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Transgender Canadian beauty queen Jenna Talackova turned heads in a bikini and placed in the top 12 at the Miss Universe Canada pageant this weekend.

The 6-foot-1 blonde bombshell was a crowd favorite, even though she fell short of the Miss Canada crown and entry into the Miss Universe competition.

Born Walter Talackova, Jenna also seemed to be a favorite among her fellow contestants and was one of four women voted “Miss Congeniality.”

Jenna Talackova Bikini Picture

The 23-year-old was originally disqualified from the competition because she was not a “naturally born female,” but ultimately allowed back in.

After threats of a lawsuit and public outcry, the Trump Organization, which owns the contest, announced Talackova would be allowed to compete.

“I didn’t know that there would be this much controversy. I was just entering because, you know, I wanted to represent Canada," Talackova said.

Adding that she was born in the wrong body, Jenna added, "I think I’m a beautiful woman, inside and out. I think I would have done the job.”

Gotta give her credit for trying and conducting herself with class. Take a look at some photos of Jenna modeling at the Miss Canada pageant below:

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  • Jenna Talackova at Miss Universe Canada
  • Jenna Talackova Bikini Photo

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Transgender Miss Universe Canada contestant Jenna Talackova says in a new interview that even at four years old, she knew she was "in the wrong body."

Talackova, who was booted from Miss Universe Canada for not being a "naturally born female," then allowed back in after all, sat down with ABC's 20/20.

Accompanied by her mother and her lawyer, Gloria Allred, the beauty revealed to Barbara Walters that at birth, she was actually named "Walter."

Talackova, 23, who was called "tranny" and "it" by bullies at school, started hormone therapy at 14. Later, she underwent gender reassignment surgery.

That converted her male genitalia to female and made her the woman she is now.

"It was terribly painful," Talackova told Walters of the procedure, "but seeing something on your body for that long and not even being able to look at myself in the mirror because I couldn't stand seeing the other part, it was very rewarding, too."

To complete her physical transformation, Jenna Talackova said, she also received breast implants and had her Adam’s apple removed in the following years.

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Donald Trump said transgender Miss Universe hopeful Jenna Talackova is welcome to compete in the pageant, but that his organization's decision to permit her didn't have anything to do with her attorney, Gloria Allred.

In fact, he could've prevailed over her handily if he so chose.

"I did not know that she had a lawyer, and especially Gloria Allred," Trump told Good Morning America. "In fact, had I known it was Gloria Allred, we probably would not have reversed the decision because, you know, Gloria is easy to beat.”

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  • The Don

The fact is, we went by the laws of the country and the laws are very clear and, based on that, about two days ago, we decided to let her compete."

Trump said the 23-year-old Jenna Talackova, who underwent sexual reassignment surgery at the age of 19 and was temporarily barred from the pageant, “should simply focus on running up in Canada and seeing how she does in Canada.

“And then, if she does well, she has a chance to become what many, many young women all over the world want to be and that's Miss Universe."

"That's all she should be focusing on right now."

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It looks like Jenna Talackova still has a shot at Miss Universe 2012.

The 23-year-old was disqualified from the competition just last week because she is a transgender woman, but the Miss Universe Organization has now reversed its decision.

Moreover, it's working with GLAAD to update policy on such issues.

Jenna Talackova Pic

Announcing its decision to welcome her, the organization said in a statement it "will allow Jenna Talackova to compete in the 2012 Miss Universe Canada pageant."

The entry is conditional only in that she meet "legal gender recognition requirements of Canada, and standards established by other international competitions."

"The Miss Universe Organization made the right decision and has taken an important first step," said GLAAD spokesperson Herndon Graddick in response.

"Now, GLAAD urges the Organization to include all women and use this incident to speak out in support of the transgender community."

"So many women today do not have equal opportunities for employment, housing and safety simply because they are transgender."

GLAAD added, "The Miss Universe Organization should look to state non-discrimination laws and institutions including the Olympics, NCAA and The CW's America's Next Top Model, which do not discriminate against transgender women."

What do you think? Should Talackova have been disqualified?


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A new beauty pageant scandal has broken out, but this one has nothing to do with naked photos or a contestant's stance on gay marriage.

Jenna Talackova - a 23-year old who was born a man, but who underwent gender reassignment surgery at the age of 19 - has been disqualified from Miss Universe Canada because, according to a statement from the organization, she does not "meet the requirements to compete, despite having stated otherwise on her entry form."

Producers added that they do respect Talackova's "goals, determination and wish her the best."

Jenna Talackova Picture

"I am very disappointed with the decision taken by the Miss Universe ... organizers," Talackova said in a statement released today. "However, I will look to turn this situation into a positive so that other people in a similar situation are not discriminated against in the future."

Denis Davila, the director of the event, says there are rules in place that make it clear one must be born a woman in order to compete. Jenna, he says, indicated on her original registration that she was female, only to later explain her unusual situation.

Reactions to the decision have been mixed with over 20,000 signatures on a petition to reverse the pageant ruling.

What do you think? Should Talackova have been disqualified?


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