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Sorry, straight men everywhere. Particularly members of the New York Jets.

Sexy Mexican sports reporter Ines Sainz says folks "really admire" her body, but she still won't show it off in Playboy - even for seven figures!

"Playboy offered me a lot of money" to publish photos of her assets, but the 32-year-old married hottie reveals she nixed the magazine's offer.

Ines Sainz was indeed propositioned to bare all, and for a lot: "It was over a million dollars!" she says, "but I said no thank you. Not my style."

In the wake of her sexual harassment by the Jets, the mag tried to coax her into posing naked, but she admirably (and disappointingly) won't.

"I said I'm the mother of three children and a wife. My life is very nice. I don't want to complicate it. I just didn't feel comfortable with that."

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Reporter Ines Sainz was recently ogled by the New York Jets. Now Playboy wants to make sure you can enjoy that same experience with even less clothing!

Sainz, representing Mexico's TV Azteca, has just received a formal offer to pose naked in Playboy, following her alleged sexual harassment by the NFL club.

Sources involved in the negotiations confirm Hugh Hefner's people reached out to Ines Saiz with a "pretty big offer" involving a huge payday and the cover.

SAINZ IT IS SO: Will Ines get naked in Playboy?

That's contingent on her stripping down to her traje de cumpleaños. We think that's right. Our Spanish is worse than the Jets' locker room pickup lines.

Sources say Ines' network prohibits her from posing nude, but who knows. Bribes/PR go a long way. Or her contract could be up soon. Fingers crossed.

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Ines Sainz is a reporter from the Mexican TV station Azteca. She recently paid a visit to the New York Jets' facilities to interview star Mark Sanchez.

There, she alleges she was sexually harassed by players and staff.

Wow. We know Ines Sainz is hot, but it's like Gang Green is as undisciplined off the field as they were on it during last night's 10-9 loss to Baltimore.

Reporter Ines Sainz says the N.Y. Jets got their sexual harassment on.

She offered her first detailed account Monday of how she was subjected to "grotesque" locker room antics on Saturday, saying, "It mustn't happen again."

She says the team is serious about making it right, though: "I believe they are taking it seriously and it's only going to be one bad experience," Sainz said.

Yesterday, Ines watched pregame warmups just yards from some of the players accused of bombarding her with catcalls, whistles and blatant ogling.

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