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Former NFL star Junior Seau had no alcohol or illicit drugs in his system upon committing suicide this year, nor did he exhibit any signs of brain damage.

According to the autopsy and toxicology reports released Monday by the San Diego County medical examiner, Seau's medical history was unremarkable.

His girlfriend, Megan Noderer, told police that Seau gave no indication that he planned to kill himself, making his decision to do so even more of a mystery.

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When Noderer returned to their home May 2 after a morning workout, she found Seau in bed, dead of a gunshot to the chest from a .357 magnum revolver.

No note or "documents that were suicidal in nature" were found. The San Diego County medical examiner declared Seau's death a suicide the next day.

The 43-year-old was taking prescription medicines for orthopedic problems and insomnia, and was under the care of Chargers physician Dr. David Chao.

The former Oceanside and USC football star drank only "socially [and] did not smoke, and there was no history of illicit drug use," according to the report.

Seau "had an unremarkable medical history" and exhibited no "suicidal ideation or confirmed suicide attempt," Deputy Medical Examiner Dr. Craig Nelson wrote.

Brain damage among football players due to concussions has become a controversial issue in the NFL, where Seau was a star for the San Diego Chargers.

At the request of the Seau family, brain tissue was sent to the National Institutes of Health for more advanced investigation. May he rest in peace.


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Megan Noderer, Junior Seau's girlfriend, called 911 shortly after discovering the future NFL Hall of Famer dead of apparent suicide Wednesday morning.

Police have ruled Junior Seau's death a suicide after he shot himself in the chest at his Oceanside, Calif., home, a suicide, so the 911 call isn't surprising.

It is as horrific and tragic as it gets, though. Be forewarned, as Nodereris so hysterical during the call she can hardly speak after finding Junior:

Megan tells the dispatcher that the 43-year-old athlete wasn't breathing when she arrived and had appeared to have shot himself "in the heart."

Authorities responded and attempted to revive Seau, but life-saving efforts were unsuccessful. Seau was soon pronounced dead on the scene.

Seau's family claims he exhibited no signs of depression before his death, but has since donated his brain to be studied for concussion research.

The star's tragic, shocking passing has renewed the serious debate over the link between pro football and lasting brain injuries to its players.

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Just as football legend's Junior Seau's death was officially ruled a suicide by investigators, a forensic pathologist who identified chronic brain damage as a factor in the deaths of some NFL players flew in to help with the autopsy.

The pathologist, Bennet Omalu, assisted in the autopsy conducted by the San Diego County medical examiner because of his experience with NFL players and brain injuries, well placed sources confirmed to ESPN late Thursday.


Omalu's involvement, less than 24 hours after Junior Seau died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest, may help determine whether the future Hall of Famer's suicide could potentially be related to the link between football and concussions.

Omalu, the chief medical officer for San Joaquin County (Calif.), is credited with identifying Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), a neurological disorder stemming from repeated head trauma in several deceased NFL players.

CTE can lead to erratic behavior also associated with dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

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Junior Seau's grieving family does NOT believe the former football great's death was related to on-field concussions he sustained as a player, but his suicide has nevertheless renewed an ongoing debate over the NFL and brain injuries.

Police found Junior Seau dead yesterday at his San Diego County home.

Seau family sources tell say the death shocked them even more than it did his many fans, as Junior never complained about concussion-related medical problems, nor did he mention or appear to be suffering from depression.

Junior Seau Found Dead

Seau never spoke, allegedly, about the ongoing legal dispute between the NFL and retired players who claim the league concealed critical information about long-term effects of concussions over the past few decades.

Junior's apparent suicide, from a gunshot wound to the chest, instantly drew comparisons to the death of former Chicago Bears safety Dave Duerson.

Duerson left a suicide note explaining he shot himself in the chest because he wanted his brain to be sent to the "NFL brain bank" for further study.

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Former NFL great Junior Seau was found dead in his home in Oceanside, Calif., today. Police say the likely cause of death was suicide. He was 43 years old.

Law enforcement sources reportedly believe Seau, a USC and pro football standout for 20 seasons, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest. 

Few other details were immediately available. TV footage showed police swarming his home in North San Diego County and people comforting each other.

He leaves behind four kids and an ex-wife. He reportedly sent text messages to his ex-wife and children yesterday saying simply, "Love you."

Junior Seau Picture

They all responded and didn't suspect anything was wrong, according to TMZ reports, and Seau is said to have last seen his kids three weeks ago.

Sources close to Seau say his family didn't notice any signs of depression in recent weeks, but more details will surely follow in the coming days.

Oceanside Police Chief Frank McCoy just spoke outside Seau's house, claiming Seau's body was initially discovered by the athlete's girlfriend.

A 911 call was placed around 10 a.m. today. Police responded and found Junior's unconscious body inside a bedroom with a gunshot wound to the chest.

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