Romantic days of the year creep up on all of us, not just on Valentine's Day (although I did hear Kay Jewelers declare this "engagement season"). For those of us without a beloved, it's time to seek solace in the arms of your favorite unattached television character.
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The roles of Gossip Girl’s Serena van der Woodsen and Chuck Bass could've gone to other actors ... but Blake Lively and Ed Westwick slayed their auditions.

Fans are obsessing over the newly resurfaced audition tapes from the series co-stars, and for good reason. Check out both of them trying out below!

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It wasn't long ago that Gossip Girl premiered on the CW and quickly became the hottest show on TV, buoyed by some of the hottest young celebrities around.

Well, we suppose 2007 is sort of a long time ago. But it feels like it was yesterday!

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