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Last night on Jersey Belle Season 1 Episode 8, fans of the freshman Bravo show saw the quirky, fun inaugural season come to a close at "The Lake House."

Will it also be the series' last? That remains to be seen, as Jaime & Co. have yet to be renewed for a second campaign by the network as of press time.

Either way, let's recap the significant events that played out Monday ...

If you watch Jersey Belle online, you don't need the recap to open the show, but you get one anyway, as all seven episodes are condensed to kill time.

Danielle finds out her body can’t stimulate eggs, which is sad for her.

She's willing to do what it takes to have a family, but it's quite an undertaking. A lot more so than Luci's love life, though that is complex in its own way.

Jaime offers to give Danielle an egg, because what are friends for?

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Last night, on Jersey Belle Season 1 Episode 7, Jamie's adoption struggle was back at the forefront as the baby mama to be considered an abortion.

It's also Thanksgiving, and Jaime's family is preparing to visit from up north and produce the best Jersey Thanksgiving that Alabama has ever seen.

They wrote likes like that before they filmed the show, it feels like.

Luci, who will join the family on Thanksgiving, talks to Jaime about her ex, Jeff, who seems to be in love with her, but Jaime is not buying that theory.

Jaime thinks that perhaps her brother-in-law is a better fit.

If you watch Jersey Belle online, you know that Jaime and Michael continue to discuss expanding their family, and this episode was no different.

Her difficult pregnancies are enough to give anyone pause, and their doctor tells her there are risks involved in everything, both in pregnancy and adoption.

Soon enough, it's time for the Primak Attack.

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Last night, on Jersey Belle Season 1 Episode 6, viewers of the new Bravo hit saw the Belles take a trip back home - to the great state of New Jersey.

As you'll see if you watch Jersey Belle online, Arden and Jaime’s friend Tracey (from N.J.) don’t get along and this causes some anxiety for Jaime.

Danielle isn’t sure what to pack, which means the stereotypes hit viewers fast and furious, with references to The Sopranos and Jersey Shore.

In Jersey, Jaime Primak Sullivan is in her element, telling off drivers with sass and getting ready for a booze-fueled party with her friends back home.

Who says you can't go home again?

The Jersey girls seem to think Arden is cold, or at least reserved; Arden's just feeling a little out of the comfort zone in a place The Situation would frequent.

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On Jersey Belle Season 1 Episode 5, the installment began with Jaime, longing for another baby, telling Luci about her big conversation with Michael.

Will they try for another? We'll have to wait and see!

It's also her birthday, which means she is another year away from Jersey. Meanwhile, Arden and husband William check out some land to build a house.

If you watch Jersey Belle online, you know Jaime is an emotional person. As she gets her kids ready for Halloween, she remembers her father.

It's enough to make a grown woman, or man, cry.

Sadness doesn't take over all of the episode, fortunately, as Jaime and Michael discuss her plans to look for job opportunities back in the Tri-State area.

Also, it's her birthday party, baby!!

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Last night on Bravo's Jersey Belle Season 1 Episode 4, Jaime yearned for another baby, while Danielle was trying to conceive her own and undergoing surgery.

It looks as if Jamie's willing and ready to adopt, but is waiting for Michael's blessing, as she talks to Danielle about a pregnant woman she met in NOLA.

The woman, who is pregnant, says she wants to give the baby up for adoption and had been praying for someone like Jaime to come into her life.

Jaime still has to talk to Michael, however. Later, during a girls' night, the women talk about Jaime's plan, which she makes them stay tight lipped about.

There is also a great line about how he lied about playing golf and as a result, there was one HOLE he didn't see for quite some time. Well. Played.

Later on Jersey Belle Season 1 Episode 4, Jaime talks to her Jersey friends for advice on how to tell Michael about the baby. You can see the theme here.

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