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PSY, President Obama. President Obama, PSY.

In the spirit of the holidays, the Washington establishment appears to have forgiven the "Gangam Style" sensation for his controversial 2004 anti-American rap.

Obama Meets PSY

PSY apologized Friday for participating in a pair of President George W. Bush-era protests, during which he rapped highly inflammatory lyrics and anti-war sentiments.

Then he appeared as scheduled at the annual Christmas in Washington concert.

He met President Barack Obama face-to-face and performed for the Commander-in-Chief, with the lyrics tweaked for the occasion as "Christmas Style."

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If you're a fan of The Walking Dead and/or Gangnam Style, you're going to like this video. If you enjoy both of those things, then you'll probably go berzerk over it.

Does this spoof of the AMC hit series and PSY's monster hit song provide hints as to how zombie apocalypse will begin? On December 21, 2012 perhaps?

Just a theory. All we know is that "The Dancing Dead" is awesome.

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It's a very Gangnam Style Christmas at one residence in Perth, Australia.

South Korean rapper Psy’s monster hit just became the most popular video of all time, passing Justin Bieber’s “Baby,” and the craze shows no signs of abating.

The subject of parodies and viral takeoffs galore ever since its debut this summer, it's no surprise that "Gangnam Style" inspired a holiday music-and-light show:

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Move over, Justin Bieber. And make room for... Psy?!?

Indeed. Although he was an unknown in the United States just a few months ago, this Korean sensation and his addictive single have pushed Bieber aside and achieved an impressive honor:

Psy's video for "Gangnam Style" has become the most-watched EVER on YouTube.

The music video has now been viewed about 803,761,000 time since it was posted in July. The previous record-holder, Bieber's "Baby" music video, has racked up 803,732,000 since its February 2010 release.

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The 2012 American Music Awards saved the best for last Sunday.

No one can deny the ubiquity of PSY and his infectious hit "Gangnam Style," making the Korean rapper the perfect choice to close out the 40th annual AMAs.

The entire night led up to his performance, and amazingly, it exceeded the sky-high expectations. He can thank MC Hammer - the one and only - for that:

Halfway through PSY's performance - one not lacking for strobe lights, backup dancers, bedazzled pants and sunglasses - the stage went black.

All that was heard were two familiar words: "Stop. Hammertime."

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Madonna and special guest star Psy teamed up for an epic live rendition of "Gangnam Style" at her concert in NYC's Madison Square Garden last night.

Appearing unannounced, the Korean rapper joined Her Madgesty on stage to perform the song that has taken the planet by storm in the past few months:

Other fun, recent attempts at going Gangnam Style:

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The American Music Awards will go "Gangnam Style" Sunday night.

Korean rapper Psy, also known as Park Jae-Sang, is being honored at the annual event as 2012's new media honoree for his massive cyber success.

He will also perform live at the event.

PSY Photo

He will receive a trophy for international smash hit single, which is now the second most-viewed YouTube video of all time after Justin Bieber's "Baby."

The 40th annual American Music Awards airs Sunday at 8 p.m.

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SNL's new Digital Short, "The Legend of Mokiki and the Sloppy Swish," is a creature unto its own, but the absurd video and dancing are already inspiring parodies a la Gangnam Style.

You could say the Sloppy Swish is literally contagious.

This weekend, Saturday Night Live introduced viewers to Mokiki, a medical lab test patient turned dance machine who wanders through NYC performing his signature dance move.

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Yup, it's everywhere.

At tonight's Country Music Awards, Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley just couldn't resist. The music started to be played over the loudspeaker, the crowd was egging them on and then, oh yes, the hosts went full-on Gangnam Style.

In impressive fashion, we might add. Watch the superstars get their PSY-based groove on now:

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