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After Monday's Dancing With the Stars performances, which saw Maria Menounos and Derek Hough receive the first perfect 30 of the year, it seemed all but certain that Melissa Gilbert and an injured Maksim Chmerkovskiy would be in the bottom two.

Their 21-point tango left them in last place, a full three points behind Jaleel White and Kym Johnson and four behind Roshon Fegan and Chelsie Hightower.

Which two pairs were in the bottom two, and who was safe on last night's Dancing With the Stars results show? More than a few people were surprised.

  • Melissa Gilbert and Maksim Chmerkovskiy
  • Jaleel White and Kym Johnson
  • Roshon Fegan and Chelsie Hightower

Melissa and Maks were declared safe, leaving young Roshon and Chelsie to go up against fan favorites Jaleel and Kym in the dance duel for their lives.

After the two performed dueling rumbas, the judges made their decision.

"This is not easy. Side by side you guys are pretty much equal," said Carrie Ann, who chose Roshon and Chelsie to stay. Len and Bruno made it unanimous.

And just like that, Jaleel White's run on Dancing With the Stars ended.

"I really only thought I'd last about three dances this competition," White said after his elimination, "so to get this far – I've made incredible friends, the fans have just been incredible. I love Roshon Fegan ... I'm glad they saved him."

What do you think: Should Jaleel have gone home?


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Merely one week after having to dance for his life against Gavin DeGraw in the bottom two, Jaleel White is back on top of the Dancing With the Stars heap.

Tying for first in last night's Motown Week performances, White and Kym Johnson danced the cha cha to The Temptations' "Ain't Too Proud to Beg."

White admitted during rehearsal, "I've definitely been feeling a lot of stress this week and it's taken its toll on me." You wouldn't know it after this:

"You're back," head judge Len Goodman announced, proudly.

Bruno Tonioli, never one to hold back, added, "That was biggest sizzler of the season! What doesn't kill you makes you stronger and you've come back big time."

Carrie Ann Inaba was the final judge to weigh in on the former Family Matters actor, saying, "Consider the A game brought to the table. Welcome back."

For Jaleel, who has battled tabloid adversity in the form of accusations by Bridget Hardy, as well as the standard DWTS scrutiny, it was a triumphant return indeed.

Sitting atop Monday's Dancing With the Stars scores, he's all but secured a place in the next round. How far do you think he can make it this spring?

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Jaleel White wants to set the record straight about the allegedly loud and heated fight with Kym Johnson, his Dancing With the Stars partner, in rehearsal.

Asked in a radio interview about it, White downplayed the incident, but first said that he couldn't believe how much celebrity gossip publications care.

"Let me tell you something about this show," he told MYfm's Valentine in the Morning. "I had no concept what a tabloid feeding frenzy this show is."

It is wild how much tabloid attention it gets for such family friendly entertainment, but it is among TV's biggest shows. In any case, White is uneasy about it.

"We get to rehearsal and theres like 20 idiots in the back...with cameras and videos," the 35-year-old actor said. "It sucks because this is our real lives."

As for the Us Weekly report that he shouted at Johnson to the point where producers had to break up a fight before it escalated, White says that's BS.

"We definitely had a disagreement last week," he explained. "But there was no fight broken up. Our disagreement was over some of the choreography."

"She didn't understand who Stefan Urquelle was."

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It was quite a week for Dancing With the Stars' Jaleel White.

The actor got into a conversation so heated with his pro partner, Kym Johnson, that fellow cast members had to break it up, then turned in an emotional rumba for a respectable 25 points, then cried in a post-dance interview with Brooke Burke.

Mark Ballas and producers had to intervene after White "flipped out" on Kym during rehearsal, according to insiders, though it's unclear what prompted the altercation.

All we know is they rebounded nicely:

Jaleel and Kym's score wasn't among the leaders, but they should be safe this week after the routine, in which the Family Matters star channeled his inner Steve Urkel.

Or Stephon Urquelle, Urkel's smooth-talking, non-geek alter ego, as it were. Watch him tear up when asked about bringing back the famous character backstage:

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Jaleel White is speaking out against claims by his former girlfriend Bridget Hardy, who told Star magazine that White verbally and physically abused her in 2010.

"The allegations made against me back in 2010 have suspiciously resurfaced in time to coincide with my new show on Syfy and Dancing With the Stars," he said.

"Bridget Hardy has consistently shown a knack for timing throughout our child custody disputes," insists Jaleel White, the father of her two-year-old daughter.

Jaleel Photo

"When you're doing well in life, it's par for the course for [people] to try and knock you down. But when the individual is also the mother of your child, it is particularly hurtful."

"I have co-parented in peace and compliance with the law for over two years."

The Dancing With the Stars competitor went on to elaborate on the relationship he's had with Hardy, who he says he hasn't seen physically in almost six months.

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He may be an early favorite with the Dancing With the Stars judges, but Jaleel White’s ex says he is an abusive cheater, according to a new report from Star.

Bridget Hardy, with whom White has a 2-year-old daughter, says he became violent with her after she confronted him over evidence that he'd been cheating.

Hardy, and a bathroom fixture, allegedly paid the price.


The alleged altercation between them took place in 2010, when Hardy said that the former Family Matters star, now 35, “hit me across the chest area.”

“He pushed me into the toilet and it broke,” she said. “Water went everywhere, through the walls and even into the kitchen downstairs,” she said.

White vehemently denies the claims and was never charged with a crime.

Had he not been cast on DWTS this spring, would this have even come up again? THG was not there for the alleged toilet attack, but it sounds fishy.

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Jaleel White's expectations were high after his amazing debut on Dancing With the Stars, but he didn't pull out the big guns last night with a lackluster jive effort.

The former Family Matters star didn't seem nearly as light on his feet with this dance and his partner Kym Johnson quickly became the focus ... not great.

Overall, it wasn't that strong of a dance, landing him fourth overall in the aggregate DWTS Week 2 scores, but he's almost guaranteed to be safe tonight.

"It lacked real attack and speed ... there wasn't a crispness about it, it wasn't sharp. I'm a little disappointed," said Len, and the other judges agreed.

How about you? Watch below:

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Jaleel White will always be known as his Family Matters alter ego, Steve Urkel, for as long as he lives. This is the price of fame ... and memorably geeky characters.

He did his best to distance himself from Urkel on the Dancing With the Stars Season 14 premiere last night, however, with a foxtrot that earned him a tie for first.

Partnering with Kym Johnson and employing the kind of footwork and hand placements that many pros would envy, Jaleel established himself as an early favorite.

Kym rules, BTW, and gets much of the credit for their opening performance, but White more than held his own, and may be a force to be reckoned with this spring:

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