Looks like the controversial How I Met Your Mother finale is officially the last we'll see of epic-length flashback sitcoms on CBS.

An HIMYM spin-off entitled How I Met Your Dad was set to premiere on the network later this year, but the newly released CBS schedule reveals that the show does not have a spot in the fall line-up.

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Was that shocking enough for you, How I Met Your Mother fans?

This beloved series came to an end on CBS last night, but not without a few stunners that will likely leave fans talking, buzzing and debating for many days to come.

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Last night on How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Episode 13, Marshall finally made it to town with a little help from the mother, who picked him and Marvin up on the road.

Back at the Farhampton Inn, a newcomer stirs up trouble between Lily and Robin and again with Ted and Barney … it's Darren, the lead singer of the wedding band.