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Sorry, readers.

But Gangnam Style is making a comeback.

Before you click away from the site, however, take a look at the canine that is bringing this dance craze back.

His name is Nathan. He's a hairless puppy. He wears his hair like Miley Cyrus. And, holy rump shaker, does he like to shake it!

Nathan is available for adoption right now from Bald is Beautiful Dog Rescue, which specializes in rehabilitating and finding homes for hairless and small dogs in need.

It's a terrific cause, but Nathan is only in need of a beat at the moment. HIT IT!

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With over one million views and counting, this woman's wedding dance video below is "currently the most viewed video in Russia," according to reports.

It's titled, fittingly, "Funny Dance at Wedding" and it is. Behold:

Some commenters say the woman is the mother of the bride, while others say that it is the bride's aunt. Either way, that is some serious stomping right there.

Whatever her relation to the woman doing this memorable dancing (is that an attempt at Twerking?), the blushing bride did not appear to be upset by it.

Rather, you can see her in her wedding dress in the background of the video, filming the dance on her own phone. Safe to say it was a hit with her too.

As for who plays Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus" at a wedding reception, we have no idea. "Gangnam Style" is pretty run-of-the-mill these days though.

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A video of little girl dancing up a storm to "Gangnam Style" at a wedding is going viral and putting all adults at such events to shame. You. Got. Served.

Yes, we realize "Gangnam Style" is so 2012 ... but come on, people.

After stumbling upon this video of an adorable, talented youngster's repertoire of moves, it's impossible not to share and marvel at her future stardom.

We also can't help but smile and rock out to the PSY anthem again. She also gets down to Justin Bieber's "Baby," a mammoth 2010 hit, at the start.

Check out the new queen of the dance floor here:

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Turns out, not everyone is sick of Gangnam Style.

In one of the cutest videos you'll see this year, a baby is fast sleep, ignorant and uncaring about the song on the radio... until it gets changed to PSY's giant hit, that is.

Watch now as the child immediately perks up and dances around, much to the adorable delight of its parents and sibling:

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Yesterday was PSY's 35th birthday, and one the Korean rapper will never forget.

As December 31 drew to a close, PSY and special guest Hammer reprised their epic American Music Awards performance with another joint effort in Times Square.

Watch the awesomely odd couple's Gangnam Style / 2 Legit 2 Quit mashup:

Two main takeaways from their New Year's Rockin' Eve 2013 performance:

  1. Hammer is 50! And still has pretty unreal dance moves and pants.
  2. PSY's semi-botched English interview was awfully endearing.

If he is retiring the song after this, he went out on a positive note.

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Man, 2012 was a great year for videos.

Long or short, highly produced or randomly amateur, political or sexual, musical or viral, these 12 videos spread like wildfire across the World Wide Internets.

What videos stand out as your favorites over the past 12 months? We've chosen a dozen that defined the year. Let's take a look back at 2012 in moving pictures:

12. Gotye, "Somebody That I Used to Know." Overplayed as it is dinky as it is catchy, Gotye's song may be one-hit wonder material, but that one hit was HUGE!

Cool video, too. Often imitated, never duplicated.

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From Gangnam Style to the Sloppy Swish, Angelina Jolie leg thrusts to Chris Brown neck tattoos, and grumpy cats to photogenic peeps, 2012 was a great year for memes.

On this Christmas Day, THG looks back at 12 of the best photos, videos, trends and topics that captured the Internet's fascination (and creativity) over the past 12 months.

Here's what was imitated, parodied and shared with a vengeance in 2012:

Stingray Photobomb

12. Stingray Photo Bomb. Best. Photo. Bomb. Ever.

The expression on the face of the aquatic resident of the waters off the Cayman Islands - and the terrified tourists he surprised - really says it all.

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Just when you thought you were finally getting sick of Gangnam Style parodies comes this amazing effort from ... NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston!

Explore the Johnson Space Center campus, including ground control and training facilities, through amazing lyrics, visuals and spot-on dance moves:

The highly-produced and legitimately impressive "NASA Johnson Style" was created by a group of students and even features a couple of astronauts.

Mike Massimino and Clayton Anderson join the video by students Ronak Dave and Brian Schwing, intern Eric Sim and full-time employee Adam Naidsstepped.

Where does this rank among your favorite Gangnam Style videos?

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In the world's first known Gangnam Style death, Eamonn Kilbride suffered a heart attack and passed away this week at his office Christmas party.

The 46-year-old British father of three was performing the energetic dance patented by Korean pop star Psy when he suddenly and tragically collapsed.

Kilbride did not recover.


Said his wife, Julie:

“We were having a fantastic time at the Christmas party and Eamonn had just finished dancing to Gangnam Style. He was up on stage and entertaining everybody."

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Former U.S. Sen. Alan Simpson (R-WY) has a message for the Millennial generation: use social media to spread the word and sign up for The Can Kicks Back campaign.

We know what you're thinking: Huh?

The 81-year-old Simpson - of the Simpson-Bowles deficit reduction commission - wants to encourage politicians to work across party lines to fix the $16 trillion U.S. national debt.

He's even willing to dance "Gangnam Style" to get your attention:

His grassroots movement is called The Can Kicks Back, in reference to the old "kicking the can down the road" adage. With the Fiscal Cliff looming, it's even more crucial to watch.

It's also funny.

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