Taylor Swift's PR team has gone to great lengths to portray the pop princess as a flawless role model who remains humble and down-to-earth despite her vast wealth and incredible success.

Unfortunately, the girl stubbornly insists on being a 25-year-old human being.

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When it was first announced that Kathy Griffin would replace Joan Rivers on E!'s Fashion Police many doubted if the comic would be up to the task of dishing out scathing, Rivers-style snark at the expense of her fellow celebs.

Perhaps as part of an effort to prove her critics wrong, Griffin came out guns blazing on her debut episode last night, and her unlikely first victim caught the audience off guard:

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The line between Jon Hamm and Don Draper continued to get blurrier over the weekend, as did everything else in Hamm's field of vision.

Perhaps it was his despondency over Mad Men being snubbed by the Golden Globes, or the pressure of everyone talking about his penis, but for whatever reason, Hamm looked positively smashed while leaving the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood last night.

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