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In case you've never been there: Miley Cyrus' Instagram is weird. Really weird.

Like, "How potent is the the stuff that she's smoking and where do we get some?" weird.

Miley isn't posting selfies and giving shout-outs to fans here. She clearly intends for her IG page to serve as a glimpse into her unique mind, and you can usually tell what her random obsession of the week is, based on her posts.

Last week, Miley was into Photoshopping babies faces onto random things. This week, she's got a serious thing for Elvis...and weird drawings of aliens:

  • Miley Cyrus and Elvis
  • Miley Cyrus Alien Drawing

Some folks have expressed concerns about Miley's latest artwork due to the fact that it includes messages like, "Will I ever be happy again?" But we're pretty sure Miley was stoned, bored and thinking about aliens. 

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In case you're somehow not aware, Kylie Jenner is obsessed with Instagram. And with good reason.

Seriously, with the amount of traffic her constant stream of selfies brings to the site, we hope she's getting a cut of the profits.

But what is it about Kylie that makes her pics so popular? Lots of young celebs post a lot of photos on IG, but Kylie is the site's unofficial queen.

Are people still trying to figure out if Kylie got lip injections? Maybe they're hoping to verify the rumors that she's dating Tyga.

Or maybe they enjoy watching her morph into her older half-sister:

  • Kylie Jenner, Long Hair
  • Kim From the Neck Up

In case you can't tell (we don't blame you), that's Kylie on the left and Kim Kardashian on the right.

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Being a Kardashian means you can afford those little extras that make working out so much easier: a personal trainer, a nutritionist...some to photograph your ass while you do lunges.

Yes, ever since Khloe Kardashian dumped French Montana, she's taken a two-pronged approach to finding a new man:

She's been hitting the gym like crazy (which makes sense), and posting constant photos of her workout butt to Instagram (which...actually, that also makes sense).

  • Khloe Kardashian Butt Workout
  • Khloe Kardashian Ass Pic

Khloe's ass is bigger than ever, and while she may not be in the habit of getting knocked up like her sisters, she's taking constant photos of her bump as though she's expecting it to get bigger.

Frankly, we're not sure what's going on with Khloe's pants pregnancy, but we're happy to see she's paid someone to photograph it from every angle.

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Jessica Simpson's husband, Eric Johnson, was a tight end during his brief NFL career, so hopefully he can catch as well as he can throw.

Otherwise, Johnson might end up dealing with a traumatized tyke and a seriously pissed off wife. Check out this photo from her Instagram:

Eric Johnson Baby Throwing Photo

Jess posted the above photo of her high-flying baby along with a caption reading, "I was on a plane to NYC today and I missed out on this!!! I'm in LOVE with the 2 of them. #boyswillbeboys"

You might think Jess would be concerned, but she has good reason not to be.

For one thing, Jessica married Eric back in July, and dude has shown zero interest in getting a job, so she's probably hoping this is a sign that he's working on his NFL comeback.

Plus, EJ's got plenty of experience.

Jess posted of a photo of her baby daddy tossing daughter Maxwell Johnson into the air back in April and he has yet to drop her on her head, thank you very much.

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Kylie Jenner's pattern of unsettling behavior on Instagram continued this week as the 17-year-old reality star posted a controversial caption to the photo below:

Kylie Jenner: Take Off My Pants!

"Help me take off my balmainnnnn sweatttttsssss" Kylie wrote beneath a selfie in which she poses in a pair of - you guessed it - Balmain sweatpants.

The caption is a reference to the song "Balmain Jeans" by rapper Kid Cudi, which actually makes it more disturbing, as the lyrics that follow feature some graphic descriptions of what happens after the pants are removed.

In fairness, Kylie is going through a difficult, confusing time at the moment. Her mother, Kris Jenner, just filed for divorce from her father, and KJ's most recent IG posts make it clear that she's having a hard time coping.

