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Lindsay Lohan has called in her legal team to take action against Grand Theft Auto V, claiming that the game is using her image without her consent.

According to TMZ, Lohan's lawyers are threatening a lawsuit demanding Rockstar Games pay some serious money for using her likeness in GTA V:

Lindsay Lohan in GTA 5?

Of course, legally, this is a dubious claim to say the least.

The video game cover shows the woman holding a phone, and while she does look somewhat Lindsay-like, it's not exactly a carbon copy of the star.

Part of the game does feature a mission in which a Lohan-esque celebrity figure needs a player's help to take her home and escape the paparazzi.

This arrest pic definitely conjures up LiLo memories, too ...

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Killing hookers and blowing up policemen? No big deal.

But cutting off the heads of animals? Now we have a problem!

Stating that Grand Theft Auto V is pushing "institutionalized violence" by permitting users to engage in animal torture, Jack Carone from In Defense of Animals tells TMZ that the video game is a terrible influence on users and should be boycotted.

"The makers of this game have traded decency for money. Encouraging the darkest impulses of young people is not an admirable pursuit," Carone says, adding that "animals don't need any more targets painted on them in the name of fun."

The murder of animals is not a new Grand Theft Auto feature, but with the latest version clearing $1 billion in just three days on the market, perhaps this organization has finally taken notice.

So, you tell us: Should there be a boycott of Grand Theft Auto V?


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This just in: video game users love stealing cars and killing hookers.

After just three days of release, Grand Theft Auto V has raked in an incredible $1 billion in global sales, easily setting a new record and blowing past Call of Duty: Black Ops II, which needed 15 days to hit that same number in November 2012.

How impressive is this figure?

Grand Theft Auto V has now surpassed the second-highest grossing MOVIE of the year (Despicable Me 2) and could easily fly by Iron Man 3's $1.2 billion gross.

It looks like the GTA Twitter reaction wasn't the only thingout of control this week.

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Ben Affleck being cast as Batman didn't bring down Twitter.

And, despite Charlie Hunnam landing the lead in Fifty Shades of Grey, this social network is still standing.

But now there's a new challenge to the existence of Twitter: Grand Theft Auto V, the wildly popular video game that went on sale today and is expected to surpass a record by selling 25 million copies over the next year.

Users have purchased the game and then taken to their online accounts to express their pleasure... take selfies within the game... and/or bid farewell forever to their social lives.

Watch the following video to get an idea of just how crazy Twitter has gone in the wake of this release and be glad you aren't a digitalized hooker right about now:

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Grand Theft Auto has long held the stigma of being "that game where you shoot everyone and run over hookers" but it appears they are trying to class up their act with Grand Theft Auto V.

Yes, we can discuss how there's three main characters now instead of just the one. Sure, it'd be easy to focus on 'voyeur' aspect included with those three characters. 

However, I'd rather take a moment and talk about the leisure aspects in this new Grand Theft Auto ...

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