on by his mother, who posted the footage online with the title of "Charlie vs Swayze."

It's generated thousands and thousands of Shares and it's easy to see why:

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Looking for the major difference between Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato? Here it is:

Late last week, Miley fell down drunk during a concert in Australia. Conversely, Lovato was proposed to by the world's most adorable five-year old.

During a show in Illinois on Saturday, Lovato spotted a very young man holding up a sign. She called him on stage. She learned his name is Grant. And then she showed him how to get down on one knee in order to pop life’s most important question.

“Oh and by the way guys…… I’M ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Demi wrote on Twitter not long after the concert ended. "Thank you to my future husband Grant… #CUTESTEVER #demiworldtour."

Sorry, Wilmer Valderrama. This is a tough way for Demi to break up with you, we know.

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Taylor Hatala is back!

And, perhaps, even better than ever.

This 11-year old dancing sensation - who first rose to viral fame by shaking it up to Anaconda online - is now moving and grooving to Meghan Trainor's smash single "All About That Bass."

She's joined by professional choreographer Matt Steffanina, with whom Hatala has been working for about a year, in the following footage... which is totally and completely amazing.

Taylor Hatala. Remember that name. You'll be hearing it a whole lot in the years to come.

Pretty impressive, no? We could watch this over and over and over. (Okay, you got us. We already have.)

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Twins. Tightly bonded for life, yet often at odds.

Given the close proximity and the natural process by which they were born and must share everything, it's not surprising that it can be hard for them to coexist.

If you're this five-year-old girl, in particular ...


These fraternal twins apparently are having some issues, and she's looking to prevail in the conflict by forging a key alliance with their older brother.

Who, if she has her way, will help her take command over her twin, as she urges him, as only a five-year-old can, to “hunt him down and crush him.”

Poor Patrice must have felt she had no choice but to reach out to Matt in an attempt to combat Braeden, who being mean to her for unknown reasons.

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Over the past several months, we've published many examples of little girls being totally adorable.

There was the little girl who sang Frozen in order to stave off the pain of splinter removal. There was the little girl who accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and then reacted in a profane outburst when cold water was dumped on her head.

There was the little girl who cut an awesome rug on the wedding dance floor.

And now we're excited to present a little girl who is helping take her pet for a walk. She's also (appropriately) singing "Who Let the Dogs Out" and there's little mistake to be made:

The dog is singing it, too! Watch now!

So darn cute, right?

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A woman in Selbyville, Delaware was arrested this week after her four-year old daughter brought 249 bags of heroin to daycare, falsely believing the packages contained candy instead of drugs.

She even passed them out to classmates.

Master Cpl. Gary E. Fournier told The News Journal last night that, fortunately, “none of the packets were opened by any of the kids,” though several students were checked out at area hospitals as a precaution.

Mom, Heroin

Ashley R. Tull was not charged for possession of the 3.735 grams of heroin, nor if she a suspected dealer.

But the 30-year old was charged Monday with maintaining a drug property and three counts of child endangering. She is now free on $6,000 secured bail.

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It's a fact of life: Everyone poops.

It's also become a fact of life over the past several months: everyone loves Frozen and feels a need to post videos of themselves singing "Let It Go" online.

But a little girl named Emily Mandelbaum has combined these aforementioned facts and put a twist on this Oscar-winning song. In the footage below, she presents… LET ME POOP!

Croons the adorable young woman to open this (very) original track:

"The poop comes out of my butt tonight, no toilet paper to be seen/A bathroom with nothing to wipe with, there's no way I'm getting clean/My stomach's growling with the poop that is inside/ Couldn't keep it in, heaven knows I tried."

A bit gross? Whatever. It's a bit awesome!

This immediately earns a place in our Let It Go Hall of Fame, which also includes:

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As previously documented on many occasions, it doesn't get any cuter than kids and dogs.

Remember this baby laughing at this dog because he was eating popcorn? Or this puppy jumping up to cuddle with a napping (very) young man?

Both totally adorable for very different reasons, but perhaps neither can hold a cute candle to the following video.

It features a boy singing "You Are My Sunshine" to his sick Husky, lying right next to the poor canine and doing all he can to turn his health around.

We don't know what actually happened to the dog in question, but we're just gonna assume that his human's sweet song and sentiment helped him make a full recovery. Because any other alternative would totally ruin our day year. 

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