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Looks like the controversial How I Met Your Mother finale is officially the last we'll see of epic-length flashback sitcoms on CBS.

An HIMYM spin-off entitled How I Met Your Dad was set to premiere on the network later this year, but the newly released CBS schedule reveals that the show does not have a spot in the fall line-up.

"Things on the pilot didn't work out," CBS exec Nina Tassler said of the series.

With CBS exercising its right of first refusal, the much-talked about series can now be shopped elsewhere. Given the negative press surrounding the show, however, its odds of being scooped up by another network are slim.

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Meg Ryan has been cast on one of this fall's most anticipated new comedy series, CBS' How I Met Your Dad. Well, at least her voice has been cast.

Like Bob Saget on How I Met Your Mother, the veteran movie actress has landed the role of Sally, the future mom who will tell the story to her kids.

The story of ... well, you can figure that out.

Meg R

Greta Gerwig will play the lead in this CBS show, which will be produced by How I Met Your Mother creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas this fall.

It follow the same sort of set-up as the original sitcom, which went off the air on March 31 to surprising controversy following the major twist at the end.

Saget was the voice of future Ted (Josh Radnor) on HIMYM, and Ryan, perhaps best known for When Harry Met Sally, will do the same for future Sally.

Don't expect to see her on screen ever - future Ted was played by an older looking Radnor when finally revealed - but the name of Sally is a nice touch.

Excited for the show? For a look at another spinoff we're eagerly anticipating (albeit much longer after the original ended), watch this Girl Meets World promo!

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Lots of fans felt duped by Monday's How I Met Your Mother finale, and it turns out that may be just how the show's creators wanted us to feel. 

Josh Radnor - who played Ted Mosby on the long-running CBS sitcom - says HIMYM's title was always intended to be a "fake-out," as the show's creators planned and partially filmed the controversial ending years ago. 

Radnor says he thought showrunners Craig Thomas and Carter Bays might change their mind after introducing audiences to "the Mother" actress Cristin Milioti, but the writers stuck to their original plan.

"Especially after Cristin," Radnor said in a recent interview. "Because she was so wonderful and the fans seemed to really take to her. So I asked them, 'Are you guys still doing that?' And they said yeah."

As for the title, Radnor says the cast and crew always treated it as something of a red herring:

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How I Met Your Mother fans are not happy.

Actually, correction: How I Met Your Mother are seething.

Last night's series finale of this long-running sitcom made a mockery of the spirit behind its title, while fast forwarding many years and destroying multiple relationships in a matter of minutes.

Go watch How I Met Your mother online via TV Fanatic if you missed it and scroll down for a sampling the sort of vitriol that permeated the Twitterverse not long after the final credits rolled...

Ted and Tracy

@SwiftlyTatum: I mean the show is called "How I Met Your Mother" not "How I Went Back To Your Aunt Robin 20 Times" #HIMYMFinale.

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Was that shocking enough for you, How I Met Your Mother fans?

This beloved series came to an end on CBS last night, but not without a few stunners that will likely leave fans talking, buzzing and debating for many days to come.

What did you think of these unexpected developments? Watch How I Met Your Mother online right now via TV Fanatic if you missed the one-hour finale and scroll down for the night's biggest surprises.

Consider yourself spoiler warned...

ROBIN AND BARNEY GOT DIVORCED. After three years of marriage, Robin was traveling for her job, Barney was left behind and the two simply weren't happy.

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Well, here we are. After 9 seasons, hundreds of girlfriends and countless legen - wait for it - dary moments, How I Met Your Mother, is ending its run as one of TV's most beloved sitcoms.

How I Met Your Mother Image

One big question has already been answered (the titular mother to Ted Mosby's children is played by actress Cristin Milioti), but several remain. 

Why, for example, did producers seem to hint so strongly in a recent episode that the Mother (we still don't know her real name) is diagnosed with a terminal illness shortly after marrying Ted?

Would one of the most lighthearted series on TV really go out on such a down note?

This being the Internet age, online fan theories abound. They range from ridiculous (Ted has Alzheimer's, hence his meandering stories and tendency to forget major details about his life) to the wholly plausible (Ted had planned to show his kids his beloved Star Wars saga and launched into his lengthy tale only after his TV broke).

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As if you needed another reason to be sad over How I Met Your Mother coming to an end...

Neil Patrick Harris, Jason Segel and the entire cast of this CBS smash appeared opposite James Lipton Bravo's Inside the Actors Studio last week.

And, at the behest of an audience member, the actor broke into a duet of "Confrontation" from the classic Broadway production Les Miserables, with Harris portraying Javert and Segel taking on the part of Jean Valjean.

Watch the stars totally nail it here:

And, if you want a refresher before the series says goodbye tomorrow night, watch How I Met Your Mother online via TV Fanatic right now.

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How do you know when you've made it in entertainment?

When you appear on The Late Show with David Letterman to read a Top 10 list and the host totally pretends to know who you are.

That's what befell the cast of How I Met Your Mother last night, as the core four stopped by this CBS talk show and read off the Top Ten Surprises In The Final Episode of How I Met Your Mother.

SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading now if you don't want to know the father of the baby and the fate of MacLarens.

NOTE: You can catch up when you watch How I Met Your Mother online at TV Fanatic. Enjoy!

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Last night on How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Episode 13, Marshall finally made it to town with a little help from the mother, who picked him and Marvin up on the road.

Back at the Farhampton Inn, a newcomer stirs up trouble between Lily and Robin and again with Ted and Barney … it's Darren, the lead singer of the wedding band.

The band was originally started by the mother, only to have Darren take over the lead singer spot. Marshall urges her to take back what is hers when they arrive.

What happened when she showed up? Who ended up punching Darren? And what were the best one-liners from How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Episode 13?

Watch the episode from beginning to end below!

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A very familiar face will soon make her way back to How I Met Your Mother.

According to TV Line sources, Ashley Williams will once again reprise her role as Ted's on-again/off-again girlfriend, Victoria, on an episode expected to air in April.

Ashley Williams on How I Met Your Mother

It's unclear what brings the character into the fold for another appearance, but she was last seen on How I Met Your Mother Season 8, breaking up with Ted when he refused to sever all ties to Robin.

This CBS comedy is winding down its final season, though the network has already announced a spinoff titled How I Met Your Dad.

While you ponder whether or not that's a good idea, go right ahead and watch How I Met Your Mother online now to catch up on all you may have missed.

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