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There's no point in fighting it anymore: Frozen is never going away.

Heck, brides will be able to walk down the aisle in a Frozen wedding dress next year. The phenomenon will last forever.

So let's embrace it, shall we? Especially when it involves a two-year old girl in Belfast dressed up as Queen Elsa and all ready to sing a song from the highest-grossing animated movie of all-time...

... if only her mother would stop laughing!!!

But the more the girl tries, the harder her parent guffaws, to the point where the daughter is warning her mom that she's "going to choke" if she keeps laughing that way.

Consider yourself equally warned. Be careful and watch the hilarious footage now:

Not all Frozen covers go this way, of course.

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This is apparently awesome!

Remember Noah Ritter, the five-year old who shot to viral fame in August when he was interviewed by a local news reporter and gushed over how much he loved an amusement park ride?

And how this was his first time on live television and how he really loved to say the word "apparently," even when he clearly didn't understand what it really meant?

Well... he's back. And cuter than ever!

Now known as the Apparently Kid, Noah stars in a commercial for Freshpet, an American manufacturer of refrigerated food and treats for dogs and cats.

Watch him embrace the role of company spokesperson in the following ad, while apparently playing with lots of puppies. We're so excited for him! And, also, so jealous of him.

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Think Peekaboo is just a harmless game sometimes played between a cat and its owner?


In the following video, a father plays a harmless and fun edition of this classic game with his young daughter. He then gets up for a few minutes to shave his gigantic beard and when he returns...

... AHHHH! Who is that strange person?!? What has he done with Daddy?!?

It's safe to say the little girl doesn't take this smooth change very well. Watch and laugh hilariously at her tears now:

We assume she got over it eventually. And Mommy was probably happy that her husband more closely resembles a human being than a caveman.

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It's been a tough couple weeks for little girls around the country.

First, they learned that Hello Kitty is not actually a kitty. Some took this news VERY hard.

Then, they tried to steal lipstick out of their mother's bedroom, only to be caught red-handed... well, red-lipped, to be more specific.

Watch as this adorable toddler initially denies the crime to her dad, only the child's guilt to be written all over her face. Literally.

Fortunately, the girl does eventually come clean (while remaining dirty) and we'd like to imagine she and her father then shook it all off together.

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Man's Best Friend? Try... Little Girl's Best Friend!

In this insanely cute video, a rescue Basset Hound named Zoe plays with her small owner, a girl named Charlotte, and it's impossible who is having more fun:

Charlotte, who is stomping in place and laughing? Or Zoe, who is running and jumping all around at the sight and sound of Charlotte's stomping.

It's like some sort of choreographed dance and it really could not be cuter.

Okay, maybe it could be cuter. Like, if a dog taught a baby how to crawl.

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Kanye West would approve of this five-year-old's self-konfidence.

A Reddit user's nephew was recently asked to list three special things about himself in an assignment for school, and he completed it to the best of his ability.

The first two items? Pretty standard for a little boy. But the third ...

I Am God Note

Aside from playing with Legos and enjoying football, this youngster is also God, the all-knowing, all-powerful, divine master of his domain and everyone else's.

The Almighty, masquerading as a common kindergartner. Who knew?

We're guessing he meant "good" and just missed a letter to produce an entirely different and hilarious result, but it's funnier to think he has a god complex.

If so, the other kids have another thing coming on the playground when he shows off his unparalleled skills with the pigskin. Fools are gonna get PWNED.

And God's Lego creations? Those things have got to be epic.

More classic little kid spelling mistakes and notes below:

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First, they were All About the Bass.

Now, a father and his daughter are taking a page from Taylor Swift and shaking off all haters.

In one of the cutest videos you'll ever see, a very young woman and her game father make like Swift in her "Shake It Off" music video, dancing all around in various ways and outfits and even employing a sort of creepy horse head mask at one point.

But they even make that work - because they're just so darn cute!

Check out the sassy, impressive footage now!

So very, very precious, right?

These two are giving this mother and her Frozen-singing daughter a run for their adorable money.

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Many around the country are not thrilled with Barack Obama these days.

The President's approval rating has been hovering around 40% for weeks now.

But you may be surprised to discover who the Obama’s biggest critic is these days. Sarah Palin? Nope. This kid!

In an awesomely hilarious photo posted by the White House's own Flickr account, the President is meeting with a departing Secret Service agent as the man's son “dives into a couch,” as described by the administration itself.

Seriously, this toddler would rather be ANYwhere except the Oval Office, like watching a rocket launch...

Bored in the Oval Office

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We've heard some impressive wedding speeches over the past several months.

Remember that special rendition of Ice, Ice Baby? Or the Best Man who belted out an original version of Let It Go? Great stuff all around.

But now it's time to witness some impressive moves on the dance floor, from a very unlikely source: a nine-year old who doesn't need Cat Deeley to offer any words of encouragement.

This guy already knows he can dance!

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We've seen some dating marriage proposals over the years.

There was the one that involved a fake plane crash, for example. And also the one that staged a confrontation with bikers.

But this is a story of a very sweet marriage proposal, as the father of a newborn in Australia used his son to pop a very important question to his long-time girlfriend.

The following picture explains it all:

A Baby Proposal

As you might expect, Lisa Keogh said yes upon seeing her baby wearing this onesie just hours after he entered the world, revealing the great news to friends on Facebook.

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