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Could the James Franco Instagram scandal be an elaborate marketing hoax? That theory is going around after the trailer for his new film just dropped.

In Palo Alto, James plays a teacher seducing a student. Coincidence?

Lucy Clode, James Franco

Here's the detailed background on the story if you missed it yesterday:

On Tuesday (April 1), 17-year-old Lucy Clode met James Franco, 35, outside his Broadway show Of Mice & Men and filmed an Instagram video.

He asked her to tag him in it on Instagram. She obliged, and then - according to leaked screen grabs - the actor proceeded to flirt with her hard.

On April 2, an apparent exchange between James and Lucy went viral. In it, he asks her how old she is (she says 17), then asks when her birthday is.

The conversation goes on for some time, with Franco allegedly proving it's him, then asking where she lives, what hotel she’s at, and for her number.

Eventually, when she reveals she's turning 18 in May, he backs off.

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James Franco tried to seduce a Scottish teenager in a series of flirty Instagram messages before learning she was only 17, a new report alleges.

According to the Mirror (UK), the blonde teenager ran into the star in New York on a birthday trip with her mother, posting a short video of their meeting.

Some time later, the pair begun to message on Instagram.

James Franco Tries to Pick Up Girl Online
Did James Franco try to seduce a teenager online? A series of screen shots alleges as much. See for yourself and decide.
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James Franco Instagram Seduction!

1. James Franco Instagram Seduction!

Did James Franco try to seduce a teenager online? A series of screen shots alleges as much. See for yourself and decide.

James Franco Instagram Flirting

2. James Franco Instagram Flirting

WARNING: Alleged James Franco Instagram seduction in progress.

James Franco on Instagram

3. James Franco on Instagram

Did James Franco try to seduce a teen online via Instagram?!

James Franco Instagram Screen Shot

4. James Franco Instagram Screen Shot

Did James Franco try to seduce a teenager online? An Instagram screen shot sequence suggests so. But is it even real?

Admission of Guilt?

5. Admission of Guilt?

You be the judge.

Screen shots of the exchange have now surfaced online, with images purportedly from the 35-year-old actor's verified account on the social network.

In them, he asks her where she’s from, how long she’s in New York, who she’s with, where she’s staying, and whether or not she has a boyfriend.

The teen explains her trip to New York was a gift for her 18th birthday, in a few days. He responds, “You’re 18?” before asking for a phone number.

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News of an Ariana Grande nude photo leak rocked Twitter late last night and early this morning, complete with the globally trending #ArianasNudesLeaked.

If the photos were real, it would surely come as a shock, as this is one good girl who you'd never expect to go bad, even in an age of so few surprises.

In any case, pics of an allegedly naked Ariana Grande at the beach, in the shower, at home wrapped around a Kendall Jenner look-alike and more "leaked."

Are they legit?

Ariana Grande Topless Photos Leaked
Ariana Grande topless on the beach ... in your dreams, teenage hornballs.
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Ariana Grande Topless Picture?

1. Ariana Grande Topless Picture?

Ariana Grande topless on the beach ... in your dreams, teenage hornballs.

Ariana Grande Topless Photo?

2. Ariana Grande Topless Photo?

Is this really Ariana Grande topless? An alleged photo leak makes that claim ... but we don't buy it.

Ariana Grande Girl-on-Girl action

3. Ariana Grande Girl-on-Girl action

Ariana Grande topless? With Kendall Jenner or someone who looks like her? It's a hot pic, for damn sure. But it's fake.

Ariana Grande Topless Pic?

4. Ariana Grande Topless Pic?

Is this Ariana Grande topless? An alleged photo leak has hit the web, but this looks like the work of an artist.

Ariana Grande Fake Nude

5. Ariana Grande Fake Nude

A lot of the alleged Ariana Grande naked pics are not even realistic looking.

Ariana Grande Topless Fake

6. Ariana Grande Topless Fake

Ariana Grande posing topless with flowers in between her breasts. If only it were real.

All you have to do is check the calendar, as this appears to be nothing more than an April Fools Day gag, and not a particularly convincing one at that.

Some of the photos don't even look like her, and what April 1 prank starts March 31? Maybe they were trying to throw us off with the early jump?

Who knows.

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Pele is dead. At least one were to trust CNN, which many people understandably might given its (rapidly diminishing) reputation as a real news organization.

Fortunately for Pele, and unfortunately for CNN's future, he is alive and well.

The 74-year-old soccer legend is doing just fine despite a death hoax that gained steam on Friday and apparently duped the CNN show New Day.

