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In the latest of several recent controversies surrounding Instagram, Samm Newman, a 19-year-old woman from Ohio, says her account was deleted.

Because, she is convinced, she posted selfies of herself in her bra and underwear, which plenty of people do ... but Samm happens to be a Size 24.

Samm Newman Photos

For Newman, Instagram had become a safe haven, an online environment in which to be proud of her fuller figure and find other women like her.

Posting photos to Instagram and seeing other girls displaying similar ones empowered her, and that support helped her be less ashamed of her size.

Considering that she spent her high school years bullied and depressed to the point of self-harm, this was a huge deal ... and then it came crashing down.

That safe space suddenly disappeared without explanation, and Samm could only assume her Instagram was targeted because of her Size 24 body.

"My Instagram, this was my safe place because when I was there, I could share anything," Samm Newman lamented. "Fat is not a bad word."

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A student who reportedly kept a pair of contact lenses in her eyes for six months straight is now blind after amoebas devoured her eyeballs.

The tiny single-cell organisms slowly ate away at Taiwanese undergraduate Lian Kao's sight because she didn't take out and clean the contacts.

Not even once during that time.

According to a warning issued by doctors, this is a particularly severe example, but illustrates the importance of proper hygiene use with contact lenses.

Ya think?!

Contact Lenses Are Great, But ...
They're a marvelous invention, but without proper use, can leave one vulnerable to eye diseases. Such as ...

The director of ophthalmology at Taipei's Wan Fang Hospital, Wu Jian-liang, said contacts users are a "high risk group that can easily be exposed to eye diseases."

How so, you ask?

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Breastfeeding photos will now be allowed on your Facebook feed following considerable backlash and the #FreeTheNipple campaign designed to, well ...

The nipple has been freed. Enough said.

Gisele Bundchen Breastfeeding
Gisele Bundchen breastfeeding and getting all made up for a modeling shoot. That is some impressive multitasking right there.

Facebook's Community Standards never outright banned breastfeeding photos, but they were often removed after being reported for "nudity or pornography."

Sometime within the past few weeks, however, Facebook quietly changed their policy to explicitly permit you to post breastfeeding pictures online.

The breastfeeding policy now reads as such in the company's Q&A:

Q: Does Facebook allow photos of mothers breastfeeding?

A: Yes. We agree that breastfeeding is natural and beautiful and we're glad to know that it's important for mothers to share their experiences with others on Facebook.

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The latest WTF Were They Thinking award goes to maternity clothing retailer A Pea in the Pod.

The "Wake Me When I'm Skinny" t-shirt they were selling in their stores and online was pulled after customers complained the shirt was offensive.

Because yeah, that shirt was/is offensive. Or at the very least the shirt is completely tasteless and unfunny.

Wake Me When I'm Skinny T-Shirt from A Pea in the Pod

Never ever in a woman's life will she have the excuse that she's not fat she's pregnant to fall back on when she's indulging a wicked craving for a milkshake at midnight.

SHE IS NOT FAT SHE IS PREGNANT! Pregnant women everywhere, say it with me: YOU ARE NOT FAT. YOU ARE PREGNANT. Growing a human. CREATING LIFE WITH YOUR LIFE. 

You've freaking EARNED that milkshake at midnight. YOU ARE EARNING IT.

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So when we ranked fast food burgers, ranked fast food French fries and ranked fast food chicken nuggets, we didn't so much pay attention to the nutrition facts.

In fact, we didn't pay attention to that information at all. Well now we're paying attention and doubling up on gym memberships for good measure. 

While there are healthy options to be found on almost any menu if you look closely enough, there are also some really, really terrible choices hiding in plain sight.

They masquerade as subs and salads and you fall for them, hook, line, and dressing-laden sinker. You should probably stop doing that. Just saying.

Here are 11 fast food items that are killing you ...

Chicken Pot Pie from KFC
It might feel like homecooking in a bowl, but a chicken pot pie from KFC is a whopping 790 calories and 45 grams of fat.

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It's nice to think of other people before you think of yourself. Some would say that's even a good quality for a person to possess. But sometimes all that others-first goes a little too far.

It might actually ruin your life.

Just ask any celebrity ever who has totally gone off the deep end after realizing that all that time spent doing what other people wanted was a load of crap.

Looking at you, Miley Cyrus.

You don't have to pull a full-Miley to fix this little issue. Here are 11 signs you might be a people pleaser so you can stop doing them and start living for yourself.

You're Too Nice
You spend too much of your time being nice. To the people you like AND to the people you loathe.

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Happiness is... chocolate, coffee, wine, celebrity gossip (kidding ... sort of ...), Ian Somerhalder, cat pictures, and the beach. What can I say? I'm easy to please.

But there's a lot of unhappiness out there in the world, probably spurned on by the dumb questions people ask online (and in real life). So we're here to do a little public service:

We're giving you our secrets to happiness (or, in a sense, not being happy).

It's a simple list, really, one the likes of which even the smallest minds can comprehend. Some of our favorite celebrities are already working their way through these steps while others lag behind.

We're confident they - and you - can catch up and right the ship in no time at all Here are 15 things to rid from your life ASAP in order to be happier:

Toxic Friendships
Ditch the toxic friendships! They'll only bring you down.

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Model actress Erin Wasson has sparked controversy - and concerns for health after posting a photo on her Instagram that shows major skin and bones.

The latter being the operative word.

The Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter actress' picture was captioned "Live a little." Perhaps by "live" she meant "eat" ... take a look at the eye-popping snap:

Erin Wasson Topless

The Erin Wasson photo has received almost 5,000 likes from fans, but also a number of shocked comments from people worried for the model's well-being.

"She's a skeleton" one shocked viewer commented, while another urged the 32-year-old Vogue cover model to "eat a little." Others still were even less polite.

Wasson hasn't responded to the current firestorm, but she has spoken out in the past about being bullied for being too thin. She told Sydney's Daily Telegraph:

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A controversial student ad campaign supporting public breastfeeding legislation in Texas is causing a stir online this week, and it's not hard to see why.

The campaign, called "When Nurture Calls," and its provocative images of women nursing babies in public toilet stalls make its point, and then some.

“Private dining. Would you eat here?” asks the text of one poster. Others ask, “Bon appétit. Would you eat here?” and “Table for two. Would you eat here?”

When Nurture Calls Pro-Breastfeeding Ads

The much-talked-about advertisements are the work of University of North Texas graphic-art majors Johnathan Wenske and Kris Haro, both juniors.

They decided to take on the polarizing issue of public breastfeeding for an assignment that required students to design a campaign for a social issue or product.

The viral images generated wide support, but also backlash. Some critics have labeled public nursing "trashy" and criticized women for bearing "sex objects."

Some comments personally attacked photo model Monica Young (who posed with her baby) for being everything from indecent to too young to be a mom.

That prompted her to post a response:

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Michelle Duggar may be in her late 40s and already raising an astonishing 19 children, but her long-rumored quest to make it an even 20 marches on!

The original rumor was that the stars of 19 Kids and Counting planned to adopt Duggar #20, but according to a new episode of her long-running TLC reality series, matriarch Michelle plans to get pregnant for the twentieth freaking time!

It's been nearly five years since Michelle gave birth to her youngest daughter Josie and she started crankin' 'em out with husband Jim Bob so long ago that the fourth Duggar child recently got engaged, and the eldest has three kids of his own.

Even so, Michelle insists that she and her husband would "welcome another baby if God offered to give us one," adding, "At the same time we're enjoying the ones that we do have and loving our grandbabies." 

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