Not being able to attend the MTV Movie Awards didn't stop Ansel Elgort from supporting The Fault in Our Stars via social media.

The actor, 21, took to Twitter and Instagram to celebrate the movie's various wins last night, including Best Picture and Best Kiss.

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Jaden Smith's last film (2013's After Earth) was one of the great flops of the 21st Century and his debut album (the obnoxiously titled, This is The Album) wasn't even a blip on the music industry's radar, but the 17-year-old son of Will and Jada remains in the public consciousness thanks to a never-ending social media-fueled assault of contrived weirdness.

It's for that reason that as much as we'd like to give him credit for using fashion to express his views on the obsolete nature of gender roles, we can't help but see his new habit of wearing dresses in public as anything other than the latest in a long line of pretentious stunts.

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