Yesterday, Kylie posted a quote about the "emptiness" she's feeling in the wake of her parents' decision to end their marriage.

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Taylor Swift has a long, well-documented history of being awesome to her fans.

Even though she never toots her own horn about them, you've likely heard about the numerous occasions on which Taylor has visited young cancer patients in various children's hospitals.

While it really doesn't really get any cooler than that, Taylor also gets major points for engaging in more low-key gestures of appreciation like handing out burrito money to strangers in Central Park.

It's tough to top the gift of free Mexican food, but Taylor's actions earlier this week may have cemented her title as most fan-friendly celeb in the history of ever.

Taylor Swift Parties With a Fan!

To celebrate the upcoming release of her new album, Taylor handpicked 35 fans from Instagram and Tumblr and invited them over to her crib for a listening party.

Oh, but they did so much more than listen. The lucky fans say that Taylor made them dinner, baked them cookies (of course), took photos with them and then... they danced.

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When Tallulah Willis opened up about her body dysmorphia issues last month, she was praised for her bravery and her willingness to share painful details of her own past in hopes of helping other young women.

Shortly thereafter, it was revealed that Tallulah had checked in to rehab for cocaine addiction, and it served as a reminder that while in many ways she's wise beyond her years, the youngest daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore still - like most 20-year olds - has some issues to sort out.

Perhaps it's the combination of Tallulah's discussion of her own self-esteem issues along with her very recent release from rehab that's made her latest Instagram post so controversial.

Tallulah Willis Nude Photo

That's a nude selfie that Tallulah posted to her account yesterday. Comments have been mostly favorable, but as is always the case on the Internet, there's a handful of troll-ish haters offering their two cents as well.

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Some are calling it the “latte salute.” Others prefer the coffee salute, and/or the single most baffling display of disrespect in the history of the U.S.A.

Call it what you want, President Barack Obama saluted two Marines today while holding a hot beverage ... in a video posted by the White House's OWN INSTAGRAM!

Fascinating moments in social media fails.

Obama stepped off Marine One at the Wall Street landing zone in New York City this afternoon, en route to the United Nations General Assembly.

As he saluted two Marines at the bottom of the stairs, the sunglasses-wearing president only managed a half-salute, since he was holding a coffee and all.

The odd gesture appeared in an Instagram video posted by the White House's account, which is bizarre and begs many questions in and of itself.

Why share something like this when it's just asking for ridicule - which it got, and then some - with critics slamming the unorthodox salute as “un-presidential.”

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If you haven't heard, Kaley Cuoco's haircut is a big deal. Like, such a big deal that she had to ask Ryan Sweeting's permission before getting her current Ellen DeGeneres look.

So it stands to reason that Kaley has to undergo a lot of primping throughout the day to put her beloved locks in perfect order. But we never realized just how committed Kaley is to keeping every hair in its place until she posted this photo to Instagram:

Kaley Cuoco Toilet Photo

Based on the caption it seems that this is a pic of Kaley backstage at The Talk and it seems she really wanted to look her best for her interview.

She didn't provide any explanation for the scene, so we're just assuming that this is the sort of personal attention a $90 million contract will get you. Hopefully, that's the only kind of assistance Kaley receives in the bathroom.

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True story: On my first cross-country flight, I was bumped out of my window seat by a man in a skirt. Not a kilt. A skirt. Made of early 90's parachute pants material. 

He fell asleep about 30 minutes into the flight, legs flung apart, mouth hanging open, the stench of his most recent meal wafting into my face. Then he woke up and did yoga in his seat, a Downward Dog so steep I almost saw his Frank and Beans.

Make Yourself Comfortable
Not even international flights are an excuse to treat the row you're in like it's your own personal living room.

That, dear readers, is the sort of (true) story behind an Instagram sensation known as Passenger Shaming.

At least one of these pictures makes us wonder if Justin Bieber might have been on one of these flights. He does have a penchant for peeing in places that are not toilets, after all.

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