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Apparently it's '90s Day on THG.

First, we received news that a Reality Bites TV show was ordered by an actual network. Wait, no, sorry. It was NBC. But still, Reality Bites, people!

Hours later ... Toad the Wet Sprocket is officially reuniting! First-pump/WTH?!

We repeat: Toad the Wet Sprocket has a new album coming out October 15.

A Kickstarter campaign raising more than $260,000 will finance the effort, the first for the group in at least 15 years; TTWS broke up in 1998.

There's also going to be a tour. Who should open for them? Vote below!


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If you have been waiting for that moment in which Kickstarter jumped the shark... this might be it.

In the video below, Spike Lee lays out his reasons for turning to Kickstarter as well as a little bit about the movie he's hoping you, the fans, will bankroll.

Warning: This is Spike Lee so there is a bit of NSFW language. Turn down your speakers.

Now, I am a huge fan of Spike Lee's work. I personally would love to see another Spike Lee film.

However, this Kickstarter move is getting a definite side-eye from me. Is Spike Lee saying that he can't self-finance a film? That he can't find a few friends to pitch in a few bucks here and there to get a project bankrolled?

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If you're the type of person who needs a buffer between yourself and the food, gadgets, toys and who knows what else you crave but know you shouldn't ...

You can help fund the Kitchen Safe on Kickstarter!

How does it work?

Simply place an item inside the Kitchen Safe, close the lid, and set the timer. Then press that button and you’re locked out until the thing hits zero!

The creator notes that it was designed for food, but can be used for all sorts of addicting things ... iPhones, TV remotes, homemade peanut brittle, you name it.

With a goal of $30,000, the Kitchen Safe has already received upwards of $20,000 from 373 backers, with 36 days to go. Looks like it's got a chance!

What would you put in that piece?

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It took only 3 days for Zach Braff's Kickstarter project to reach its $2 million goal.

After launching a Kickstarter last week to fund his new film Wish I Was Here, Braff gets to sit for 24 more days watching the till, which at the point of publishing sits at $2,224,565, continue to rise.

Zach Braff Smiling Photo

Is it fair for celebrities with tons of money, fame, Hollywood access, and say, a wildly successful, long-running sitcom that's currently in syndication on like 100 channels, to crowdfund their movies?

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It has been almost 10 years since Garden State first hit theaters, and Braff hasn't returned to the role of writer/director since.

Until now.

Braff, citing frustrations with the traditional Hollywood funding system, has taken to Kickstarter to crowdfund his new film, Wish I Was Here.

Zach Braff Smiling Photo

The new film will act as a follow-up in tone, though not in story, to Garden State.

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It's been a dream of Veronica Mars fans since this UPN series went off the air in 2007.

And now it may come true, as early as THIS SUMMER!

Veronica Mars Cast Pic

Star Kristen Bell and creator Rob Thomas have announced the launch of a Kickstarter campaign in order to finance Veronica Mars: The Movie. They hope to raise $2 million in 30 days.

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The Death Star, undoubtedly a worthwhile undertaking but not on the Obama administration's radar, is now on Kickstarter if you want to help build one.

The Death Star

A recent White House Death Star petition was denied, citing Obama's “we don’t blow up planets” political stance and the potential fiscal nightmare.

Now, a new Kickstarter project wants to pick up those plans, using an open source design effort and trying to raise funding to help make it happen.

A LOT of funding.

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