It's been a strange week for the Jackson family. Yesterday, Prince Jackson admitted Michael might not be his father, which seemed to be his way of confirming that family friend Dr. Arnold Klein is his biological dad.

In an odd turn of events, Klein passed away unexpectedly this morning. Despite that drama that's straight out of the most far-fetched soap opera on daytime TV, the Internet is really buzzing about Prince's younger sister, Paris:

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As you've probably heard, Rob Kardashian gained a fair amount of weight in recent months, and he's been hiding out from fans and the press as a result.

Fortunately, insiders say Rob is planning a comeback these days that involves getting back into shape and returning to the public eye. Of course, that could spell trouble for Kim Kardashian, as it means Rob will likely get back into the habit of taking shots at his famous sister:

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Earlier today, we reported that Anna Duggar has sold her home in Arkansas, a move that's being taken by many as an indication that she's finally decided to leave Josh Duggar.

It would be devastating news for a family as committed to the "integrity of marriage" (read: their own reputation as patriarchal Bible-thumpers) as the Duggars, so it should come as no surprise that they're already denying the rumor without addressing it directly.

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