And as a result, the network erroneously tweeted that Pele died (see below):

  • Pele Dead?
  • Pele Pic

A rep for Pele quickly shot down this “breaking” story and confirmed he's A-O-K.

A rep for CNN confirmed the network is going off the air in May. Just kidding!

Death hoaxes and false death rumors have always been around, but they've become 100 times common in the age of social media and declining journalism.

Just ask Pawn Stars' Chumlee or Wayne Knight in the past month alone.

Check out our gallery of stars the Internet has fake-killed below:

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Trey Songz has become the latest victim of a Twitter hoax today, but the R&B singer was not killed off a la Chumlee or Wayne Knight by the Internet.

He was merely outed as gay.

  • Songz
  • TreyGay

Rumors that Trey Songz came out began circulating on social media after a doctored tweet purportedly sent from his Twitter account surfaced online.

News of his supposed coming out soon provoked myriad responses and re-tweets, with reactions ranging from amused to surprised to apathetic.

The "Dive In" singer soon hit back at the tricksters responsible, denying that he's gay and ripping those that made crude comments at his expense,

"The things you people craft up with hatred in your hearts ... the things people believe without question, or validity, all baffles me," he said.

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Goodbye, Newman? Not so fast.

Wayne Knight is not dead. The actor is very much alive and well despite an elaborate online death hoax that falsely reported his demise this weekend.

The actor best known for his portrayal of Newman on Seinfeld takes over for Pawn Stars' Chumlee as the latest victim of bogus Internet death reports.

"Some of you will be glad to hear this, others strangely disappointed, but ... I am alive and well!" Knight tweeted and reassured fans Sunday morning.

The 58-year-old amusingly added, "Does someone have to DIE to trend? Geez!"

"Thanks for all the love everybody. Didn't know you cared. Glad to be breathing!"

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Despite a hoax circulating on the Internet that Chumlee (a.k.a. Austin Russell) of Pawn Stars fame had died, he took to Twitter to prove otherwise.

"May we live long, Rich forever," he tweeted Wednesday.

The website EBuzzd was one of the first to circulate the hoax via an article Wednesday which spawned a wave of condolences on social media.

The article stated that "Austin Russell, also known as Chumlee, star of History's reality series Pawn Stars, has died from an apparent heart attack."

The website later recanted its report saying,

"We'd like to update our story ... It appears that our sources were incorrect and as fans of Chumlee, we are happy to report that he is alive and well."

Long live Chumlee!

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Miranda Barbour says she left a deadly trail of bodies in her wake before being arrested for a single murder earlier this winter, but is she telling the truth?

Alleged "Craigslist Killer" Barbour, who was arrested for the slaying of Troy LaFerrera, said she killed 22 other people, until she lost count of her body count.

She qualified that it was less than 100, and that her Satan-infused, murderous alter ego "Super Miranda" would take over her body when the time was right.

The claims are chilling ... but are they possibly true?

The D.A. in Northumberland County, Pa., doubts that the 19-year-old girl killed anyone beyond LeFerrera, whose sex ad on Craigslist she answered.

He said in a statement Tuesday afternoon:

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An awful response to a child's birthday invitation is making its rounds on the Internet. The reason? The kids' parents are gay, and a classmate's mom is not a fan.

Birthday Party Invite Response

Two gay dads living in Baldwin, N.Y., submitted it to their local radio station.

Originally posted on the K-98.3 FM Facebook page, the heartbreaking note was allegedly authored by a disapproving mother on an invite to Sophia's big day.

Maybe she really just doesn't like tie-dye parties?

"Tommy will NOT attend," the note says harshly.

"I do not believe in what you do and will not subject my innocent son to your 'lifestyle.' I'm sorry Sophia has to grow up this way. If you have an issue or need to speak to me: [number erased]"

We're more sorry for Tommy, to be honest.

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Sunday night's Super Bowl XLVIII result was certainly a joke, but was it rigged? The online conspiracy theorists are swarming following the lopsided outcome.

The Seattle Seahawks didn't just beat the Denver Broncos, they absolutely demolished them in every conceivable facet of the NFL championship game.

It was not as close as the score suggests ... and the score was 43-8.

Obviously, this has given way to the obligatory chatter that the Super Bowl was rigged, and Huzlers, site with an Onion-like penchant for satire, fueled the fire.

Huzlers posted a “breaking” story this week with the headline “Super Bowl XLVIII Believed to Have Been Rigged and Currently Under Investigation by NFL.”

Because few people know what Huzlers is, people believed this.

The story claimed NFL officials “found clues that might prove the game was rigged" and imply Denver "lost the championship in exchange for a large amount of money.”

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