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Remember when Snooki was a drunken, smush-happy national punchline? Well, man, have times changed.

Snooki gave birth to her second child less than two weeks ago and she posted a selfie on Instagram today that seriously tests the limits of believability:

Snooki Post-Baby Body

Yes, that's Snooki 12 days after giving birth. To put it in perspective, here she is in 2010, when the only thing she'd carried in her belly was a half gallon of tequila and a dozen boardwalk burritos:

A Snooki Pic

She was never as horribly out of shape as some haters made her out to be, but given Snooki's party girl past we never thought we'd find ourselves in awe of her obvious self-discipline and commitment to fitness.

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There's a lot of weird crap on the Internet, but you'd be hard-pressed to find anything so consistently bizarre as Miley Cyrus' Instagram page.

Whether she's calling Katy Perry a slut or Photoshopping baby faces onto raunchy photos Miley never ceases to amuse and baffle her followers.

So today's installment of Freaky Stuff From Miley's Instagram isn't all that shocking, but it might give you nightmares nonetheless:

  • Miley Cyrus Photoshopped
  • Miley Cyrus Instagram Pic

Yup. Take it in. Miley's latest hobby is fugifying herself for the purpose of...Well, we're not really sure why she did this.

And we're not quite sure how to react. Should we laugh? Gasp? Worry that her weapons-grade power-weed might fall into the wrong hands? Perhaps all three.

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Is it possible to "keep it real" by admitting that you're not keeping it real? Because if so, that's what Kylie Jenner is doing here.

Kylie Jenner Weave Photo

Kylie posted this pic on Instagram yesterday with a caption reading, "When you can finally put your weave up in a bun."

So she admits to having hair injections, and yet the Kylie Jenner lip injection debate rages on. We don't get it.

We won't re-hash the evidence of Kylie's lip injections here, but suffice it to say, there's basically not a doubt in anyone's mind that the girl's juiced up her soup coolers. 

And that's okay! Sure, Kylie's only 17, but she's a public figure and she's addicted to selfies, so if she wants to alter her appearance a bit and she's got her parents' permission, who are we to judge?

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Eric Johnson just can't win on Instagram lately.

First, Johnson threw his baby into the air and Jessica Simpson posted a photo of it. He took a lot of flak from child safety advocates, because, well...the kid was really high up.

Now, he's been photographed wearing Jess' underwear on his head (in public) and the world has reacted with a very different sort of WTF?!

Eric Johnson Wears Jessica Simpson's Underwear

In fairness, Jess and Eric were at a costume party, and apparently he didn't have time to buy a mask, which makes sense when you consider his busy schedule of talking about when he used to be employed.

Jessica claims on Instagram that Eric's mask was "the hit of the party," but we're gonna go ahead and guess that Jessica being carried out drunk was the real highlight. We pretty much just assume that's how every gathering ends for her.

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Hey, did ya hear? Kaley Cuoco loves her dogs!

We assume you're already aware, because despite the fact that Kaley signed a $90 million contract for three more seasons of The Big Bang Theory she's still just as famous for her Instagram as she is for her acting.

And her Instagram is Dog City.

Which is cool. Kaley's an animal lover in general, and she's done some great work with conservationist organizations, but sometimes she goes a little overboard with her pet love. Take her latest invention, for example:

  • Ryan Sweeting and Dog Photo
  • Kaley Cuoco's Dog

Yup. Dog bibs. "Our idea is sweeping the nation," Kaley wrote along with hashtags reading, "#SharkTank" and "MillionDollarIdea."

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Earlier today, we reported that Lindsay Lohan is teaming up with Oprah for a second season of her reality show that no one watches. 

Between that and the fact that Lindsay is actually getting occasional, semi-decent reviews for her performance in a London production of Speed the Plow (after nearly being laughed off the stage in her debut), it was really starting to look like she'd managed to turn her life around.

Then she hit us with this ridiculousness:

Lindsay Lohan Photoshopped Charity Photo

"Another great meeting with @CSV_UK," Linds captioned the photo. "Making a difference every single day."

CSV is a London based charity organization and...Lindsay is just effing with us here, right? She's clearly Photoshopped into this picture. It looks about as convincing as the cardboard cutouts Kevin McCallister used to fool the Wet Bandits in Home Alone.

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The frequently hilarious, sometimes baffling performance art of Seth Rogen and James Franco has given us some memorable moment over the years:

There was the time Rogen and Franco spoofed Kimye by rubbing uglies on a motorcycle. The time they time Franco painted Rogen nude and shared every doughy detail on Instagram. 

But for all the times they've amused us in various stages of undress, the freaky, geeky duo have never gotten serious while nude. Until now:

  • James Franco and Seth Rogen: Naked and Afraid
  • Seth Rogen and James Franco: Naked, Afraid!

Yes, nothing says male bonding like letting dongs flap free while fighting for survival, and hopefully that's what Rogen and Franco are teasing here.

They posted a series of pics referencing the Discovery Channel's Naked and Afraid reality series, with little in the way of explanation:

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If you follow Miley Cyrus on Instagram, then you know that the twerk-happy Queen of Pot Pop likes to get experimental with her social media presence.

Miley's IG isn't a place for selfies and food photos. No, Ms. Cyrus clearly wants to recreate the feeling of hot boxing her tour bus and wondering if the dude from the Flaming Lips slipped something in your last drink.

Sometimes Miley posts alien sketches and Elvis-inspired collages. Sometimes Miley calls Katy Perry a slut. And sometimes in her efforts to, like, totally bug us out, Miley goes a bit too far:

Miley Cyrus Penises and Pot Leaves Photo

That's a photo she shared over the weekend, and in fairness, she clarifies that the shirt was a gift from a fan and that she didn't make it herself, but in a way, that sorta makes it more creepy.

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Just because Kim Kardashian forgot North West in a Paris hotel doesn't mean little Nori can't take her mama with her everywhere she goes!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Dolls

Yes, they may look like Snooki and Dennis Rodman circa 1998, but that's actually Kim and Kanye in doll form. Khloe Kardashian posted the pic to Instagram yesterday with a caption that simply reads, "West."

Hopefully, Kim and Yeezy are aware that the dolls can't actually serve as substitute parents, but it must be nice to know there's something around to remind Nori of what mom and dad look like during the many, many occasions in which they leave home for long periods of time.

Just don't be surprised when she rushes the screen any time there's a Jersey Shore rerun on TV.

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In case you weren't aware, Floyd Mayweather has a lot of money. So much money, in fact, that his nickname is "Money."

So much money that when 50 Cent claimed Mayweather can't read, the Champ basically responded, "So what! I can read checks!"

And yes, so much money that he's allowed to act like this in public:

In case you can't tell, that's Floyd berating a woman for not knowing who he is and then declaring himself "The Money Man!" Try pulling crap like that if you didn't make $105 million last year. (We're kidding. Don't do that. It'll end badly.)

But that's one example of what you can do when you make Mayweather money. Other perks include private jets, constant toadying from impoverished lackeys, spa days with Justin Bieber, and taking selfies with all your loot:

Floyd Makes a Deposit
"Anyone want some of this cake?" Floyd asked with this shot. Um...yes, please?

Yes, Floyd likes to pose with his Benjies. We're not sure why. Maybe hanging a giant neon "Rob Me!" sign outside your house is considered tacky these days.

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