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To sum up music's biggest annual event in concise and amusing fashion, we've put together a gallery of 21 animated GIFs from the 2014 Grammy Awards.

The slideshow below tells you everything you need to know about the Grammy performances, winners and star-studded audience members from last night.

Okay, not everything. You'll have to sing along and dance to music in your head, as there's no audio ... but you can still appreciate Taylor Swift dancing!

Spoiler alert: She did so, a lot. In typical Taylor fashion, Swift was the consensus star of the awards show, whether she was on stage or in the crowd.

Other highlights? Beyonce and Jay Z gyrating, Katy Perry working the pole, Lorde doing whatever it is Lorde does and many, many more. Click to see!

Beyonce and Jay-Z Open Grammys
Beyonce and Jay-Z opened the 2014 Grammys. This is a GIF from their awesome performance.

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Taylor Swift made her presence very strongly felt at the 2014 Grammy Awards.

She dazzled on the red carpet. She earned a raucous response via a performance of the track "All Too Well." She danced and danced and danced to various artists from her front row seat.

And she also won Album of the Year! Sort of. Not really. Okay, not at all.

But the camera was zoomed in on Taylor when Alicia Keys read the winner as Daft Punk, whose "Random Access Memories" does sound a lot like "Red."

Watch now as Swift thinks she wins upon hearing the first sound out of Keys' mouth... only to then close her mouth and recover nicely, giving the actual winners a standing ovation once the full album title is read aloud:

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Lorde won many Grammy Awards last night. So did Daft Punk.

Taylor Swift sang about Jake Gyllenhaal; Pink acted like an acrobat; Katy Perry performed alongside Juicy J; and Steven Tyler debuted a mustache.

But, let's face it, like all awards shows, this one boils down to the fashion. It's all anyone really talks about the next day, isn't it?

Who looked best? Who dressed worst? Whose baby bump made her red carpet debut?

Compare dresses, contrast tuxedos and wonder what the heck Paris Hilton was doing at the event now:

Ariana Grande at the Grammys
Ariana Grande is now a huge name in music. She strikes a pose here at the 2014 Grammys.

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He lost out to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis in a number of key categories, but Kendrick Lamar still took the Grammys stage by storm on Sunday evening.

Performing with Imagine Dragons, the rapper performed a mashup of the band's hit "Radioactive" with "M.A.A.D City" from his album, Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City.

Watch the show-stopping live collaboration below:

Lamar's record was nominated for the Album of the Year and Best Rap Album, and the up-and-comer was up for five more awards at the annual event.

Should he have been among the 2014 Grammy Awards winners? Maybe believe so. But any perceived snub should only fuel the talented youngster.

Lamar's debut studio album, which ranked second on the Billboard 200, has already earned him extensive critical acclaim as well as wide  popularity.

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Pink played it again at the 2014 Grammy Awards.

Actually, correction: Pink spun it, split it and amazed the crowd with her acrobatic moves again at the 2014 Grammy Awards.

Simulating a past performance at this same ceremony, Pink kicked off a rendition of "Try" while suspended in mid-air, proving that she easily could have been a circus act if this whole singing thing hadn't worked out.

She then landed, did a cool routine with some shirtless dude, caught her breath and broke into a duet of "Just Give Me a Reason" with Nate Ruess. Very cool stuff all around. Check it out here:

How did Pink's performance compare to those of Taylor Swift or music's newest, youngest sensation, Lorde?

View our collection of Grammy Awards videos and decide now!

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Daft Punk enjoyed quite the night at the 2014 Grammys.

The duo won Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Best Dance/Electronica Album and Best Engineered Album. They accepted each while dressed as silent storm troopers.

But Daft Punk did make sound at one point during the show, teaming with Pharrell and Stevie Wonder for a run rendition of "Get Lucky."

We dare you to not bop your head and tap your feet as you watch the fun performance here:

Among other memorable performances from the 2014 Grammys:

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Katy Perry appeared at Sunday night's Grammy Awards broadcast to perform "Dark Horse," her latest hit song and a collaboration with rapper Juicy J.

That's Academy Award winner Juicy J, as we were reminded last night.

While Katy's live singing is never her strength, she definitely doesn't lip-sync, and she knows how to make up for any vocal shortcomings with theatrics.

Inside a crystal ball as the song began, donning a provocative, gothic ensemble throughout and standing in front of a fire at the end, she gave us an eyeful.

Watch Katy Perry's 2014 Grammys performance below and see ...

A not-cheaply-produced feast for the senses. That's Katy for you.

Perry received two 2014 Grammy nominations for "Roar," the hit single off her latest album, Prism, which was not eligible for consideration as a whole.

It missed this year's deadline, but look for it at next year's show.

What did you think of Katy's performance? Did she hold her own with her peers? Other head-turning live efforts at last night's much-watched broadcast:

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Steven Tyler didn't perform at the 2014 Grammy Awards.

But he still managed to steal many of the headlines.

Yes, Lorde won Song of the Year and performed "Royals" live." And Beyonce opened the show by dancing with Jay-Z, while Taylor Swift flipped her hair through a moving rendition of "All Too Well."

But Tyler debuted a mustache at the event. Really, what else needs to be said? Except that the Aerosmith frontman combined the look with some chin hair and... you just need to see the whole thing for yourself:

Steven Tyler Mustache Pic

Is it any wonder why this face nearly broke the Internet last night?

What do you think of Steven Tyler with a mustache?


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Lorde took home the coveted Song of the Year prize at the 2014 Grammy Awards, after treating the crowd to a stirring rendition of that very track live.

The 17-year-old New Zealander's deadpan indictment of pop-star consumption run wild spend nine weeks at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 last year.

Song of the Year is a songwriting award, which she shared with producer Joel Little. It's her voice, though, that led LL Cool J to introduce her as a legend in the making.

Think she lives up to that billing? Watch Lorde's Grammys performance below:

"Royals" was also nominated for Record of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance; Lorde's album Pure Heroine earned a nod as Best Pop Vocal Album.

The track, which is already heavy on silence along with her show-stopping vocals, was even more so Sunday at the start of her stripped-down rendition.

Donning uncharacteristically straight hair, a black-and-white pantsuit and black nails, Lorde painstakingly built up to the crescendo of the radio version.

Tremendous talent aside, she also looked every bit her age, with the normal level of teenage awkwardness, disdain and amusement on the podium.

What did you think of Lorde's performance? Did she deserve her place among the 2014 Grammy Awards winners? Should she have won even more?

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Taylor Swift didn't need much to bring Grammy Awards attendees to their feet last night.

Just her piano. Some solid vocals. Memories of her split from Jake Gyllenhaal. And a whole lot of hair flipping.

That summarizes the young star's rendition of "All Too Well" as succinctly as possible, as Swift sang this song off the album "Red" for the first time at an awards show.

Did it have the fun energy of Beyonce and Jay-Z opening the event on CBS? Nope. But it did leave the Internet talking a lot and it did result in a standing ovation.

Watch the emotional performance now:

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