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The Harlem Shake is everywhere these days.

Even The Simpsons! Yup, animated style!

The bizarrely awesome dance-video phenomenon has grown so popular that the Fox hit had to produce its own Harlem Shake video, the "Homer Shake."

Unlike most videos of this meme, there's actually a new soundtrack, with the voice of Homer on "vocals." The Simpsons quotes + Harlem Shake = gold.

Other than that, it's pretty boilerplate.

It starts with a single character (Maggie) feeling the beat of the Baauer club hit, before being joined by many others in various stages of seizures/undress.

What's your favorite Harlem Shake video? Check out just a few of the many, many parodies sweeping the Internets after the jump and tell us!

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After one Harlem Shake video too many, some consider the meme so over.

If so, LeBron James and the Miami Heat apparently did not get that memo.

With LeBron in a king's costume, Mario Chalmers as Super Mario, and Chris "Birdman" Andersen as (obviously) a bird, the Heat threw it DOWN in the locker room:

James announced the vid as a "King James and Dwyane Wade" production.

"In life u gotta figure out how to have fun. Hope y'all enjoy," Chalmers wrote.

The defending champion Heat definitely know how to do that. The team has also gotten widespread attention lately for its pregame warmup dunk contests.

They're also very, very good, standing at 41-14 with 12 straight Ws.

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By now if you've seen one Harlem Shake video, you've kinda seen them all.

Still, doing the viral "dance" craze while skydiving? That's a must-watch!

The skydivers made note of the virtual deluge of Harlem Shake videos in making their own, calling this their way of "closing this chapter of the Internet."

"That's why we decided to go out with style," they said.

You tell us: Is the Harlem Shake officially over? The song is #1 on Billboard, so that suggests otherwise. Check out some of our favorite videos below:

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No, the Harlem Shake video below is not #1 on Billboard, but the track that birthed the meme - Baauer's 2012 release, "Harlem Shake" - actually is.

Some say the Harlem Shake is over already. If so, many people apparently didn't get the memo. More bought it last week than any other song.

What is the Harlem Shake exactly?

Basically, it was/is a dance that dates back to the early days of hip hop, which inspired Baauer's song, which inspired 490,000 videos you've seen online.

As such, pinpointing the "original" Harlem Shake video is a challenge, as several even lay claim to it - the one above, for example, and this one below:

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If you've seen the original Harlem Shake video, you're familiar with the costume-wearing, body-shaking, aneurysm-like madness that ensues when one hears the beat.

In this homage, a Norwegian Army unit takes this to a new level.

Of the many Harlem Shake video tributes, this may be the most unexpected and precisely coordinated ... as much one can coordiante the Harlem Shake, anyway.

If there's ever a national emergency, Norway is in good hands:

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The original Harlem Shake video is pretty absurd, but some of the many parodies and takeoffs on the viral craze have made us laugh / scratch our heads even harder.

Case in point? The instant classic appearing below.

We never thought an apparently overheating front-loading washing machine would have such rhythm, but when it hears that beat - and has a cinderblock tossed inside it - LOOK THE F--K OUT.

Watch that thing do the Harlem Shake and go INSANE!

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Is the Harlem Shake so infectious that even Grumpy Cat can't resist?

This would be saying a lot. The incorrigible feline, a.k.a. the web's surliest, least impressed meme of 2012, does not often let us see beneath his gruff exterior.

Until now? In this video posted by Mashable ... will he finally give in?

Guess this dance craze is no Gangnam Style. But really, what is.

NOTE: Watch the original, absurd Harlem Shake video below ...

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Gangnam Style is SO 2012.

The new Internet sensation that became grating to most of the known public many days ago is The Harlem Shake, a dance that has been popularized everywhere from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to

And we can now count On Air with Ryan Seacrest among those practicing these random moves, as Kendall and Kylie Jenner stopped by this week and joined the crew in Shaking is like Harlem.

Watch them go now:

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