The sad story of Bobbi Kristina Brown may soon reach a tragic conclusion, as sources close to the situation say Bobbi Kristina will be taken off of life support some time within the next week.

It's impossible to make sense of why a beautiful, beloved, well-off 21-year-old with a blossoming music career would set off on the same self-destructive path that claimed her mother's life, but one insider says those who know Bobbi best had long feared for her health and well-being.

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As we continue to await good news in the sad case of Bobbi Kristina Brown, more details are emerging about the daughter of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston.

Bobbi Kristina was hospitalized on Saturday for reasons that were unclear at the time. It was reported that she was found unconscious in her bathtub, and many fans feared that 21-year-old had succumbed to a drug addiction like her late mother.

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