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Of all the Gangnam Style parodies, PSY might take a particular liking to this one.

The rapper's Korean brethren at the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) took a long break from studying apparently, creating a Boston-themed take on the viral smash.

Watch the school's Korean Students Association's "MIT Gangnam Style" now:

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You thought you had seen every version and every parody of Gangnam Style, didn't you?

From a Dancing with the Stars rendition to Minecraft Style making like Korean superstar Psy.

But a new video has gone viral in which over 8,500 Halloween lights and 250 channels of computer animation actually come together and sing along to this ridiculously catchy track. Confused? Don't be. Just hit Play...

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There was no elimination on Dancing With the Stars Tuesday, due to the unusual, debate-induced splitting of the week's routines into two one-hour blocks.

On the plus side, that means at least another week for each of the remaining All-Stars, who performed group routines as well as their individual dances.

Team Call Me Maybe. Team Gangnam Style. Yep, the year's two biggest viral hits got the DWTS treatment. Watch below, then vote for your favorite!

Which DWTS group dance did you like most?


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Dancing With the Stars treated fans to a Gangnam Style group routine, which almost made up for the fact that there was no elimination on this strangely-scheduled week.

Take a look at that amazingness below:

Elsewhere, the four contestants who did not dance individually on Monday's episode - Apolo Ohno, Shawn Johnson, Sabrina Bryan and Melissa Rycroft - took to the parquet.

Check out how they did after the jump!

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This cute baby will only eat if PSY's "Gangnam Style" is playing. We can relate.

The world's youngest PSY fan, whose eating exploits were first featured on Buzzfeed, requires the viral Korean pop-techno smash to get in the mood for lunch.

Seriously. If the song stops, baby Benjamin flips out. Once it comes back on, he's all good.

Ben's dad must be responsible for half of Gangnam Style's 396,000,000 million views.

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A couple of awesome covers of PSY's smash hit "Gangnam Style" have hit the web. Watch the song performed acoustically - and with no instrumentation at all!

Once the covers start taking over the web, that's a good sign that a meme has reached its viral peak. That isn't to say that the sub-memes aren't enjoyable, however.

The latest offerings come from Sing Off winners Pentatonix (right) and "UC Berkeley Korean rock band” Ra-On (left), with Jaydee Min and Elle Kim on vocals and Michael Jun on guitar.

Well done, all. But which cover is better?


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Psy's mega-hit "Gangnam Style" may be a spoof on its own genre, but it's a bona fide hit, reaching #2 on the Billboard Charts and setting its sights on the top spot next week.

Heyyyyyyyy, sexy ladies ... it's the second most popular song in the whole U.S.!

Already the most-liked video ever, the Korean rapper's oft-parodied smash was downloaded 301,000 times, up 69 percent from last week, while receiving 79 percent more radio play.

“One More Night” by Maroon 5 is the current #1. For now.

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Psy's mega-viral hit "Gangnam Style." Bill Nye the Science Guy's theme song.

It was only a matter of time until the Internet mashed up these two classics ...

Who knew the "Bill Nye the Science Guy" (or should we say Psy-ence Guy?) refrain meshed perfectly with Psy's refrain “Oppa Gangnam Style,” with Nye's head on Psy's body?

The world wide web, apparently. Nicely played, information superhighway. Other fun GS parodies of late: Britney Spears, Rampage Jackson and this awesome mother-son-duo.

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