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The President will go to great lengths for every pothead vote.

In the run-up to the Democratic National Convention this week, Barack Obama is making sure every member of his coalition does his or her part. He's even making personal calls, hoping to appeal to some of his more ardent supporters.

Such as Kal Penn of Harold & Kumar fame:

Barack and Kal go way back, actually. In addition to Harold and Kumar quotes and his role on House, the actor serves in the Obama administration as Associate Director in the White House Office of Public Engagement.

Hopefully for Obama, his supporters follow Penn's lead in November and not his alter ego's. Guy can't afford any potential voters sitting this one out.

U.S. Presidential election 2012:


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Kal Penn was robbed at gunpoint yesterday, and boy did that robber single out the least preferable semi-famous actor turned Obama administration member.

For his sake. The United States Secret Service is now on the case.

It turns out that the perpetrator didn't just take Penn's wallet, he also made off with Kal's two cell phones, one belonging to the U.S. government.

Penn is the White House's Associate Director in the office of Public Engagement. To quote Kristin Cavallari, you f*%ked with the WRONG guy, dude!

The 32-year-old former member of the House cast left the hit Fox drama to join the administration of the President-elect back in late 2008.

The crook took Kal's government-issued cell, the Secret Service is now joining with the D.C. Metro Police Department to hunt for the bad guy.

Sources tell us Penn contacted White House communications, who cut off the service on the stolen phone ASAP and issued him a new cell.

Reports say "no information was compromised because no official numbers were in the phone." Harold & Kumar quotes, however? Unclear.

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