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Wade Robson has sent a very clear message to Joe Jackson: Zip it... or else!

The choreographer - who has come under fire for accusing Michael Jackson of molestation - sent a cease and desist letter to that family's patriarch on May 25.

It demands that Joe stop slandering Robson (he told TMZ last week that Wade is being paid to lie) or face legal consequences.

Wade Robson Interview Pic

Writes Robson's attorney in the document to Jackson:

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Joe Jackson, the controversial patriarch of one of entertainment's most famous families, suffered a stroke Thursday and is being treated in a Las Vegas hospital.

He "is in very good spirits" and expects to be discharged today.

Joseph Jackson Pic

The mild stroke is similar to two others he suffered in the past five years, another source close to the 83-year-old Jackson said, and he should recover fully.

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Joe Jackson is STRAPPED, and he's not afraid to use it.

The 84-year-old flashed his gun to a room full of people during a speech, telling them it's just like the American Express card - you don't leave home without it.

The bizarre moment went down while Michael Jackson's dad was at the Tuscany Hotel and Casino in Vegas this weekend to be honored at the Black Music Awards.

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Michael Jackson's father, Joe Jackson, has dropped his wrongful death lawsuit against Dr. Conrad Murray in a rare break for the imprisoned physician.

The suit was dismissed at his request. Murray's attorney, Valerie Wass, said:

"I was pleased ... It was always my opinion that Joe Jackson lacked standing to bring this action, and that eventually the case would be dismissed."

Joe and Connie

The case was dismissed without prejudice, meaning Joe can refile the lawsuit if the circumstances allow. Not sure how they would change, but so be it.

The 84-year-old Jackson family patriarch sued Murray in June 2010, adding concert promoter AEG Live and a Las Vegas pharmacy as plaintiffs.

Now that the former doctor was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and sentenced to four years in jail, Joe apparently felt more at ease.

He initially claimed Dr. Conrad Murray and others were negligent in failing to provide adequate care, treatment, diagnosis, and resuscitation.

MJ died in June 2009. "As a result of that failure, Joe Jackson was deprived with the loss of companionship of his son," the suit charged.

Companionship. We're sure that's what he's feeling deprived of.

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Dr. Conrad Murray wants Joe Jackson's wrongful death lawsuit thrown out, and he may get his wish, thanks to Joe being bat$h!t insane a statute of limitations.

The embattled doc's lawyer has filed a motion to dismiss Joe's lawsuit, claiming he missed the one-year filing deadline and the claim should be tossed ASAP.

Charles Peckham claims Joe's lawyer, Brian Oxman, filed the lawsuit 158 days after the one-year deadline. There's also a matter of viability on its own merit.

How do you choose sides here?

Because Michael deliberately did not leave money to Joe in his will (his mom, his kids and charities will split it all), Joe's entitlement claims may be a stretch.

In other words, look for a dismissal one way or the next. We don't know exactly when, but when it's thrown out, Terry Henderson will be pumped for Conrad.

Good thing, too. Murray has enough on his plate, pending trial for involuntary manslaughter and all. No need to battle a frivolous lawsuit from some clown.

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Joe Jackson is, once again, filing a lawsuit against Dr. Conrad Murray, alleging the physician is responsible for the wrongful death of Michael Jackson.

Note that this has already been thrown out by a federal judge.

Undeterred and relentless in his pursuit of a big ass payday justice, Joe Jackson has refiled the very same lawsuit in L.A. County Superior Court.

Dr. Conrad Murray hasn't escaped Joe Jackson just yet.

Joe says Dr. Murray was negligent in administering the Propofol that killed the singer and is also suing Applied Pharmacy Services in Las Vegas.

That's the place he claims sold the drug to Conrad Murray, who also faces criminal charges. His defense is likely to be that MJ killed himself.

The Jackson family patriarch is seeking a modest $500 million for the trouble Murray has caused in claiming the life of the late King of Pop.

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Okay, our headline above is a bit misleading. Joe Jackson did not say this verbatim, but reading between the lines a bit ... that's pretty much exactly what he said.

On the same day as Michael Jackson's "Breaking News" hit the Internet, his family continues to make news for reasons entirely unrelated to his musical legacy.

Joe Jackson simply will not go away.

As part of Oprah's controversial interview with Michael Jackson's folks and kids, Joe says he never beat MJ ... he used a strap. And y'know what? He'd do it again.

Sounds to us like splitting hairs. Unless you're on the business end, in which case you're getting whooped, no matter the terminology. What an awful person.

You can follow this link to watch Oprah, who was as surprised as we were that Joe even showed his face, call out Joe. We'll have the full interview up ASAP.

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The late Michael Jackson's father, Joe Jackson, is suing Dr. Conrad Murray for the wrongful death of his son, and to compensate him for the loss of MJ's support.

He's seeking the modest sum of half a billion dollars.

Arnold Klein Pic

Joe says the sum is within "the realistic range of provable damages," broken down as 20 percent for loss of support, 40 percent for emotional distress and the other 40 percent for "loss of comfort, aid, society and companionship."

GRIEVING DAD: Joe Jackson is crushed by the lack of comfort he feels with Michael gone. He used to beat his "companion" so hard. There's such a void now.

For his part, Dr. Conrad Murray says he's currently broke and can't settle a lawsuit in any way because his insurance company refuses to cover him. He also says he won't sit for a court deposition until after his criminal case runs its course.

Murray faces involuntary manslaughter charges in MJ's death. Being deposed as part of a civil lawsuit would violate his Fifth Amendment privileges.

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Randy Jackson, the late Michael Jackson's brother, is seriously pissed about his parents' interview with Oprah. Why? Because he says O had it out for MJ.

After Joe and Katherine Jackson invited Oprah Winfrey out to the Jacksons' family compound in Encino, Calif., for an interview, Randy Tweeted his disapproval.

Michael, Prince and Paris Jackson

RJ thinks Oprah tried to put his brother in jail and that she tried to blatantly use her influence to poison the jury in the Michael Jackson molestation trial.

Michael and Randy Jackson were always close.

Randy recalls Oprah doing a show about pedophilia during jury deliberations for his brother's famous molestation case, and, as he puts it, "That was no coincidence."

Randy says O "is the last person on earth [Michael] would want around his children" and had no idea the interview, which he calls a bad mistake, was going on.

If true, he makes a valid point. The air date for the interview is not yet known, but we have a hunch at least one family member won't be glued to the TV set.

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Already facing involuntary manslaughter charges stemming from the death of Michael Jackson, Dr. Conrad Murray is not happy with being hit with a wrongful death lawsuit by the late icon's money-hungry father, Joe Jackson.

You can bet he fights it tooth and nail, too. Here's why ...

Bad Doc

Joe ... come on, man.

Dr. Murray's lawyer, Charles Peckham, is asking the judge to throw out statements attributed to Michael Jackson, specifically that Katherine Jackson was acting as his "agent," or a go-between, in funneling support money to Joe.

Peckham says claims that Katherine was MJ's agent - made by Joe's lawyer, Brian Oxman, and Leonard Rowe, self-proclaimed former advisor - are pure hearsay.

The key for Murray is establishing Joe was not financially harmed by the death of Michael, who cut his dad out of his will. Yet Joe says he was paid by Katherine.

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