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Ja Rule would like to make one thing very clear: He did not leave his wife for his male prison cellmate.

This rather hilarious rumor cropped up last week after a parody blog titled "Cream Bmp Daily" quoted Mrs. Ja Rule, Aisha Atkins, as saying of her husband:

“He wrote all them love songs and still don’t know how to treat a b**ch. We spent ten-plus years building our marriage but it only took him two to decide he’d rather suck a d*** than be with his wife."

Ja Rule, Wife

Ja Rule was released from prison in May after spending time behind bars for gun possession and tax evasion.

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Ja Rule is finally a free man, for real this time.

After being released from jail for gun possession only to be immediately jailed a second time for tax evasion, he's now served his sentence for the latter, too.

Ja Rule Photo

Mr. Rule, a.k.a. Jeffrey Atkins, was cut loose from Ray Brook Federal Prison in New York this morning, when his wife picked him up and drove him home.

He will be on house arrest until July 28.

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The good news for rapper Ja Rule today? He is officially out of an Upstate New York prison after serving most of his two-year sentence for gun possession.

The bad news? He headed straight into federal custody in a tax case.

Ja Rule Mug Shot

U.S. Marshals escorted the 36-year-old out of Mid-State Correctional Facility this morning. He is now being held at the Oneida County Jail in central New York.

The rapper, who had been in protective custody because of his celebrity, has some time left on a 28-month sentence for tax evasion that ran concurrently.

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Ja Rule may be a hard ass thug, but he couldn't escape the rule of law.

The rapper turned himself over to authorities to begin his two-year prison sentence in New York this afternoon, according to his manager, Seven.

Seven confirmed that Ja surrendered and has been processed.

Ja Rule Pic

Ja Rule spent some private time with his wife, friends and family before he was taken away for 24 months. His parting words to them: "Real life is a fantasy, f**k fame ... I'm ready for this to get over with. I am focused."

That's good at least. He was hit with a two-year sentence in 2010 when he pleaded guilty to attempted criminal possession of a weapon. In 2007, police found a loaded semi-automatic handgun in his sports car. That'll do it.

We'll next report on Inmate 07608730Q in late 2012 or early 2013.


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