It looks as though the Iron Man franchise may be coming to an end.

Fans may need to savor every second until Iron Man 3 hits heaters May 3, because after that date, it's looking like there will be no more IM films to look forward to.

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If only I could send messages to my enemies via the press. I have to use Facebook because no reporters will respond when I call them :(.

Tony Stark can do whatever he wants, though, because he's a millionaire and a superhero and has a goatee. That's the trifecta of getting people to listen to you.

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I mean, don't get me wrong, I wouldn't want to take on Mandarin myself. But if you tell someone they'll never see you coming, well then, their guard is probably gonna be up pretty high.

It'd be better to say, "You'll see me coming! I'll emerge from behind that Arby's." But then come out of the Long John SIlver's next door and yell "Surprise attack!"

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