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Whether you feel like you just bought your iPhone 5S yesterday, or you've been awaiting Apple's next big thing for months, there's some exciting news coming out of Cupertino, Calif., today.

After a teaser promising a big announcement on September 9th, Apple CEO took the stage to unveil the iPhone 6 and it's larger-screened companion, the iPhone 6 Plus.

Apple iPhone 6

Live updates are streaming from the Flint Center of the Performing Arts at this very moment, and based on what we're hearing, tech obsessives will happily wait in line for hours when the 6 and 6 Plus hit stores on September 19.

Apple senior VP of worldwide marketing is reportedly making some big promises about the new devices and has referred to them as "the best phones ever made."

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As expected, Apple introduced the new iPhone 5S at a media event Tuesday.

Also as anticipated, the iPhone 5S will be the same size and design and the current iPhone 5, however it will feature improved specifications and features.

Perhaps most notably, it be available in colors: silver, gold, and space Gray.

iPhone 5S

Another significant new feature is a "Touch ID" fingerprint sensor built into the home button that's capable of scanning sub-epidermal skin layers.

Seriously. It's got fingerprint ID technology on a hand-held device, NCIS style.

Touch ID can be used to unlock an iPhone and authorize iTunes purchases.

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The Apple rumor mill is churning like crazy once again amid gossip and speculation that the brand's new iPhone 5S may be released September 20.

The next iPhone's release date, gold and graphite phones, and a "revolutionary" patent that could replace hinges (seriously) are all unconfirmed.

Still, why let that stop us from excitedly guessing? The latest Apple rumors:

  • The iPhone 5S will be released three weeks from Friday, September 20.
  • The iPhone 5C, a new, cheaper and more colorful plastic-cased handset, will also be released, a report in Japan's Nikkei indicates.
  • Apple is to announce the devices September 10, according to speculation, and the products' release 10 days later is standard iPhone procedure.

Elsewhere in iPhone land...

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Apple stock is currently in free fall (albeit from record-setting highs) amid speculation that the company is losing a little bit of its innovative edge. 

An iPhone 6 with fingerprint technology could change that.

iPhone Fingerprint

According to AppleInsider, the rumored innovation for this year or early next could come in the form of a sensor beneath the iPhone's home button.

The iPhone 6 fingerprint sensor would be "an intuitive design that could be difficult for competing Android and Windows Phone devices to copy."

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