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Kim Kardashian has finally taken the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

The former sex tape star will be a guest on the Ellen season premiere tomorrow and will join celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Bill Gates and a slew of others in getting herself doused with cold water in order to raise awareness of a deadly disease.

And she'll snap a selfie while doing it because... you know. She's Kim Kardashian.

In a sneak peek posted on Instagram, DeGeneres giddily life the ice water over Kim's head, as Kardashian snaps away and squeals.

DeGeneres also participated in the viral challenge.

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Kendall Jenner finally rose to the occasion and accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge, having been called out by her little sister Kylie almost two weeks prior.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians cutie looked predictably gorgeous poolside in a pink bikini as she filled up a bucket and got doused in the following video:

The young model, who will go by only Kendall professionally now, nominated big sister Kourtney Kardashian before getting drenched and spilling into the pool.

Whomever was tasked with helping KJ complete the challenge - a viral movement to raise awareness and money for ALS research - was quick to pull the trigger.

Before she could even finish her sentence, the water came cascading down.

The campaign has received close to $101 million in donations from three million-plus donors, having produced about that many Ice Bucket videos as well.

One person who has not made one? Khloe Kardashian. She was also challenged by Kylie Jenner, but has yet to step up to the plate unlike Kendall.

See lots of great Kendall Jenner pics, and Ice Bucket videos, after the jump:

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Note to Kate Upton:

Why can't you be more like Kathy Griffin?!?

The comedian appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week and showed a video of herself accepting the Ice Bucket Challenge... while wearing nothing but her birthday suit.

Griffin was joined for Challenge by Aubrey Plaza and A.J. McLean and, no offense to the sight of Kathy Griffin naked, but the best part was Plaza's line to conclude the footage.

Check it out here:

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Donald Trump has accepted both the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge... and also the help of two beautiful ladies in order to complete it.

The latest celebrity to douse himself with cold water in order to raise awareness of this fatal disease, Trup is seated in a char in between Miss Universe and Miss USA.

He's quick to tell us that he owns both pageants and also that EVERYone has been asking him to create this video. So he's finally done so and he's extended a challenge to his son and to long-time rival.

Who is it? And does the dousing provide proof of The Donald's real hair? Watch now and find out!

Other Ice Bucket Challenges that have gone viral in recent days include Homer Simpson taking his turn... someone proposing via the Challenge... and a little girl hilarious cursing after getting all wet.

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Homer Simpson has taken from his 12-day, round-the-clock marathon on FXX to help raise awareness for an important cause.

Indeed, The Simpsons patriarch is the latest big name to accept the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, as he's featured in the following video dumping a cup of cold water on his head.

But that's not all, with Bart making sure his dad gets hit by a number of other falling objects, all in the name of bringing attention to the fatal disease of ALS.

Watch now and see Homer challenge Flanders, Lenny, Flanders (yes, again) and, finally, Donald Trump.

Looking to relive the best quips and one-liners from this iconic sitcom?

Visit TV Fanatic and its section of The Simpsons quotes.

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Nope, we still haven't seen it all from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Following weeks of folks dousing themselves in water for a good cause, the past couple days have seen a few very different twists on the global trend.

There was one idiot who set himself on fire. There was one adorable girl who cursed when wet.

And now there's Justin Davidson, who appears below with girlfriend Shelby Muha and takes here by complete surprise when he asks a simple/important question prior to dumping a bucket full of cold H2O on her head:

Will you marry me?

Awww, so very sweet!

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This little girl is doing her part for ALS awareness and fundraising.

She's also doing what she can to put a smile on the public's face.

Watching her sit in adorable little chair, talk in her precious accent, then tell her assistant calmly to "go," you would never guess what was about to transpire.

Watch her reaction after the fact, it's one for the ages ...

So awesome, and quite similar to the Britney Spears Ice Bucket Challenge video, only her f-bomb was just barely cut off after she reacted in abject horror.

Sometimes, the icy shock of freezing cold water dumped on you is just too intense NOT to cause a visceral response, even if you know it's coming.

Or, in the case of the Courtney Stodden Ice Bucket Challenge video, when you're expecting ice but get doused in molten chocolate instead. That'll do it too!

Those and other classic ALS IBC videos right here:

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Just when you think you've seen every Ice Bucket Challenge fail possible, from folks missing their intended targets to young women bleeding from their mouths, along comes an idiot who lights himself on fire.

On purpose. At least initially.

Donning camouflage cargo shorts and an American flag vest while holding a giant Confederate Flag, this moron chose to ignite his hair (so he could put it out with the ice water, naturally)… only the genius plan didn’t go so well.

The flames spread, the imbecile panicked, his friends swooped in to suggest he role around on the ground and, eventually, order was restored.

As far as we know, the subject is resting safely at the moment, which is a good thing. Unless he chooses to procreate.

Seriously, dude. Never procreate.

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We could debate for hours who has the best ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Was it Chris Pratt drinking vodka? Was it Olivia Wilde using breast milk? Was it Charlie Sheen dumping cash on his head and challenging Ashton Kutcher and Chuck Lorre to donate $10,000 to the cause?

Or was it Leonardo DiCaprio actually donating $100,000 to the cause?

But we can no longer debate who is the oldest ALS Ice Bucket Challenge subject? Jack Reynolds!

He’s 102 years old, he resides in Great Britain and he’s sitting in the corner of his deck in the following video, happily waiting for the freezing H2O to pour down. Watch it take place now:

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You were probably wondering this morning when, oh when, Courtney Stodden would finally post a video of herself taking the ALC Ice Bucket Challenge.

Your prayers have been answered people. And it's one you must see.

NOTE: She does not get drenched in ice water, but something else.

NOTE: Courtney's reaction contains a lot of uncensored profanity.

Raising money and awareness for ALS never gets old, but we were starting to think we had seen all there was to see when it came to Ice Bucket Challenge videos.

Then Courtney proved us wrong. So beautifully wrong.

After noting that her ALS charity of choice does not conduct testing on animals, and challenging RuPaul, Perez Hilton and Crystal Harris Hefner, she got doused.

In hot chocolate sauce. Mmm. Delish.

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