Washington Redskins tight end Vernon Davis picked up his first Super Bowl ring after finishing the 2015 NFL season with the Denver Broncos.

Hopefully he fully appreciates the new bling because based on the Instagram rant his fiancee posted last night, it seems Davis will have plenty of available real estate on his ring finger for the foreseeable future.

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Back in 1992, Sir Mix-A-Lot released "Baby Got Back," his famous ode to big asses that many credit with helping to launch the national butt obsession that continues to this day.

Needless, to say Kim Kardashian owes a lot to the rapper. Blake Lively, on the other hand, is learning the hard way today that Mix-A-Lot's lyrics are dangerous in the wrong hands.

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As you probably already know, lots of celebrities endorse products on Instagram, and some of them are very well compensated for it.

Curiously, products that promise to tone your midsection are among the most commonly shilled, and dozens of reality stars cash in by pretending they owe their physiques to "flat-tummy teas" and, of course, waist-trainers:

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