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Jennifer Mee, the "Hiccup Girl" who appeared on several national TV programs a few years ago, is now on trial for murder in Pinellas County, Fla.

Mee, 22, suffered from prolonged hiccups of up to 50 a minute in 2007. Videos of her hiccups gained national attention, as did her attempts to stop them.

"Hiccup Girl" tried home remedies and consulted medical specialists, a hypnotist and an acupuncturist, until the hiccups finally stopped on their own.

Then she allegedly helped kill someone.

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In 2010, Jennifer Mee was arrested along with two others and charged with first-degree murder in the death of Shannon Griffin, a 22-year-old Walmart worker.

Prosecutors say Mee lured Griffin to a Florida home under the pretense of buying marijuana, but instead two of Mee's friends robbed him at gunpoint.

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Jennifer Mee, a.k.a. Hiccup Girl, had uncontrollable hiccups awhile back, thus earning her that great nickname. Then she likely killed someone. Now they're back.

Karma and/or unexplained gastrointestinal spasms are a bitch.

An emotional court hearing on Tuesday triggered a return of Jennifer Mee's infamous hiccups. Facing a first-degree murder charge, Mee began sobbing, then involuntarily hiccupping, during the testimony of her alleged victim's cousin.

Jennifer Mee Mug Shot

HELP MEE: Jennifer wishes you would, legally or with the damn hiccups.

According to police, Jennifer Mee and two other men allegedly lured Shannon Griffin from his house, robbed him of the $60 in his wallet, then shot him.

Tuesday, Griffin's cousin, Doug Bolden, testified about the alleged encounter between them. He said his cousin, who moved from Mississippi, was "smiling" as he talked of going to meet Mee, whom he had reportedly met online.

"The thought that he was lured into a predatorial situation is tragic."

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Jennifer Mee, better known as "Hiccup Girl" after an appearance on the Today show in 2007, seemed so normal. Well, aside from the chronic hiccup thing.

Anyway, she was charged with murder in Florida this weekend.

First-degree murder, no less. According to cops, Mee was involved in a robbery gone awry Saturday. Officials say Jennifer Mee personally lured a man into an ambush, in which he was robbed at gunpoint, struggled and was shot dead.

WHO, MEE? According to police ... yes.

According to police, Mee and the other two suspects "admitted to their involvement" in the crime and have each been charged with murder as a result.

All three could face the death penalty if convicted.

Mee, who suffered from a rare condition which made her hiccup 50 times a minute for five weeks, apparently had much bigger problems than that.